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The MSPaint Hella Adventure (Interactive story)

06 August 2015 - 07:33 PM

That's the theme of the game! Some years back, I was going to make a roleplaying survival game where posters try to outsurvive one another, but things started getting overcomplicated, and it died out. INSTEAD, this will be an interactive adventure where everyone controls the same person. You input commands of what this person should do and I write them out into a story. Similar to how MSpaintadventures started with Problem Sleuth and Homestuck, or for those who have heard of them, Ruby Quest or Nan Quest, its up to YOU to decide what will happen! Well, for what you are able to control!
One thing is... I cannot draw. At all. So this will be pretty much entirely text with some small stock images of characters where necessary, and maybe a few poor attempts that can be laughed at. Any artists are welcome to re-invent scenes if they like, but generally things would work faster if I don't attempt to draw what's happening or wait for someone to do so.


Last thing to note, I know there are actually MORE hella funtime characters created, but starting off simple for now. If things pick up, you may see more going on.


Stuff to know!


Let's start the story, which will be in italics.
A guy awakens on a beach, unsure of where he is. The only thing he remembers is that his name is Terry. He is wearing some basic clothes and has a satchel strapped over his shoulder. It is a mostly clear day and a comfortable temperature. Appears to be around noon.
Upon looking around, there appears to be at least one other person or thing around him, but he can't quite see; his eyes have not adjusted well enough yet.


Enter a command to vote for who you want to be Terry's partners! Just name two characters in one, command. You can also suggest Terry to do other things after he has met his new companions. Feel free to ask any questions as well. I'm not perfect and might not have explained everything correctly.