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Dragon Warrior: Hero's Destiny is back and updated. (BYOND)

14 July 2014 - 06:02 PM



Some of you may have played this game back in early byond fangames, or different variations of it over the years. It's been rehashed and updated to fit a Dragon Warrior 3 style of gameplay mixed in with some twists and turns.


You can play online with friends or by yourself with mercenaries (but it's more helpful to party with actual people). There is no class changing, but you got the most of the core classes from Dragon Warrior 3 (Soldier, Pilgrim, Fighter, Wizard, Goof-Off, AND Thief), plus a few hybrid classes such as Paladin, which plays similar to the hero in the game but more balanced. Druid, whom is a balanced version of Sage. Then you have a Ranger with an eclectic assortment of skills with good power, and Bard that has many free in battle support skills and a few damaging ones too.


Game is still being updated at this time, and hosted by yours truly. Updates are done by DPheonix7, also known as Canthus. There are some bugs still to work out here and there, but is entirely possible to play the game to the end of its story line. Suggestions and feedback is accepted. I also have worked on a bit of a guide telling what classes learn what as well as quest help: http://lifelylisting...os-destiny.html


In order to play this game, you must have a version of BYOND past version 500. Currently, it has commercials play before you join the server, but if you are particularly crafty enough, you can disable them (still have a wait time).