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In Topic: Dragon's Den Team

21 June 2016 - 06:27 AM

All, with the surge of new players there are a few things to remind members of the team/den. Any of these infrastructures could lead to your account being investigated and subsequent ban. However, it can also lead to all of us getting banned too. Things to avoid:

  • Naming your character inappropriately, This means any profane words, but it also means names that are repetitive/sequential characters
  • Speaking English in a setting where you don't explicitly know players (local and party chat etc)
  • Harassing other players
  • Utilizing macros or turbo controls
  • Altering game files
  • Failure to observe common courtesy in Japan. That means failure to respond to cheers with "arigatou" and yoroshikuonegashimasu. Failure to use honorifics such as san and sama when addressing players you don't know or have not been authorized to address without such honorifics. Utilizing the proper kana/kanji

To the common American MMO player some of this may seem extreme, but it's not in Japan. If you don't understand these guidelines then ask. We in the team are there to assist each other. Ultimately, when you break these rules you risk our accounts too, so we all have a personal stake in abiding to these rules.


This should be in its own stickied thread, where we can flesh it out a little bit. Every JP MMO I've ever played (and there's a lot of them) have these kinds of etiquette expectations.

In Topic: Version 3.0 information

11 December 2015 - 04:05 PM

- Monsters within the tower are getting an HP, Attack, Defense rebalance. This could be good or bad, but they definitely need it. Fixed damage was the only way for some classes to dent the enemies.

- Updates to AI skill/equip selection.


Hopefully those Double Silver Devil fights won't be unnecessarily hard now. They can wipe you even if your entire party is playing correctly.


Maybe the set AI won't be completely useless now.

In Topic: Version 3.0 information

11 December 2015 - 02:09 AM

One of these amazing locations can be yours for the low, low, low price of 100,000,000 gold (price doesn't decline over time). Enjoy!

Holy bejesus that price. Can anyone say money sink?


Thanks for all the 3.2 information, krw! I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we really appreciate the effort you put into doing this every time.

In Topic: Could someone please translate the newest config menu?

24 October 2015 - 11:56 AM

So, before I go through and put the work into translating the whole thing, I'd like to know if my method works for you guys (because despite my attempts, I can't actually edit the text in the program). Basically, I intend on uploading side-by-side comparison pictures of each screen. The final product would probably be a PDF or something, but here I'm just going to upload a couple screens.




These were done in MSPaint, lol. But if this works for everybody, I'll probably put a little more time and effort into it and make it look nice in GIMP.


EDIT: Just realized I typed "ONLINE" in the logo instead of "CONFIG". Oops. I guess I still had the window title bar in my head, and since this was just a proof-of-concept, I didn't double check everything.

I think that's perfect, Erdrick. Thanks a lot for your help and effort in this!

In Topic: Version 3.0 information

22 October 2015 - 11:55 PM


Clear up to near the end of v2.3 to get the Alchemy pot.


Metal King Coin:

20x Metal Slime Coin + 10x flour (150 hours)

4x LMS Coin + 10x flour (150 hours)


Get the alchemy pot tired by doing quick 20 hour alchemy recipes, perk it up to reduce the time to 75 hours by setting it out for people to pet in Megistoris server 1, and you can make 2 per week. Set and forget it but don't forget to check in to replace the contents of the alchemy pot.


List of players not capped on everything that could do this as they have cleared v2.3 and would have 8 Metal King coins to run every week if they worked together:

- Avenger

- Claire

- Phanir

- Polantaris

...and many more.


Your frustration is due to a lack of people and too many of the people available not working together and complaining whenever anything has to come out of their pocket.


What happens when that happens? You end up doing solo grinding for hours and hours without end because you want to level and that's why Bazaks are somehow still a thing even though it is easy enough to anyone to earn several hundred thousand per week (buy a 40k daily every day) to provide more than enough funds for running a fair amount of Metal Kings (+ LMS coins if you want extra) every week.



I can offer some relief the weekend after the next level cap is released, but you guys really, really should start stockpiling Metal King coins if you have the alchemy pot and haven't started to already.


To be fair, I completely forgot about Metal King Coins, but that's because I've been stockpiling them since Fortune Teller was revealed so that I could quick level it to the cap. I have like 22-23 coins. Of course, I have less to complain about because of that, but it's still a very grindy game even with them. Plus it doesn't help that ever since Metal King Coins became alchemizable, the price for Metal Slime Coins (and now Liquid Metal Coins) have shot up through the roof and I'm not all that rich.


When Fortune Teller gets released, if I level it to cap and still have coins left over I'm definitely going to be using them on my other classes, but there's no way it's going to get me to cap across all the classes (even if I didn't use any on Fortune Teller), and after that I'm back where I started.


I do agree that a lot of people complain about everything coming out of their pockets, though. I had quite a few Liquid Metal Coins just sitting around until recently (when they became Metal King Coins), and I gave up on asking if anyone wanted to do runs because it was basically implied that they would supply very little, if any at all, and I just don't have the money to do that, and it's not really fair to anyone who would provide for an entire group like that. Phanir and I have done runs together a few times but it's a hell of a lot more productive with a full party, which doesn't seem to happen.