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Changing friend codes

03 September 2014 - 07:13 PM

Not to add to the mountain of suggestions that have been pouring in lately Woodus, but seeing as few people play Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 anymore and a lot of people play Dragon Quest X, maybe change the friend code section to reflect this? Like they're usernames or something?

Happy Birthday to Will Puff Puff For Food

25 July 2014 - 05:48 PM

I've never met you, had any interaction with you, I didn't even know you existed until today. But that's an amazing username and anyone with that kind of name deserves to have strangers wish you a happy birthday. So have a joyous 25th of July.


PS. I'm willing to take you up on that offer.

Bioshock Infinite - A Review

12 June 2014 - 07:19 PM

This section of the Den has been dead for almost a year now so I thought I might try to revive it.


Fair warning: I'll try to keep the review itself light on spoilers but some parts with heavy spoilers will have spoiler tags around them. So be warned.



Booker DeWitt is sent to the floating city of Columbia to rescue a woman named Elizabeth from imprisonment and bring her to New York to wipe away his gambling debt. Columbia itself is a Utopian society built around American patriotism and a reverence for the Founding Fathers and the principals of early America. Racism is rampant throughout Columbia. Non-whites and the poor suffer a terrible quality of life and unfair work conditions. The city is ruled by its "prophet" Father Comstock, whose rule over Columbia is built on a house of lies. Not only that, he keeps Elizabeth locked away in a tower so that he can indoctrinate her into taking over Columbia after his passing.


Almost immediately upon his arrival Booker is identified as a false prophet that is said to lead Elizabeth astray and he is soon targeted by all of Columbia. Despite this, he manages to free Elizabeth from captivity and discovers she has the amazing ability to open tears in reality and even journey to alternate universes.



I'm just gonna say it: I'm terrible at first-person shooters. However, I had little trouble playing through Bioshock Infinite. A lot can be said about its accessibility. This is either good or bad depending on how you view things.


First, there's almost no penalty for dying. If you're killed, you're brought back where you were with half your health and a little less money with the only downside being that some of the enemy's health is restored as well. Not that it's particularly hard to die. Along with a health bar, you also have a shield that depletes before your health does, and if you find cover long enough, your shield will quickly restore. More often than not, you'll emerge from a grueling gunfight with more than half of your health still intact.


In a fight you have a choice of three modes of combat: guns, Vigors, or melee. Vigors are special powers such as manipulation or electric shock. I'm sure a better player could make good use of them, but I found that when I was in combat, it was a lot less complicated to shoot at the enemies instead of going through a menu of 8 different abilities. And you're only allowed two weapons at a time, which served to only stifle my combat. My personal favorite weapon was the carbine and I always need to have a sniper rifle on hand, meaning I almost never changed weapons, and Elizabeth's ability to find ammo in combat didn't make me want to. More on that below.


During combat, Elizabeth will scour the area for anything you might need in the moment such as ammo, med kits, or Salts. Along with this, Elizabeth can open tears in time that give you various objects like weapons and decoys to help you. While this was appreciated, I couldn't help but feel almost god-like knowing I could discharge all of my ammo and Elizabeth will throw some my way shortly after.


I know that this might sound like a list of complaints, but that depends on your viewpoint. As a non-first-person shooter gamer, these various assists and minor penalties were very appreciated. However, for a player who prefers things hardcore, you should consider playing on hard mode. And if that isn't enough of a challenge, finishing the game on any difficulty will unlock "1999 Mode," an even more challenging difficulty level.


Some Observations:

I played Bioshock Infinite on a gaming PC at ultra high settings and it is gorgeous. I especially loved the glare that reflected off of the various surfaces and statues around the game.


The game rests heavily on Booker and Elizabeth's interactions and though I liked their back and forth and felt that it mostly succeeded, there wasn't much verbal communication that didn't have to do with the story. I could feel their bond getting closer the more Booker started to sympathize with her fate but I'd prefer a bit more light-hearted stuff aside from the few moments after you rescue her.


This is more of a minor nitpick on my end but the fact that you see everything through Booker's eyes really took me out of things sometimes. As Booker shows more concern for Elizabeth, he starts to open up more, yet the fact that he was just a disembodied voice without any hand gestures made it hard to feel the moment.


The voice acting was superb, particularly Elizabeth and Father Comstock's performance. The Lutece twins were always fun to listen to as well.


Spoilerific Odds-and-ends:



Grade: B

A solid story that drops the ball at the end, accessible gameplay for newbies, and an interesting world makes for a solid 10+ hour of entertainment.


There Are No Words....

26 April 2014 - 02:15 PM


Okay, I actually have a few words. Like, how weird is it that in the same year the Angry Video Game Nerd Movie is supposedly coming out (it's about him trying to debunk this myth) that they actually uncover E.T. games.

All These Rumors Are a Good Thing

01 March 2014 - 07:48 PM

For months we've been getting little hints and teases about the possibility of getting a Dragon Quest game and for months we've been going back and forth over it. This is a good thing. It's stirred debate among us. Which game will we get? Which games won't we get? What does this trademark mean? Which game does it apply to? And when it comes to DQ X, which consoles will it be on or what will the pay model be?

It wasn't too long ago that it was almost DEAD QUIET around here. Very little discussion, few users even came on anymore. The most active topics were forum games. On some days there could be as few as half a dozen posts.

I'm glad that, despite no official news, these leaks and rumors has brought people out of hiding and we've got actual discussions and debates going on now. It feels like a real community. And that's a good thing.