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All I hope with this game is that we get actual party members (think 4 through 8's casts) again instead of IX's create a character system.

After playing X, IX very much feels like a template for X and just about nothing more than that. I'm pretty sure they're past the "let's try to make a MP MMO type game" and will just work with X for a while with that. I'm expecting us to go back to full fledged story where the characters in your party matter again. The hero can be a male/female deal and still be important to the story. DQ3 and 4 did it fine. Honestly, the only game I really see a need for the main character to be male was DQ1 and DQ5 for story reasons (maybe 8 as well). In the remaining games it could have been player choice and there wouldn't really have been an impact. But the whole "your entire party is custom" thing doesn't need to happen again. Classes can be DQ6/7 style to add that customization.

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Mind as well move the "first impressions" thread over here.

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Today, 07:46 AM


It would be wrong if they released only the 3DS version here, i'll most likely be importing the PS4 version anyways because i do not like punlations. 

Seriously, they need to not do the punlations this time. I can't take that $#!& at all. I couldn't read the dialog for DQIV DS at all because it was so bad it made my eyes water. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the old translations, outside of a few spell names and monster names (HornyHare? CurseOff?). Now it's all so bad it makes me cry myself to sleep at night. Does anyone like them...? I've never heard a positive thing about them.


I'd still get any localized release, if there was any, but I don't know if I'd be able to play it.


Outside of that, though, this looks great. The PS4 version looks like it was built around feedback on DQ Heroes. They look very similar, but XI looks better. I wish we had seen battles on the PS4 version. The pace of battles in DQVIII and DQIX were awful, and it was a real turn off for me. They need make sure they keep it DQVII 3DS speed or faster. The addition of a literal Y axis is really nice. DQX has a fake Y axis and it's kinda disappointing at times where you should be able to jump over something but can't.


The 3DS version looks cool too, I love the 2D/3D parallel they did, it's a really nice throwback. The 2D battles are disappointing right now, though, due to the lack of monster attack animations, something we've had since DQ6 SNES. Not sure if they just haven't been drawn yet, though. It also threw me off that the 2D map didn't properly portray the 3D map. For example, when they were in town showing it off, the 2D map showed bushes everywhere, but there were no bushes at all on the 3D map.


As a last note, I hate the protagonist's look. I also hope they're going back to a choose your gender, but probably not.

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23 July 2015 - 10:41 AM

Out of curiosity...does the Tower require V3? I imagine it does but I'm curious.


But even with the Tower, I can't really say I'd recommend V3 in its current state either. I'm expecting some monumental additions out of V3.1, or I won't be surprised if there's going to be a lot of complaints.


To put it into context in terms of pure content: V2 added the entire human continent (which, while not very long story wise, had a lot of extra content added to the game and a large amount of areas). V3 added....4-5 dungeons (which are honestly rather small), and some "eh" boss fights (they aren't that great in my opinion). Dancer is a nice class but not worth the price tag, and most of the additions weren't really worth it. The Alchemy Pot is nice, but not necessary. The Expert Orb system is interesting, but not worth the price by itself.


Overall, if they don't add a lot soon, I will definitely regret my purchase.

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19 July 2015 - 12:03 PM

Clearing the boss fully heals HP/MP.

Just as a note: In my experience, every battle (not just the boss battles) restore your HP/MP to maximum. Basically your MP reserves should be used considering the fact that you're going to get it all back once you're done with the fight (so don't be stingy).


Other than that, great info, thanks for this krw. Do you think we should make a topic about the Tower?