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Tablets & Vocation Caps

Today, 04:54 AM

I know the level caps have changed for the islands within the story, but that's not what I'm concerned about. I want to know about, first and foremost, the level caps for in game Haven residents' tablets, which I believe there's 16 of if I'm not mistaken, but also the DLC tablets (I think they're all uncapped, right?) And then finally ones you create/get through streetpass. Information on these topics seems to be scarce so I was hoping either someone here knows or we can compile it together.

So far I know the following:
Slime lv19
Drake slime lv24
Axassins lv25
Babygoyle lv24

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Critical Buff or glitch?

Yesterday, 03:04 PM

I have never seen this before, but I had Mariel cast Kabuff and the second time she did it in the fight the main character and her both gained around 20 defense while Ruff gained 220. For the rest of the fight Ruff didn't gain defense from Kabuff while the other 2 continued to gain about 20 per cast while Ruff did indeed have the additional 220 as he took 1 damage or was missed by all attacks for the rest of the fight.

Is this a glitch or something I just didn't know could happen?

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