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15 January 2015 - 07:30 PM

Anyone interested in playing Ingress? I've got 52 invites burning a hole in my virtual pocket now and would love to get some recruiter credit (yes, this is a shameless solicitation so that I can get a silly badge).


It's an augmented reality game, where you visit real locations ("portals") via your smartphone (and it's GPS capabilities), hack them for items, and capture them and link them for your team (Enlightened/Green or Resistance/Blue).


It's quite enjoyable. If you're interested. Fire me off a message, since the invites need to be sent to your email (possibly limited to gmail? I forget. :X)

Today's Notable Quotable Cut Off

28 December 2014 - 08:49 AM



"That must be what they call the royal treatment."

-- Carver from Dragon Quest 6 in Party chat after you return to the the Dream World's Somnia again and the bunny girl tells you the King can't go a day w
Submitted by: eal



DQ3 Resistences

09 December 2014 - 09:19 AM

Anyone (presuming same as SFC/GBC) have a chart of all the [useful] gear that grants elemental or other resistences?

new town question

07 December 2014 - 02:36 PM

Any ideas what causes the town phase to advance? It's the only orb I still need. I thought save, quit, reload woyl be the ticket, but it doesn't seem to be. Tried staying in the inn, fighting, day/night cycling... Nothing. Grrrr.

Dragon Quest III Mobile Localizations

04 December 2014 - 02:34 PM

Mostly complete!
Needed: Dealer skill names, and any gear that is a monster drop exclusive.
Also needed: Some GBC and NES names are also needed, mostly in people & places.
NES, GBC, Android/iOS
Hero, Hero, Hero
Soldier, Warrior, Warrior
Fighter, Fighter, Martial Artist
Wizard, Mage, Mage
Pilgrim, Cleric, Priest
N/A, Thief, Thief
Dealer, Dealer, Merchant
Goof-Off, Jester, Gadabout
Sage, Sage, Sage
Agile, Acrobat
Alert, Slippery Devil
Amazon, Amazon
Bully, Thug
Carefree, Free Spirit
Careless, Klutz
Cowardly, Wimp
Defiant, Sore Loser
Diligent, Plugger
Eager, Drudge
Fearless, Daredevil
Foolish, Scatterbrain
Happy, Happy Camper
Helpless, Spoilt Brat
Honest, Straight Arrow
Ironman, Ironclad
Jock, Meathead
Kindly, Good Egg
LadyLike, Princess
Lazy, Lazybones
Lewd, Lothario
Logical, Egghead
Lonesome, Socialite
Lucky, Lucky Devil
Macho, Idealist
Meddler, Meddler
Naive, Lout
Ordinary, Everyman
Quick, Bat Out Of Hell
Romantic, Daydreamer
Selfish, Narcissist
Sexy, Vamp
Sharp, Genius
Silly, Clown
Smart, Wit
Solitary, Lone Wolf
Stubborn, Mule
Timid, Shrinking Violet
Tomboy, Tomboy
Tough, Tough Cookie
Twisted, Contrarian
Unique, Gourmand
Vain, Show Off
Valiant, Paragon
Weepy, Crybaby
Aliahan, Aliahan, Aliahan
, Ruida's Tavern, Patty's Party Planning
, , Rainbow's End Bank
Reeve, Reeve, Reeve
Romaly, Romaly, Romaria
Kanave, Kazave, Khoryv
Noaniels, Noaniels, Norvik
Hidden Village of the Elves, Elvenham, [Super Secret] Faerie Village
Asharam, Ashalam, Asham
Isis, Isis, Isis
Portoga, Portoga, Portoga
Baharata, Baharata, Baharata
Shrine of Dharma, Dharma Shrine, Alltrades Abbey
Muor, Muor, Mur
Tedanki, Tedanki, Theddon
Lancel, Lancel, Lanson
Eginbear, Edinbear, Edina
Soo, Soo, Persistence
Jipang, Zipangu, Jipang
Samanao, Samanao, Manoza
House of Pirates, Pirate's Cove, Pirates' Den
Phantom Ship, Phantom Ship, ?
Luzami, Luzami, Lozamii
Liamland, Leiamland, ? 
Greenlad, Greenlad, ?
Alefgard, Alefgard, Alefgard
Tantegal, Tantegal, Tantegal
Garin's House, Garinham, Galen's House
Kol, Kol, Kol
Hauksness, Domdora, Damdara
Cantlin, Mercado, Cantlin
Rimuldar, Rimuldar, Rimuldar
Luisa, Ruida, Patty
Norud, Norud, Nordy
Tania, Tania, Tanaya
Galen, Gupta, Gopal Gupta
, Popota, Petya
Himiko, Himiko, Pimiko
Yayoi, Yayoi, Yayoi
Simon, Simon, Simão
Olivia, Olivia, Olivia
Errol, Eric, Eric
Ramia, Ramia, Ramia [The Everbird]
Garin, Garin, Galen
?, Lenna, Lena
N/A, Zenith, Lord Zenith
N/A, Divinegon, Xenlon
Cave of the Promontory, Promontory Cave, Promontory Passage
Tower of Najimi, Tower of Najima, Dreamer's Tower
Shrine East of Aliahan, ?, Little Shrine
Cave of Enticement, Tempt Cave, Path of Promise
Cave West of Noaniels, Noaniels Cave, Underground Lake
Tower of Shanpane, Tower Shanpane, Skyfell Tower
Norud's Cave, Norud's Cave, Nordy's Grotto
Pyramid, Pyramid, Pyramid
Shrine Northwest of Romaly, ?, Romarian Outpost
Shrine at the Promontory of Olivia, ?, Olivia's Promontory
Cave East of Baharata, Baharata Cave, Kidnapper's Cave
Tower of Garuna, Garuna Tower, Tower of Transcendence
Shrine of the Hobbit, ?, Shrine of the Dwarf
Navel of the Earth, Earth's Navel, Gaia's Navel
Shrine South of Greenlad, ?, Teleportal Shrine
Tower of Arp, Arp Tower, Fifer's Spire
Shrine Jail, Shrine Jail, Shrine of Shackles
Shrine at the Shoals, ?, Shallows Shrine
Great Pit of Giaga, Giana Pit Cave, Great Pit of Giaga
Cave Southwest of Samanao, Samanao Cave, Manoza Cave
Cave of Necrogond, Gondo Cave, Maw of the Necrogond
Castle of Baramos, Baramos Castle, Baramos's Lair
Cave Northwest of Tantegal, Nail Mark, ?
Tower West of Kol, Rubiss Tower, Tower of Rubiss
Mountain Cave, Rocky Cave, Craggy Cave
Shrine of the Poison Swamp, Spirit Shrine, Shrine of the Spirit
The Shrine of Holy, Sacred Shrine, Sanctum
The Castle of Zoma, Zoma's Castle, Zoma's Citadel
N/A, Zenith Dungeon/Sky Cave, ?
N/A, Zenith Castle, Cloudsgate Citadel
N/A, Divinegon Tower/Sky Tower, Xenlon Tower?
Medical Herb, Medical Herb, Medicinal Herb
Antidote Herb, Antidote Herb, Antidotal Herb
Wing of Wyvern, WarpWing, Chimaera Wing
Fairy Water, Repellent, Holy Water
Full Moon Herb, MoonHerb, Moonwort Bulb
Spider's Web, Spider Web, Tangleweb
Poison Moth Powder, Bug Powder, Coagulant
Wizard's Ring, Wizard Ring, Prayer Ring
Invisibility Herb, Hide Herb, Fading Jenny
Leaf of the World Tree, WorldLeaf, Yggdrasil Leaf
N/A, Life Stone, Dieamend
Sage's Stone, SageRock, Sage's Stone
N/A, AGLSeed, Seed of Agility
N/A, STRSeed, Seed of Strength
N/A, LUKSeed, Seed of Luck
N/A, INTSeed, Seed of Wisdom
N/A, VITSeed, Seed of Resilience
N/A, Mystic Nut, Seed of Magic
N/A, Life Acorn, Seed of Life
N/A, TinyMedal, Mini Medal
Thief's Key, Thief Key, Thief's Key
Magic Key, MagicKey, Magic Key
Magic Ball, Magic Ball, Wrecking Ball
N/A, Magic Map, Adventurer's Map
Dream Ruby, DreamRuby, Dreamstone
Wake Up Powder, Wake Dust, Wakey Dust
Royal Scroll, Letter, Royal Missive
Black Pepper, Pepper ,Black Pepper
Book of Satori, Zen Scroll, Words of Wisdom
Lamp of Darkness, Dark Lamp, Night Light
Vase of Drought, Dry Vase, Bottomless Pot
Final Key, Final Key, Ultimate Key
Echoing Flute, EchoFlute, Echo Flute
Staff of Change, Change Staff, Mod Rod
Mirror of Ra, LarMirror, Ra's Mirror
Sailor's Thigh Bone, Bone, Boatman's Bone
Locket of Love, LuvMemory, Lover's Locket
Sphere of Light, Light Orb, Sphere of Light
Stones of Sunlight, Sun Stone, Sunstone
N/A, PixyMap, Faerie Map
Silver Harp, Shiny Harp, Lyre of Ire
Fairy Flute, PixyFlute, Faerie Flute
Oricon, Oricon, Orichalcum
Rainbow Drop, Rainbow Drop, Rainbow Drop
Green Orb, Green Orb, Green Orb
Purple Orb, Purple Orb, Purple Orb
Red Orb, Red Orb, Red Orb
Blue Orb, Blue Orb, Blue Orb
Silver Orb, Silver Orb, Silver Orb
Yellow Orb, Yellow Orb, Yellow Orb
N/A, Muscle Book, Diary of a Hardman
N/A, Tomboy Book, The Girl's Own Annual
N/A, Smart Book, The Eureka Moment
N/A, Cheat Book, Would I Lie To You?
N/A, Tragic Book, The Saddest Story Ever Told
N/A, Defy Book, Fail is a Four-Letter Word
N/A, Brave Book, Leap Before You Look
N/A, Joke Book, Look, No Pants!
N/A, Lady Book, Primm's Power
N/A, Lucky Book, Loving Living: A Grinner's Guide
N/A, Kindly Book, Being A Better Person
N/A, Wimpy Book, Tears Before Bedtime
N/A, Hero Book, The Champion's Code
N/A, Sexy Book, Guns'n'Buns
Club, Club, Oaken Club
Cypress Stick, Stick, Cypress Stick
N/A, Bronze Knife, Bronze Knife
Copper Sword, Copper Sword, Copper Sword
Chain Sickle, Sickle, Chain Sickle
N/A, Spiny Whip, Thorn Whip
Magic Knife, Knife, Divine Dagger
Iron Spear, Spear, Iron Lance
Iron Claw, Iron Claws, Iron Claws
N/A, Chain Whip, Chain Whip
Broad Sword, Steel Sword, Steel Broadsword
Poison Needle, Poison Needle, Poison Needle
Wizard's Wand, Wizard's Wand, Wizard's Staff
N/A, Wooden Boomerang, Boomerang
N/A, Holy Spear, Holy Lance
Battle Axe, Iron Axe, Iron Axe
N/A, Blade Boomerang, Edged Boomerang
Golden Claw, Golden Claw, Golden Claws
N/A, Mace, Morning Star
N/A, Lune Staff, Rune Staff
N/A, Steel Whip, Spiked Steel Whip
?, Mist Rod, Staff of Antimagic
Giant Shears, Shears, Sizeable Scissors
Staff of Force, Force Staff, Somatic Staff
Sledge Hammer, Hammer, Sledgehammer
N/A, Power Claws, Knuckledusters
N/A, Fan, Slapstick
Staff of Judgement, Judge Staff, Staff of Sentencing
N/A, Battle Axe, Battleaxe
Staff of Thunder, BoltWand, Lightning Staff
N/A, Dagger, Assassin's Dagger
Orochi Sword, Orochi Sword, Orochi's Sword
Sword of Gaia, Gaia Sword, Mountaincleaver
Zombie Slasher, Zombie Sword, Zombiesbane
N/A, Sleep Staff, Snooze Stick
N/A, War Hammer, War Hammer
N/A, Magic Abacus, Abracadabracus
N/A, Flame Boomerang, Flametang Boomerang
N/A, Justice Abacus, Astraea's Abacus
Thunder Sword, Thunder Sword, Thunderbolt Blade
Demon Axe, Demon Axe, Headsman's Axe
N/A, Seduce Sword, Siren Sword
Dragon Killer, Dragon Sword, Dragonsbane
N/A, Dragon Whip, Dragontail Whip
Sword of Kings, King's Sword, Sword of Kings
N/A, Sage Staff, Sage's Staff
Thor's Sword, Thor Sword, Stormlord's Sword
Sword of Destruction, Devil Sword, Sword of Ruin
N/A, Dragon Claw, Dragon Claws
Snowblast Sword, Snow Sword, Blizzard Blade
Falcon Sword, Falcon Sword, Falcon Blade
N/A, Bastard Sword, Bastard Sword
Staff of Rain, Rain Staff, Staff of Rain
Multi-Edge Sword, 2-Edged Sword, Double-Edged Sword
N/A, Vivify Staff, Staff of Resurrection
N/A, Ultimate Whip, Gringham Whip
Staff of Reflection, Bounce Staff, Staff of Strife
N/A, Beast Claw, Beast Claws
N/A, Wreck Whip Destructiball
Clothes, Cloth Tunic, Plain Clothes
Wayfarer's Clothes, Traveler's Clothes, Wayfarer's Clothes
Leather Armor, Leather Armor, Leather Armour
Training Suit, Training Clothes, Training Togs
N/A, Turtle Suit, Tortoise Shell
Iron Apron, Iron Apron, Iron Apron
Shell Armor, Shell Armor, Shell Armour
Chain Mail, Chain Mail, Chain Mail
Half Plate Armor, Iron Armor, Iron Armour
Fighting Suit, Fighting Suit, Sparring Suit
N/A, Leather Dress, Leather Dress
N/A, Boxers, Boxer Shorts
N/A, Kilt, Leather Kilt
Cloak of Evasion, Evade Clothes, Cloak of Evasion
N/A, Skirt, Magical Skirt
N/A, Black Clothes, Black Pyjamas
N/A, Silk Dress, Silk Robe
Flashy Clothes, Flashy Coat, Garish Garb
Full Plate Armor, Steel Armor, Full Plate Armour
Magic Robe, Magic Robe, Magical Robes
Magic Armor, Magic Armor, Magic Armour
Animal Suit, Plush Suit, Cat Suit
N/A, Black Garb, Black Pyjamas
N/A, Dandy Suit, Smart Suit
N/A, Party Dress, Party Dress
Armor of Terrafirma, Terra Armor, Earthenwear
N/A, Ninja Suit, Stealth Suit
N/A, Magic Apron, Epic Apron
Swordedge Armor, Blade Armor, Spiker Armour
Angel's Robe, Angel Robe, Angel's Robe
Dragon Mail, Dragon Mail, Dragon Mail
Water Flying Clothes, Water Dress, Flowing Dress
Armor of Radiance, Light Armor, Auroral Armour
Armor of Hades, Devil Suit, Hate Mail
Revealing Swimsuit, Tight Bikini, Scandalous Swimsuit
Magic Bikini, Magic Bikini, Magic Bikini
Dragon Mail, Dragon Armor, Dragon Mail
N/A, Dragon Robe, Dragon Robe
N/A, Sacred Bikini, Blessed Bikini
N/A, Light Dress, Shimmering Dress
N/A, Dark Cape, Dark Robe
N/A, Bolero, Glombolero
N/A, Potlid, Pot Lid
Leather Shield, Leather Shield, Leather Shield
Bronze Shield, Bronze Shield, Bronze Shield
N/A, Scale Shield, Scale Shield
Iron Shield, Iron Shield, Iron Shield
N/A, Magic Shield, Magic Shield
N/A, Expel Shield, Tempest Shield
N/A, Dragon Shield, Dragon Shield
Silver Shield, Silver Shield, Silver Shield
Shield of Heroes, Hero Shield, Hero's Shield
Shield of Strength, Heal Shield, Power Shield
N/A, Ogre Shield, Ogre Shield
Shield of Sorrow, Sorrow Shield, Shield of Shame
Leather Helmet, Leather Hat, Leather Hat
N/A, Wooden Hat, Hardwood Headwear
N/A, Fur Hood, Fur Hood
Iron Helmet, Iron Helmet, Iron Helmet
Golden Crown, Golden Crown, King's Crown
Turban, Turban, Turban
N/A, Black Hat, Black Bandana
N/A, Horned Hat, Pointy Hat
Iron Mask, Iron Mask, Iron Mask
N/A, Ortega's Helm, Ortega's Helm
N/A, Silver Tiara, Silver Tiara
Noh Mask, Noh Mask, Mask of Implacability
N/A, Silk Hat, Top Hat
N/A, Bunny Hat, Bunny Ears
Unlucky Helmet, Misery Helm, Hapless Helm
N/A, Mythril Helm, Mythril Helm
N/A, Great Helm, Great Helm
Mysterious Hat, Magic Hat, Mad Cap
N/A, Toughness, Restless Heart
N/A, Garter Belt, Garter
N/A, BunnyTail, Bunny Tail
N/A, Rosary, Gold Rosary
N/A, Gold Necklace, Gold Chain
Meteorite Armband, Starry Bracelet, Meteorite Bracer
N/A, Ruby Ring, Ruby Wristband
N/A, Tiara, Golden Tiara
N/A, Hero Ring, Mighty Armlet
N/A, StoneWig, Ten Ton Toupee
N/A, Tattoo, Tough Guy Tattoo
N/A, STR Ring, Strength Ring
N/A, Mohawk, Doh-Hican
N/A, TubeSocks, Leg Warmers
N/A, Punk Ring, Skull Ring
N/A, Speed Ring, Agility Ring
N/A, Power Belt, Weightlifter's Belt
N/A, Love Ring, Care Ring
N/A, INTSPecs, Scholar's Specs
N/A, GoldBeak, Hen's Tooth (Lucky)
N/A, Scarf, Mercury's Bandana
N/A, Pierce, Slime Earrings
Sacred Amulet, Crest, Sacred Amulet
N/A, Sucker, Dummy
Ring of Life, Life Ring, Recovery Ring
N/A, Flee Ring, Cower Ring
N/A, LUCKShoes, Elevating Shoes
N/A, Goddess Ring, Goddess Ring
Slime, Slime, Slime
Black Raven, Raven, Stark Raven
Horned Rabbit, HornyHare, Bunicorn
Giant Anteater, Anteater, Antnibbler
Babble, Babble, Bubble Slime
Scorpion Wasp, StingWasp, Waspion
Froggore, Froggore, Toady
Magician, Magician, Prestidigitator
Spiked Hare, Almiraj, Spiked Hare
Healer, Healer, Healslime
Masked Moth, Butterfly, Batterfly
Demon Anteater, Echidna, Antgobbler
Caterpillar, Catapila, Killerpillar
Humanabat, Manabat, Vladdy
Putrepup, PutrePup, Putrefido
Poison Toad, VenomToad, Toxic Toad
Rogue Knight, RogueNite, Restless Armour
Killer Bee, KillerBee, Scornet
Army Crab, ArmyCrab, Crabid
Avenger Raven, MadRaven, Raven Lunatic
Poison Silkworm, VenomWorm, Illerpillar
Gas Cloud, GasCloud, Cumaulus
Madhound, MadHound, Bullmustiff
Shadow, Shadower, Shade
Deadly Toadstool, Toadstool, Morphean Mushroom
Vampire, Vampire, Drac the Vlad
Man-Eater Moth, Carnimoth, Betterfly
Demon Toadstool, BigShroom, Funghoul
Kandar, Kandar, Robbin' 'Ood
Kandar Henchman, Kandar's Goon, Robbin' 'Oodlum
Wild Ape, Wild Ape, Jackanape
Vampire Cat, CatFly, Vampire Cat
Infernus Crab, HellCrab, Crabber Dabber Doo
Flamapede, Flamepede, Grillerpillar
Mummy Man, MummyMan, Mummy Boy
Trick Bag, TrickBag, Bag O' Laughs
King Froggore, KingToad, Overtoad
Mummy, Mummy, Mummy
Man-Eater Chest, Cannibox, Cannibox
Hork, Hork, Walking Corpse
Lumpus, Druid, Lump Wizard
Heat Cloud, HeatCloud,  Hell Niño
Mage Toadstool, DeadStool,  Mushroom Mage
Tonguebear, Antbear, Antguzzler
Hunter Fly, HunterFly, Rumble Bee
Mage Toadstool, DeadStool, Mushroom Mage
Avenger Jackal, DeadHound, Rottenweiler
Nev, Mystifier, Lump Mage
Catula, Catula, Catula
Executioner, Executer, Hoodie
Kandar Henchman (II), Kandar's Goon (II), Robbin' Huddle
Merzon, Merman, Merman
Merzoncian, Merdane, Mermaniac
Marine Slime, SeaSlime, Seaslime
Man O' War, Jellyfish, Man o' War
Tentacles, Tentacles, Squidzilla
King Squid, KingSquid, King Squid
Simiac, KillerApe, Whackanape
Rammore, MadOx, Ram Raider
Fierce Bear, Bruin, Ursa Minor
Metal Slime, Metaly, Metal Slime
Demonite, Demonite, Imp
Slime Snail, Snaily, Shell Slime
Great Beak, GreatBeak, Beakon
Sky Dragon, SkyDragon, Ethereal Serpent
Garuda, Garuda, Garuda
Stingwing, StingMoth, Dread Admiral
Witch, Witch, Crone
Witch Doctor, Shaman, Heedoo Voodoo
Goategon, Goategon, Rampage
Infernus Knight, HellArmor, Infernal Armour
Avenger Beak, MadPecker, Weaken Beakon
Barnabas, Barnabas, Vladiator
Curer, Curer, Cureslime
Crabus, Crabus, Handsome Crab
Blue Beak, BlueBeak, Belisha Beakon
Hades' Condor, MadCondor, Hades Condor
Venom Zombie, VenomHork, Toxic Zombie
Bighorn, BigHorn, Battering Ram
Derager, Deranger, Lump Shaman
Metal Babble, Metabble, Liquid Metal Slime
Voodoo Shaman, VoodooMan, Voodoogooder
Eliminator, Eliminato, Hoodlum
Lethal Armor, KillArmor, Lethal Armour
Kong, Kong, Smackanape
Old Hag, OldHag, Crone Ranger
Lava Basher, LavaMan, Magmalice
Orochi, Orochi, Orochi
Glacier Basher, IceMan, Firn Fiend
Snow Dragon, IceDragon, Boreal Serpent
Skeleton, Skeletor, Skeleton Swordsman
Tortragon, Tortragon, Wyrtle
Terror Shadow, Shadow, Shadow
Boss Troll, BossTroll, Boss Troll
Minidemon, MiniDemon, Minidemon
Bomb Crag, BombCrag, Rockbomb
Elysium Bird, BlissBird, Elysium Bird
Grizzly, Grizzly, Ursa Major
Avenger, Avenger, Heavy Hood
Troll, Troll, Troll
Frost Cloud, IceCloud, Freezing Fog
Marauder, HellNite, Armful
Dancing Jewel, JewelBag, Goodybag
Lionhead, LionHead, Infanticore
Hologhost, HoloGhost, Silhouette
King Tortragon, TortoLord, Wyrtoise
Evil Mage, EvilMage, Leger-de-Man
Stone Hulk, StoneMan, Living Statue
Goopi, Goopi, Muddy Hand
Red Slime, Red Slime, She-Slime
Salamander, Salamandr, Infernal Serpent
Ghoul, Ghoul, Ghoul
Hydra, Hydra, Hydra
Troll King, TrollKing, Great Troll
Winged Demon, WingDemon, Flying Flayer
Archmage, Archmage, Hocus-Poker
King Merzon, Merking, Merking
Kragacles, Kragacle, Tentacular
Skalgon, Skullgon, Skelegon
Leona, Leona, Manticore
Magiwyvern, MagWyvern, Hocus Chimaera
Voodoo Warlock, VoodooWiz, Darth Voodoo
Vile Shadow, VileShade, Umbra
Darthbear, DarthBear,  Ursa Mega
Green Dragon, Dragon, Green Dragon
Wyvern, Wyvern, Chimaera
Gold Basher, GoldMan, Gold Golem
Barog, Balrog, Soaring Scourger
Granite Titan, GrndTitan, Stone Guardian
Putregon, Putregon, Dragon Zombie
Lionroar, Mantigore, Franticore
Swordoid, Swordoid, One-Man Army
King Hydra, KingHydra, King Hydra
Baramos Bomus, BaraBomus, Soul of Baramos
Baramos Gonus, BaraGonus, Bones of Baramos
Zoma, Zoma, Zoma
N/A, EvilCrab, King Crab
N/A, DarkTroll, Terror Troll
N/A, BaraEvil, Baramonster
N/A, Devil Mage, Abracadabrer
N/A, DemonSwrd, Grievous Bodily Arm
N/A, Phoenix, Phoenix
N/A, GateGuard, Great Keeper
N/A, MtlWyvern, Metal Chimaera
N/A, Divinegon, Xenlon
Blaze, Blaze, Frizz
Expel, Expel, Poof
Icebolt, IceBolt, Crack
Speedup, SpeedUp, Acceleratle
Upper, Upper, Buff
Surround, Surround, Dazzle
Fireball, Firebal, Sizz
Sap, Sap, Sap
Sleep, Sleep, Snooze
Return, Return, Zoom
Increase, Increase, Kabuff
Outside, Outside, Evac
Antidote, Antidote, Squelch
Bang, Bang, Bang
Infernos, Infernos, Woosh
Ironize, Ironize, Kaclang
Slow, SlowAll, Deceleratle
Healmore, HealMore, Midheal
Firebane, Firebane, Sizzle
Numboff, NumbOff, Tingle
Awake, Awaken, Cock-a-Doodle-Doo
Robmagic, RobMagic, Drain Magic
Blazemore, BlazeMore, Frizzle
Defense, Defense, Kasap
X-Ray, X-Ray, Peep
Stepguard, StepGuard, Safe Passage
Repel, Repel, Holy Protection
Limbo, Disperse, Blasto
Snowstorm, Snowstorm, Crackle
Beat, Beat, Whack
BiKill, TwinHits, Oomph
Vivify, Vivify, Zing
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce
Day-Night, Passtime, Tick-Tock
Zap, Zap, Zap
Snowblast, BlizMost, Kacrack
Infermore, Infermore, Swoosh
Defeat, Defeat, Defeat
Healall, HealAll, Fullheal
Chaos, PanicAll, Fuddle
Firevolt, Firebolt, Kasizzle
Barrier, Barrier, Insulatle
Curseoff, CurseOff, Sheen
HealUs, HealUs, Multiheal
Icespears, Blizzard, Kacrackle
HealUsAll, HealUsAll, Omniheal
Invisible, Invisible, Fade
Open, Open, Click
Infermost, Infermost, Kaswoosh
Revive, Revive, Kazing
BeDragon, BeDragon, Puff!
Blazemost, BlazeMost, Kafrizzle
Lightning, Thordain, Kazap
Transform, Transform, Morph
Sacrifice, Sacrifice, Kamikazee
Chance, Chance, Hocus Pocus
N/A, EagleEye, Eye for Distance
N/A, Location, Storeyteller
N/A, Smell, Nose for Treasure
N/A, Tiptoe, Padfoot
N/A, MapMagic, Snoop
N/A, Whistle, Whistle

N/A, Excavate, Dig

N/A, YellHelp, Service Call