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Dragon quest 8.5 the lineage of truth

26 March 2010 - 03:36 AM

My friend and I started an Role playing forum based off of DQ8. The only problem is the fact that we lack members. He suggested we turn to you guys here. He constantley refer our actual members to here to look at all the weapons, armors, etc to build their characters. This RP takes place about 18 years after the in-game events. Where ll the main heroes of the first game have settled back into their normal lives. The story of this RP is When Clavius dies Charmles Kiddnapps hero at the funeral, forcing him in prison. Charmles motive is Medea's hand in marrige. Medea later begins to believe that her husband is dead, and she goes ino a coma like state of loliness. At about this time Argonia is mobilizing in all directions. Using their superior Dragons They wish to conquer the world. Later it becomes apparent that when Rhapthorne exploded charles obtained some sort of solid energy from the blast, feuling his deepest desires.


Dragon Quest 8.5; Lineage of Truth

22 March 2010 - 05:25 AM

hello everyone a friend of mine stated that since I love making Role play forums I should make one based off DQ8 so I did, The forum is very young and is in desperate need of members. If any of you guys are interested I've enclosed the link at the bottom of this post. It takes place several years after the in-game events. This RP will cover all canon and non-Canon characters. We encourage you to make your own characters.
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