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What Do You Like on Netflix?

14 June 2017 - 11:37 PM

Netflix's got some weird or interesting stuff buried underneath all the Orange is the New Black, Shameless, and comedy specials. What's some unique thing you've discovered on Netflix you wouldn't have heard of or watched otherwise or really like that you'd want others to watch?

I really enjoyed this documentary on sleep paralysis called The Nightmare. Basically, these people all discuss the horrible things they experience when they're stricken with sleep paralysis and can't move. You see dramatizations of it as they describe them to you.

I didn't discover this next thing on Netflix but I never would have been able to watch it if not for it being here. Really liked the first episode of Rectify when it previewed I think on AMC, but I wasn't able to keep up with it when the show continued on another channel. I remembered it years later and found it on Netflix, apparently finished. It's a very polished and interesting drama about a guy sentenced to death row for over 19 years, now found innocent and set free. It follows his return to society and normal life and how it effects the small southern town he lives in.

Starry Eyes is a pretty messed up horror movie. Basically, this woman will do anything to become an actress and ends up getting a role in a shady movie. Lots of body horror.

The Ip Man movies. Namely the first two. Fantastic fight choreography, if slightly anti-Japanese and anti-English, as the villains are like cartoon characters.

I CANNOT Believe How Long it Took Me to Realize This

11 June 2017 - 11:28 PM

The names of the isles are puns based around its ecosystem.

Domus Isle (domicile): the main "hub" location
Infant Isle (infantile): home to the weakest monsters
Infern Isle (infernal): there is a volcano on the island
Xeroph Isle (xerophile): the term "xerophile" refers to something that can survive arid conditions such as a desert, which is what Xeroph Isle is
Fert Isle (fertile): a jungle
Palaish Isle (palatial): there is a big palace in the center
Celeste Isle (celestial): I assume because there is a Sun and Moon Temple there

E3 2017 Predictions/Wishes

05 June 2017 - 09:53 PM

It's that time of year again, folks. E3 less then 2 weeks away and the gaming world is abuzz with rumors, fake leaks, and predictions of what's to come.


Let's share what we'd like to see. I've got a pretty modest list:


- A firm release date and English trailer for Lady Layton (I don't care if that's the not the real name, it is to me).

- More info on Spider-Man. The trailer looks promising and teases at some of the villains you may fight (Mister Negative looks to be in it based on the designs of the goons), but I need more. This is supposed to be a 2017 game after all.

- Bayo 3 please?

- Dragon Quest XI obviously, but I'm not holding my breath.


I'm mostly hopping the Switch comes out swinging this year. It's got a lot of momentum, but not a lot of games. Ports are being announced left and right for indie titles and a few smaller games, but what I want to see is some system-selling first-party titles.

Alena Sucks

20 May 2017 - 04:38 PM

It's time to wake up people. The top-tier waifu of Dragon Quest, Alena, is trash-tier. Yes, that's right. And I've got a good reason for why I feel this way.

First of all, her design is hideous. In terms of Toriyama's art style, it's certainly more unique, but unique doesn't mean better. Her hair is ridiculous and impractical, her hat is stupid looking, I hate those kinds of capes (the ones wrapped around the neck instead of hooked to the shoulders), and she wears generic Toriyama Shoes that every Dragon Quest/Ball character wears.

Then, you've got her accent. I don't actually hate it, but I know for a fact that like 75% of the Den complains about IV's accents, which Alena is not excluded from. Her and the other fake Russians she travels with. So you should hate her for that as well but for some reason people give her specifically a pass.

Okay, next you've got her personality. Oh, she's a "spitfire"! She's passionate! She says what she wants! So? That makes her awesome inherently? Having a different personality makes her better? This is a similar argument I hear about the slightly more trash-tier girl Maribel. Since she's so different and unique, that must make her better. No, her differences and unique personality quirks are annoying so that makes her bad. We as a whole have gotten so used to flat personalities that we're willing to accept any sort of variation. Sometimes we get something good, like Yangus, but oftentimes we get an Alena and we like her because she's such a powerful personality. Well, I hate her personality archetype so she sucks.

Then, you've got Kiryl. It's so obvious to anyone, there's no way any sane person wouldn't notice the hints he's giving off so she's either dense and can't see it or she won't just say, "not interested." Pick your poison but they're both pretty terrible.

Who Deserves Respect at Work?

13 May 2017 - 10:26 PM

My previous discussion topic about whether or not men and women can be friends garnered a lot of interesting responses so I thought I'd present another idea that I recently began thinking about a bit more of ever since an incident occurred at work.


For context yet while still being vague, basically, an assistant manager caught me doing something I'm not supposed to at work. Nothing major in the grand scheme of things, but it's still against policy and I shouldn't have been doing it. But whenever I do things like that at work, I do it with the understanding that I risk getting in trouble for it. Instead what happens is, I find out she had caught me doing it when she decides to call me out over the walkie talkie, one of which I have. I snap back about it since she was questioning my work ethic. Saturday is the day I work two jobs from early morning to late at night and the hour between them and the hour during the second one are my only breaks so I wasn't going to sit and listen to a manager say I don't work. A bit later, we have it out face-to-face when I run into her and I tell her how rude it is to call out someone below them to whomever carries a walkie talkie instead of speaking to them about something they were doing wrong in person. She didn't approach me about it, she just said it rudely over the walkie talkie, instead of getting context to why I was doing it.


This got me thinking about respect in the workplace. Here's a few questions I'm posing to you all:


- Respect should be given to everyone, obviously, but from whom does it start? Should the employees be expected to be respectful before management should be? Basically, should respect be shown to management or the employees first and foremost?


- Is it a bigger deal when management is disrespectful or when the employees are? In my instance, I snapped back at her when she decided to be highly unprofessional and call me out to the other employees (at least the ones with walkie talkies) instead of dealing with it appropriately. Which would be the one you consider the worst or most damning?


- Do you believe that an employee should be respectful to management simply because they are their boss, regardless of how the manager chooses to behave to the employees below them?


- An employee does something wrong but a manager takes the wrong approach to punishing them. Who should be held accountable the most? As in, who should face the stricter punishment?


I know unlike the last discussion topic this one has a lot more variables and applies more strongly to a situation I gave little context to so feel free to answer however you like and not stick too closely to the specific questions I asked if you don't want to.