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#400237 Dragon Warrior VII Class and Dharma Questions

Posted by Mad slime on 21 September 2014 - 03:42 PM

I am not the worried about class level,I actually quite enjoy it.Especially since I like the pacing for it in DQ when compared to FF V and I do love myself some FF V.Even more so once I learned the Mystic Knight and Rapid fire tactic.I just beat Antoria last night.That two glowing orb attack is a beast.It killed both my main and Gabo but luckly all it took to kill him was one more attack by Maribel.Even monsters are afraid of her temper it seems.The chain whip was a most worth investment.


I already have VIII and IX.I hadn't beaten them yet because I wanted to do them in order.I had beaten all the games up to V then had to wait quite a bit for them to VI to the west.Did that,and then it took until recently for me to start going through VII.I had VII longer than VI DS has been out.I bought off a ebay back 2010 with some Christmas money.


I actually discovered the series when I saw a commercial for VIII thought it looked up my alley,awesome,it helps that I love Akira Toriyama's Art Style.I enjoyed the game but never got that far,but I have come quite far as a gamer skill wise since then.Then one Christmas I got FF IV DS since I love the Pre X Final Fantasy games,everything after Sakaguchi left just doesn't appeal to me.Where as I loved Blue Dragon and Last Odysee which I still need to get a copy of.But back on point I got the guide for FFIV DS with the game and in the back was an ad for DQ IV DS.I thought it looked fun and it was in the same series as VIII so I got it with christmas  money,enjoyed it quite a bit and with more Christmas money I bought Dragon Warrior 1 and 2 and 3 GBC and Dragon Warrior VII.How I was able to get all the games with only around $100 I will never know.Mind you my copy of DW VII was in perfect condition in it original case with book and intact CD's. That was really good game haul that year since I also picked a copy of the original Alundra in really good condition.When I look back I don't know how I pulled those great deals off.

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