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In Topic: DQX Questions and Answers

22 September 2015 - 01:41 PM

I received a quest to hunt 8 Chimeras, which I have done, but I don't remember where I got the quest! Could someone help me figure out where I need to go to get this quest cleared?





Also, I've noticed on the forum that the "sweat & tears" quest (Quest 129) is really important, so I've started it, but I can't seem to figure out how to complete it.

  • I've gone to the material shop (素材屋) and started the quest
  • I'm wearing the material shop hat (素材屋のぼうし)
  • I've been fighting enemies that are stronger than me for a long time

From what I had gathered, I'm doing everything correctly, but the quest doesn't seem to be progressing or anything. Could someone explain how to do the quest, in detail?




When you check up on a monster before fighting it (you can use the talk button and get a popup related to their strength compared to you) it should say, I believe, 格下と表示されたモンスター以外. If it doesn't then they're not strong enough.

In Topic: DQX All-In-One (Versions 1 - 3) Releasing 12/3

21 September 2015 - 02:19 AM

This doesn't really surprise me. V3's content has been lackluster at best, and that's being generous. It's not really worth the expansion price tag right now.

In Topic: Gameplay journal

16 September 2015 - 11:22 AM

After the rather complete blunder that happened on Monday and the assumptions that the maintenance messed up her schedule.



It did not, Seraphy was supposed to appear in the afternoon today and luckily it was late enough in Japan time for me to catch her when I woke up to get ready for work this morning. The pic I snapped here caught her in mid-blink too, kind of funny considering I was pretty tired when waiting for her the day she never showed up... which means she was either in an unknown location (the one today wasn't a previously known one) or appeared during maintenance.


And just for fun (v2.4 spoilers):




Seeing how I skipped out on my usual boss fight information for the version 3.1 fights, I figure it is finally time to actually write something about them. They're quite a lot easier than 3.0, especially comparing the final bosses of each section. Every single dungeon in 3.1... really... why? Just why? The nightmares of those inescapable encounters, with monsters that chase you down regardless of level, and all of the paths are small with like 50 of the enemies standing there just to hunt you down... I-is this the development staff's way of making up for how short it is? Also this minor but funny glitch...



I'm flying guys! I'm flying!


Anyway, on to the bosses! Due to location names technically being spoilers these will just be generically named.


Main Boss



Sub Boss #1



Sub Boss #2



Sub Boss #3



Final Boss



Oh and that short quest after the end of v3.1 was like... one of the funniest things ever. Estella is so v3's version of Anlucea in terms of screen time.




Yesterday marked the completion of my long journey back to 20mil gold on my main. 20.15mil to be precise! Next goal is 40mil across all of my characters, adding in the 11.1mil and 5.5mil on my subs I am currently at ~36.8mil. Maybe after I reach 40mil I'll finally stop being chicken enough to do some rainbow orb crafting... :lrsmile:  :lrsmile:  :lrsmile:


Yeah... right.  :P


Congrats on hitting 20mil you rich bastard.



In Topic: Gameplay journal

16 September 2015 - 12:53 AM

So that dragon woman is batshit crazy. Post 3.1 shenanigans....



In Topic: Wondering about starting with the game

31 August 2015 - 12:27 PM




The process I followed was this one.


1º Go to play asia


2º Buy 2 digital jp webmoney cards - one of 5000 and the other of 2000 / total of 60 euros


3º Go to your JP Squarenix Account and exchange your webmoney cards to Crysta / total of 7000 crysta


4º Get your JP VPN working because the Squarenix Store will block you from being outside from JP


5º Go to this link http://store.jp.squa.../SEDL_1023.htmland click the orange button to add it to your cart


6º You'll be asked to insert your JP Squarenix Account info and one you do it you'll proceed to the shop.


7º Asuming you're JP Squarenix Account had already a japanese name and direction you'll need to insert a jp telephone number and your email


8º Remember to check your JP VPN or you wont be able to buy it


9º Then select crysta as your payment option and proceed to the next page (you wont need to enter your credit card info.


10º Confirm the cost of 5180 crysta on the following pay and proceed.


11º Then you'll be able to download the game and the codes of v1 and v2 will be sent to your account.


For me this was the most secure way of purchasing the game, being able to pay the monthly subscription with the remaining crysta you had in your account.





what is the vpn u use it?

and it is free?



I'm currently using soft ether vpn - its a free one



I just finished buying the game and setting up an AWS private proxy, thanks for the help.


im new and i dont know how to use this thing and im really want to play this game

please help



There are guides for both of these. Take a look at the stickied "Useful threads and guides" thread.