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eal's Guilt Trip of the Cursed King: A DQ VIII Playthrough

16 July 2016 - 04:17 PM

It's been nearly 11 years since Dragon Quest VIII first reached our shores and it also happens to be my first game in the franchise. You'd think that'd mean I've played it several times over by now, exploring every nook and cranny until I've completed the game numerous times. You'd be very, very wrong. For a long time now, it's been a never-ending cycle of starts and stops every couple years up until a few years back when the PS2 was put in storage and I gave up entirely. Well, recently I've dug it out again and I'm giving it one more go at VIII.


This time, however, I decided to follow the recent trend here and put together a sort of playthrough diary so a public record of it will encourage me to keep going until I've finished it. I'm going to post, at the very least, one update a week, but I will try to do more so I don't become complacent. And even if I have nothing of importance, or anything at all, to report, I'm still going to post something.


The farthest I've gone has been Argonia, which apparently took almost 40 hours according to my playtime and that feels waaaaay too long to me. But for this playthough, I'm going to start fresh from the beginning. At the moment, I've leveled up the Hero and Yangus appropriately and equipped them well enough to take on Geyzer.



Wii U External Memory

17 June 2016 - 11:13 PM

So, I'm pretty much done with this whole "only 32gb" thing, and I want to invest in some external storage. It doesn't have to have a ton of space because Nintendo doesn't really do a lot of digital exclusives, and of the ones they do have, only a handful have my interest, so I'm hoping I can find one cheaper that way. Preferably portable, I guess, since I don't have a ton of space for another box. Any suggestions from people who might have already done this?

Fire Emblem Fates

05 February 2016 - 05:05 PM

Two weeks to go before the release! There's been a steady stream of videos coming out in the last few days on YouTube of what to expect and look forward to. Anyone else as pumped as I am?

Dragon Quest Stage Show

20 January 2016 - 07:41 PM


Because in America, every popular series needs a movie, and in Japan, every popular series needs a stage show/play.

Don't Work in Fast Food

16 December 2015 - 09:26 PM

This is a carry-over from a conversation in the Pok√©mon topic. They were talking about fast food and I mentioned I worked in fast food for a year and had some stories to share. Just so you guys don't wonder why this topic is coming totally out of left field.


Hopefully all you youngins' will heed this knowledge. Keep in mind though, all restaurants are different, even fast food chains, and my experiences don't entirely reflect the ones you could have at a different one.


What I Did:


I was hired to work on the grill. Even though people refer to fast food workers as "burger flippers," that's highly inaccurate. I never once flipped a burger. I put the patties on the grill and a lid closed on top of it and cooked the whole thing without having to do any flipping. Made the quality more accurate, no mistakes.


Making the burgers was actually the easiest part of the job. We made all of the meat, all the sandwiches, the nuggets, and the filet, sometimes we cleaned the restrooms, a lot of the times we'd clean the dinning room, wash the dishes, and occasionally clean the grill, and maybe take out all of the trash. The later in the day, the more likely you were to be doing all this on your own. I worked night shifts as well, so that meant I definitely cleaned at least one grill, cleaned every single dish used during my shift, set up for the morning people, and all this while still making orders.


Why Your Order Was Probably Wrong:


If you've ever wondered why your order was wrong, this was probably why: all the orders pile together. So if there are three different orders on our screen, we make them all, send them down the line, and it was likely placed in the wrong bag. This could have either been the fault of the person who put it in the bag, the cook forgot to put the tag for special orders on it, the person who made it was new, or it was just plain made wrong.


All I can say is, if you ever get angry that they made it wrong, keep in mind that it probably cost only a little more than a dollar and slave wages equals shoddy work. I didn't even get an interview when I applied for the job. People are constantly leaving and new people are coming in to replace them. All because the pay isn't equal to the work. Most employees are likely new, or at most only a few months in. When you're new to a job, people can forgive your mistakes, but if most people are new, the mistakes seem to pile up more. Working only for a year and aside from the managers, I was one of a few of the most experienced people working there. I'm historically a slow learner too.


Sanitary Conditions:


This might surprise you but we were actually pretty sanitary. The managers put a lot of pressure on us to keep surfaces clean, replace meat when it was getting too old, make only what was needed, and mop frequently. The one incident that stuck out is the time some meat patties spilled out of a box I was carrying and as I was going to put the box away before throwing out the meat, a manager picked them up, looked around, and put them in the box.


Some Personal Anecdotes:


1. This is the story I share with everyone. I was once called into work early. It's optional, you don't have to, but I agreed because I needed the money. I go in, a manager says, "That's all you're wearing?" I'm wearing my uniform. I answer confused and she tells me that I'm going up on the roof to shovel snow. I borrow a pair of gloves from another manager, put on my fleece jacket, and go on the roof to shovel. It's me, the custodian, and some other guy who works there. After about 20 minutes I take a break. I get caught and my manager, the one who called me in btw, who tells me, "If you're just gonna lean against the wall, I can send you home." I tell her she can go **** herself and she threatens to write me up. 4 hours later we did about half the roof.


2. I've never called out sick except once. For a bit, I occasionally did graveyard shifts. I finished one, went home, slept until dinner, and decided I was too sick to go to work. I call out 2 and a half hours before my shift and they tell me I'll likely be fired if I don't come in since we have to call out 4 hours before our shift. I go in feeling so sick I legitimately considered sticking my fingers down my throat and puking on the floor so they'd send me home. Because you want a sick person handling food. I told my manager I wasn't feeling good, yet he had no issue making me carry boxes around and staying almost a full hour past my shift because the woman who was supposed to replace me didn't come in and he kept avoiding me so he didn't have to go on the grill.


3. I was lukewarm on the majority of my managers, but one of them was a colossal a-hole. I've never been one to go, "But you didn't yada-yada to him!" but I always felt singled out when it came to her. If I did something minor we can't do, I'd hear about it when she'd keep her mouth shut when another co-worker did the same, she'd nitpick, call me into the office and chew me out because I clocked in, and I'm not even kidding, 30 seconds early because it "screwed up labor." Another manager had to yell at her over the way she treated me.


4. I was once cleaning the restaurant when the manager on at that time came over and berated me about the method I was using to mop. An older fella who I talked to for a bit beforehand was leaving and mentioned to me that he sympathized with me, he had to deal with stuff like this too, or something to that effect. He served in the military....


5. When I first started working there, it was my first time cleaning the grill solo and they told me to dispose of the grease in the traps by dumping it down the sink. They had a sink built into the floor against the wall where we filled the mop buckets, so I assumed since it wouldn't make sense to pour grease down the sink where we cleaned dishes that this was where you were supposed to do it. I was wrong, grease wouldn't pour down the drain no matter how much water you filled it with, and I ended up having to scoop out the mushy grease with latex gloves into a garbage bag.


6. I had to work during a blizzard. My 10 minute drive turned into a 30 minute one and we had nearly no customers. Also, it was a night shift, so why they thought it necessary to stay open is beyond me. We were on a highway, only snowplows were coming to us. It felt like I was in The Shining.


7. I worked Thanksgiving once. They scheduled me from 3-7. You know, when most people eat their dinner. I was told we actually lost money in the time I was there.



In Conclusion:


Long story short, don't work in fast food. It's harder work then some people like to say it is, you appreciation, no money, and you get people talking down to you because only high school kids are supposed to work in fast food apparently. Even though places avoid hiring teenagers because they have to deal with labor laws in regards to scheduling. Also, I don't think people realize a teenager can't make their Big Mac at 1:00 in the afternoon on a Tuesday in November. Sorry, got a little ranty there.


It'll be interesting to see if I doxxed myself. I was pretty specific and I like to keep details sparse about myself on the Internet.