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tmo Replays DQVI

09 June 2015 - 06:56 AM

So I decided to replay DQVI to give it another chance.  This is where I'll blather about things DQVI.


Still has the "O.o Mottle Slimes?!" effect at the beginning, which is cool.  But man, it didn't take me long to feel confused. It wasn't fully obvious to me I was supposed to obtain the crown for the ceremony when i went to Haggleton, so when I somehowdidn't go into the crown-maker's house, I was left confused and trekked back to Weaver's Peak unnecessarily. I swear I was just told to go sell the goods, and not sell them and get a crown, but maybe I just didn't pay attention.  Probably not the game design's fault here, so I won't dock points for it :D


Was a pretty enjoyable trip from there on, and I like the whole "You can be a soldier! You can go on a quest for the holy grail mirror of Ra!" bit. And then you just have to.. fall down a hole and be confused?  I understand that being confused at this point of the game is kinda the point.  It's a weird world and situation.  No worries. Except that it wasn't obvious to me that there was a scenario in Port Haven that I needed to fully explore, so i wandered further south and found a locked house and a dungeon that kicked me out.


So I went to Port haven again and wandered around and talked to people until I finally stumbled onto the next part of the scenario (which wasn't super obvious was a scenario that I was supposed to investigate based on my first time talking to everyone). And then went and found the house still locked and the dungeon still kicking me out and then I had to go back and talk to everyone again and finally realized that I needed to happen to stumble upon (or realize the guy near the front of the town was now saying something different) Milly.  Oh, right. Milly is a character I have to find.  This would have been better if they'd have you run into her on the way out of town after the scenario, maybe. I dunno. None of this ever felt natural to me, and so it took way longer than most things to sort through.


I mean, I'm a person who knows that in DQ, you usually have to solve something in every town, so it's not like I was jsut being lazy and not talking to people. I just found this scenario to be kinda.. ordinary and missable?  And then knowing to have to find Milly was easy to miss because that guy at the town always said something normal so I didn't bother to talk to him again.  Argh.


Anyway, everything was smooth-sailing and enjoyable for a long time after that.  I did some casino save-scumming and so made a super carver and hero and bought the enchanted armor back in Weaver's Peak to make Milly also have stupid defense :D  I only knew to do this because I remembered this game liked to add stuff to previous towns frequently after scenarios.  I also did the bit at Wellguard.. or Well.. whatever the first 'phantom realm' town was from before you were solid.




So the whole Somnia thing was a little tricky because either I missed a clue about the noble garb or they don't tell you about it. I had to look it up :X.  I'm assuming I missed a clue though. No big deal. yada yada I get kicked out and talk to everyone and head to Amor and I love Amor. It is a pretty awesome scenario, as is just about everything up through the Murdaws, though I do feel like Nevan is just kinda thrust upon you oddly.  Bit of a literal Deus Ex Machina to get you the ship going on here, but whatever. He's useful enough :D


I... took care of real Murdaw really pretty easily this time through. I remember having a lot of trouble with him; maybe I didn't casino-farm the first time through. *shrugs*. Nevan died *immediately* in Murdaw's Keep, and then the main character died shortly thereafter and somehow I got all the treasure and killed all the minibosses and got to Murdaw with just Carver and Milly. haha.


And then I can has a ship! And everything seems large and intimidating so i go to Madame Luca and find scrimsley and I get through that sequence and get Amos and it's pretty fun.  I didn't really feel too lost here. There's not much in the inner sea to look at so I explored it and got some clues and after saving Amos I head to Arkbolt and that's where I'm at now.


15 January 2015 - 07:30 PM

Anyone interested in playing Ingress? I've got 52 invites burning a hole in my virtual pocket now and would love to get some recruiter credit (yes, this is a shameless solicitation so that I can get a silly badge).


It's an augmented reality game, where you visit real locations ("portals") via your smartphone (and it's GPS capabilities), hack them for items, and capture them and link them for your team (Enlightened/Green or Resistance/Blue).


It's quite enjoyable. If you're interested. Fire me off a message, since the invites need to be sent to your email (possibly limited to gmail? I forget. :X)

Today's Notable Quotable Cut Off

28 December 2014 - 08:49 AM



"That must be what they call the royal treatment."

-- Carver from Dragon Quest 6 in Party chat after you return to the the Dream World's Somnia again and the bunny girl tells you the King can't go a day w
Submitted by: eal



DQ3 Resistences

09 December 2014 - 09:19 AM

Anyone (presuming same as SFC/GBC) have a chart of all the [useful] gear that grants elemental or other resistences?

new town question

07 December 2014 - 02:36 PM

Any ideas what causes the town phase to advance? It's the only orb I still need. I thought save, quit, reload woyl be the ticket, but it doesn't seem to be. Tried staying in the inn, fighting, day/night cycling... Nothing. Grrrr.