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Halloween Recommendations

10 October 2017 - 06:13 PM

I love Halloween. It's a very underrated holiday. And there's more to enjoy about it besides dressing up for parties and 50-75% candy. Lots of good horror to consume. Here's some stuff I like around Halloween.


1. Until Dawn - what's better to play for Halloween then a game based around classic teen/college student horror tropes? Much like a TellTale or Quantic Dream game, it's story-based with your actions having consequences that can kill or save all 8 characters. Seeing who you can keep alive (or kill off) and how it effects the overall experience will insure a yearly play through at least. I know I'm gonna go back to it this month.

2. Alan Wake - sad that I can only really recommend this to people that already have it, as it's been pulled from digital storefronts because of expired music licenses. But this is a fantastic game. If you don't have it, track it down. It combines Stephen King with Twin Peaks and some other minor influences to create a game in which the titular character must fight the darkness that's possessing the town of Bright Falls to save his wife. You shine a flashlight on enemies to make them vulnerable to gunfire. Only the light can protect you from them. When it comes to horror, story is often a game's biggest weakness, but Alan Wake's story is both compelling and frightening.

3. [insert favorite horror franchise here] - I know that Silent Hill is the big one that everyone loves, but I have a soft spot for Fatal Frame. People think it takes you out of it to take goofy pictures of ghosts, but I feel it makes it more frightening having to face the monsters head on.


1. Trick 'r Treat - nothing quite captures the spirit of the holiday quite like this movie. Not scary at all, just revels in the kind of stuff a fan of horror loves.

2. The Shining - the most obvious choice for a list like this but for good reason. Not much I can say that everybody doesn't already know.

3. [insert favorite horror franchise here] - Halloween would be the easiest pick but I actually like Nightmare on Elm Street the most, of all horror franchises. Pretty much all of them are worthwhile watches, and you really don't need too much prior knowledge to enjoy any of them, even though they all follow each other. Just don't watch Freddy's Dead.

4. The Nightmare - a documentary! About sleep paralysis. More disturbing then scary.

5. The Witch - this'll sound weird but its atmosphere feels like it would make for a good movie to watch in the fall in general, not just October. It even feels like a good fit for November. Maybe it's the Puritan plantation setting. If you wanna see a religious family tear themselves apart from their own fears, this is the movie for you.

1. Shiki - basically 'Salem's Lot. Vampires are slowly killing off or turning the citizens of an isolated village. It's up to the town doctor to get to the bottom of it. By any means necessary. Atmospheric soundtrack, genuine frights, bizarre character designs, a large cast, and a slow, measured pacing that still manages to keep you at the edge of your seat.

2. Requiem from the Darkness - it's older and obscure, but it's one that I appreciate. The visuals always appealed to me and I liked the episodic nature. A new ghost story with the same traveling characters every episode. The OP is also killer.


'Salem's Lot - slow for the first 1/3, but really gets rolling almost immediately after everything is set up, and the slow start is in service of the rest of the book. It's a 400 page book though so I don't expect someone to read a whole book for Halloween.

There's an Anime About Gaming that isn't Bad

28 September 2017 - 01:55 PM

So today the 12 episode anime Gamers! concluded. It was a show I was warily interested in, but didn't know much about. Little did I know that it ended up being a charming little romantic comedy with a heavy emphasis on games and gaming culture. To start with the OP has a number of references to modern and classic games. There's a Mother's Basemenr video that goes into heavy detail, but one reference we all should get is the obvious Dragon Quest one:

(As an aside, the first episode is called Keita Amano and Chapters of the Chosen)

Along the way, there are little touches that accent the show, such as the free-to-play mobile game the main character plays, there is a mysterious freeware game developer, and in the second episode, they are literally just playing the arcade version of P4 Arena Ultimax, and parody game box art. I was constantly surprised by some of the "in-the-know" terms and dialogue that's sprinkled throughout the show that only a gamer would know, as well.

There are various asides throughout the game where characters go on rants about the best qualities of RPGs, or hardcore gaming, and the value of playing games just for the joy of playing them. The last episode in particular is almost entirely a discussion about DLC and free-to-play games and whether or not they have any sort of value.

It's overall a worthwhile show for gamers, I'd say.

IGN's Extensive First Impressions Write-Up

21 August 2017 - 10:38 AM

Shocked to see IGN had so much to say about an import copy of XI. They went into thorough detail about what you can expect from the gameplay and even shared some interesting little tidbits you might not have known about unless you were really in the know like a lot of us here. Hopefully this'll shore up some interest from non-fans.


There's a DQ X Net Anime

08 August 2017 - 07:02 PM

I'm surprised nobody brought this thing up.

Create-a-Character: What Do You Do?

08 August 2017 - 04:15 PM

So you buy an RPG and they toss you right into a create-a-character screen. What kind of character do you create?

- Do you try to make an approximation of yourself? Try to stitch together the closest version of you that's possible with what's there and give them your name?

- Do you like to make a character of the opposite gender?

- Do you try to make the coolest guy/gal possible and make them look like a total badass?

- If there are races outside of just "Human," do you prefer to create a creature instead?

I'm curious to know what you all do when faced with a character creator.