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An Interesting Article About the Struggle to Make DQ Popular

Yesterday, 11:13 PM

Never thought I'd see an article of this length, polish, and research about such a specific topic on Dragon Quest. I didn't see it posted here so I thought it was worth a share:


Obligatory Heroes II Review Thread

25 April 2017 - 08:01 AM



These are the ones I've seen so far. Pretty decent scores.

Do You Believe Men and Women can be Friends?

24 April 2017 - 10:57 AM

A little thought experiment I thought might be fun. You see these kinds of discussions on a lot of forums at least once.

So the main point is, what is your opinion on male/female friendships? Working in a department with like 90% women, they make up the bulk of my friends. Of course, I'm sure a lot of us here think a male/female friendship is fine so here's a couple twists. What if:

. One likes the other? And if so, do you think a friendship can survive if they know and reject them?
. A significant other doesn't like that they spend their time with someone of the opposite sex? Do you think that's fair? Would you break up with that person if you found yourself in that position and they gave you an ultimatum?
. Their sexuality is called into question because they're friend group is made up of only or mostly men/women?
. They were too close? Everyone knows about the concept of the work husband/wife. Lots of SOs would feel uncomfortable with that dynamic.

I'll be interested to hear some opinions on this. I know the topic comes up from time to time and people kind of express their viewpoints but rarely is there a full discussion of this topic.

The Nintendo Switch's Killer App

22 April 2017 - 09:26 PM


Why is SE Sending Me Newsletters at 12:52 AM?

22 March 2017 - 12:57 AM

We may never know, but what we do know is that the content of the newsletter is info on the Explorer's Edition. It'll include 15 (hopefully not useless) weapons and a reversible cover. As an aside, reversible covers seems to be a new trend, what with FE Echoes getting one as well, and I kind of think it's a nifty idea.

I know this isn't fresh news, but no one seems to be talking about it so I figured the late-night newsletter would be a good way to start a conversation about it.

Anyways, here's the link: https://store.na.squ...r-s-edition-ps4