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Opensource Release!

07 April 2016 - 08:52 PM

Good news everyone! The opensource is complete! I know I originally had some grand plans for the project but it was far too time consuming and was taken me away from other things... Here is what is included though.


* Lots of DW1&2 GBC tiles (it's not as complete as I thought, but there's enough to make a decent game!)

* Most sprites from DW1&2 (forgot the heroes! Will update here)

* Lots of scripts for making VX Ace similar to DW/DQ (bumping noise, custom poison, dark caves etc). 

* Scripts are easily modifiable and non-coder friendly

* Pre-made tilesets

* Many DW/DQ sound effects

* Custom font that includes weapon and armor symbols (listed in the source so you can use the images correctly)


Seriously guys, the project is pretty n00b friendly. You can open the project, delete all maps and start a game instantly, though I would suggest looking at the events and maps in general to see how it all works. Most scripts, if not used can be tossed out, such as the dark cave and what not. 


I started a new topic because I figured that any questions could be brought up here.



Here is the opensource game!


For those who just want a DW clone to play, with very little effort put in so there are some issues, like some bookcases or dressers have no items... Oh and repellents and Repel have no use due to me not finding a friendly way to implement it, here is the game for playing.




Hopefully this project will pull more interest towards the fangaming community.



Q: Tile layout is confusing, help!

A: Small guide.