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3DS greatest hits

09 January 2015 - 12:52 PM

Well according to Siliconera they are reprinting all the 3DS Dragon Quest games as greatest hits games. So not only do they get more , they get it cheaper. I think finally all hope for this game has officially been crushed for me. A sad day to be optimistic indeed.


DQ3 oddness

09 January 2015 - 09:24 AM

So I have a few odd things to ask on the mobile port.

1. Is the games difficulty higher than the GBC version? I seem to become dead quite often.

2. Did they nerf the hero 's MP? I'm at level 15 and only have 18 MP which is quite ridiculous considering my thief has over 80 and that's with a hero with a paragon personality.

3. Speaking of thief. My thief has the highest def with a whopping 102 while everyone with better equipment has only defenses in the 60's. She is a princess type. What the heck happened there?

4. How come zoom resets the day/night cycle ? Did that happen in the SNES version? I don't think it did in the GBC version...

Bored at work

19 December 2014 - 04:53 PM

Here are some pics I drew at work to pass timefb605f3a8d438651898aa43d540e6b9f.jpg9cbcc046d5189e41ccda744eae7d613a.jpg

This one is my favorite of the bunch. It's the hero after a grueling battle


I know it's not anatomically correct in any sense but it was done quickly with pen and I don't claim to be an artist so I like it.

Well just wanted to share in my boredom enjoy!

Closing Time (Not the song...)

07 December 2014 - 03:08 AM

Let me start off stating I am a nightmare enthusiast. On Thursday night, 04DEC2014 I intentionally tried to induce nightmares. I dreamed that the building I patrol as a guard was actually hell, and that I was being tortured. Upon waking I laughed it off as "tame and uneventful" and went to work at said building from 1030-1900.

At this building, which is a jewelry manufacturing plant, I scan people to make sure they don't steal any precious metals. After the last people are gone I am tasked with closing down the building, shutting off the lights, and arming the security systems... you know basic guard stuff. 
After letting the last person out I trekked upstairs to the fuse box near the women's room to shut off the second floor lights. Right before I stick the key in I hear something in the women's room go off. I open the door and and see that on the far wall (no where close to the door) The paper towel motion sensor was tripped and paper towels were hanging out. I was unnerved but left the restroom to shut off the light. I start to walk back to the stairs and as I near a row of printers, one fires up and spits out a paper. I was so spooked that I ran down stairs and to the security office to arm the alarms... I still had the kitchen to check but there was no way I was staying in there another minute. As I entered the alarm code an error popped up stating "Check area 1." Area 1 is the upstairs office, and the alarms can only be set if there is no movement within the building.
Now I'm really freaking out. I keep hitting the "Enter" button on the alarm panel until it finally says to exit the building, which I did, post haste. 

Maybe I'm being nervous for nothing, but I do know for a fact a woman has been killed in that building. I Shut the light off that illuminates her memorial plaque in the warehouse during my closing rounds. I also know I was the only person in that building, and I am dreading work Monday morning. Hell even writing this is filling me with dread and bringing a tear to my eye. I have not been this frightened since I was a young kid.  It was a heart pounding, cold sweat, "oh my shdfb Christ, I think I may die moment."

Zelda Classic Dragon Quest?

05 November 2014 - 11:29 AM

I was searching for some Zelda Classic games to play and stumbled upon this. Thought it was funny.