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The start of a new trilogy...Dragon Warrior 4! (spoilers)

04 August 2013 - 02:57 PM

The legend of Erdrick/Loto was over with Dragon Warrior 3 and a new trilogy had begun with Dragon Warrior 4: the Zenithian trilogy!  The story wasn't the only thing that changed with this game and though the chapter system was the defining feature of the game, numerous upgrades were done to enhance the gameplay experience this time around.  So now I ask you this: when was the first time you ever played it? What were your initial reactions? Do you still feel the same today? If not, why? Which version is your favorite to play? How would you put it against the other games in the series? Do you still play it? Are there any unique memories you've had playing this game?

For me, I didn't get a chance to play this game until the DS era.  Naturally, I preordered the game when it was announced that the entire trilogy would be remade and I enjoyed it, but I didn't like the accents the game added in, which caused me to purchase the NES version which I enjoyed much more.  I really enjoyed the chapter system, which felt like I was playing through several different stories (that is, until the last chapter where everyone joins the hero).  Now, I own the game on all three systems it was released for and I still play through it but it's not my favorite of the trilogy (that would have to be either V or VI).


So what are your thoughts on this game?


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