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Prototypes of New 3D Dragon Quest Maps

15 April 2014 - 01:10 PM

Hi all,


Encouraged by the recent success at extracting an overworld map from Dragon Warrior 7, I decided to spend a bit of time checking to see what else might be possible using the same method.  To that end, here are the samples I generated so far:


Dragon Quest 6 DS Dungeon (Spiegelspire)

Dragon Quest 6 DS Town (Sorceria)

Dragon Quest 9 DS Town (Stornway)

Dragon Quest 9 DS Dungeon (Tower of Trades)

Dragon Quest 5 PS2 Overworld (Near Lofty Peak)

Dragon Quest 5 PS2 Overworld (Near Cave north of Coburg)


I have also tested on Dragon Quest 8 Overworld and it works nicely there too, but I need to free up some space on my hard drive to hold all of the input data before I can really demo that.


Anyway, I was wondering if people have a particular desire for what to see next.  I am thinking I will try to do the full DQ5 PS2 overworld map, but I certainly intend to try to do the DS dungeon maps and maybe even the towns eventually as well.  To help those along, I really need codes for those games.  Walk Through walls codes would be good, and also codes to turn off the day-night system if applicable and to disable monster encounters / spawns.  Anyone who can provide info on that stuff would be helping me a lot.


And just before I show the maps, I am aware of a couple of issues with some of them, all of which I would fix if I went to production mode:


- Extra strip of lines in DQ6DS dungeon map near the top (just need to crop them out)

- A couple of "jogs" in the Stornway map from DQ9 since I could walk through walls, but not through NPCs

- An elongated shadow in the first DQ5 PS2 world map.  Fixable, and fortunately this area of the world is the only one where the shadow of the floating castle jumps into the mapping field of view.


Ok, here are the sample map strips:














Dragon Warrior 7 Overworld Map (Partial Progress)

04 April 2014 - 01:12 PM

In stark contrast to my policy of being all talk and no action, I decided to get my butt moving on some of the map projects I have been intending to do.  To that end, I made some progress with my DW7 mapping tool and I think the current results aren't too bad.


I'll show the map progress in a minute but before I do:


1) Please ignore the water areas, I will digitally remove those and replace them with a nice consistent water layer after the map is complete


2) The boat is in the scene near Dharma.  Oops! I will remove that when this moves to full-on production mode


3) Some of the buildings are leaning a bit because they were on the edge of the scene when I scanned them.  I will redo the buildings by scanning them while they are in the center of my field of view.


So with that being said, here is what I have (right click and choose "View Image" to see it at full resolution, or just download it):





So how am I doing so far? Does it seem like this level of quality will be good enough, or do I need to find a way to get higher resolution / detail?  Am I missing anything (besides the obviously not-yet-mapped areas)?  Is there something that looks bad and needs further investigation to fix?


Thanks for any comments / suggestions. 

Dragon Geo | Android Map App

13 March 2014 - 06:53 AM

Thanks to Yoon for letting us know about a new Android map app that he has created, featuring content from multiple versions of Dragon Quest 1 - 6.  Here is what he had to say about it:


DRAGON GEO is an interactive map app (not a game) that is akin to Google Maps. DRAGON GEO allows for viewing world, region, castle, town, dungeon, and shrine maps from Dragon Warrior / Quest I-VI. It also includes maps from the remake versions that later appeared on the Super Famicom, Game Boy Color, and Nintendo DS. As an added nostalgic touch, the entire interface uses the old Dragon Warrior command window style, complete with music and sound effects from the original Dragon Warrior / Quest games.

More about the origin of DRAGON GEO: Project Geo was originally used as a way for me to get familiar with Android development. The Dragon Geo concept was inspired by Google's 8-Bit Dragon Quest Google Maps April Fools' joke from two years ago. During development, I’ve learned quite a bit about developing on the Android platform, such as programming gestures, loading and playing media files, displaying large images, UX design, handling memory optimization issues, and much more. Although I still have far to go in terms of Android development (and mobile development in general), I’m proud to have been able to put out a quality first app that I quite enjoyed working on in the available spare time I had.
I’d like to thank the sites & people (especially DRAGON'S DEN & KING ZENITH, many thanks!) that have made map resources available online.  Without them, DRAGON GEO would not be possible:

  • D-Navi
  • Dragon’s Den
  • FlyingArmor
  • King Zenith
  • NES Maps
  • NES SNES Sprites
  • Realm of Darkness
  • RPG Legion
  • Sprite Database
  • x_loto
  • Zophar’s Domain

DRAGON GEO is now available for download on the Google Play Store. If you have an Android device, be sure to check it out! I'll be making improvements to the app from time to time.

Dragon Quest 8 - Tool Assisted Speedrun WIP

27 February 2014 - 08:44 AM

Just discovered that someone is working on a TAS (tool assisted speedrun) of the Japanese PS2 version of Dragon Quest 8.  I was definitely not aware of how badly the game can be abused, and with all the cutscenes and stuff, I assumed that a speedrun would be very limited in terms of what can be accomplished.


I was wrong.


The run starts of by having the Hero "escape" from the arduous task of participating in the opening sequence of the game, and in so doing, he breaks the event flags and is able to manipulate different events into occurring.


By skipping the intro, he does not get Yangus in his party and no pesky Trode, Medea and Wagon to worry about.  By dying shortly after eluding his party, he messes with the events and is able to use a Chimera Wing to zoom back to Farebury which makes the boat appear.  He uses the boat to grab some sweet items from treasure chests around the world and then finds a Liquid Metal Slime in short order to get some levels fast.


Anyway, I was really impressed with the start of this run.  You can see the initial progress in a niconico video posted here:



Dragon Quest Trading Card Game - Chance to win a free copy!

05 December 2013 - 01:58 PM



It's time for yet another Dragon's Den Contest, and this one comes with a special incentive to take part.  An anonymous Dragon's Den member (Plattym3) has donated an unopened copy of the Dragon Quest Trading Card Game, which will be shipped to whomever wins this contest.  See the picture below to see what you could be missing if you don't give this your best shot!


So what is the contest about?  Square Enix has just trademarked the names "Luminaries of the Legendary Line" and "The Seeds of Salvation".  Your mission is to make a guess about which game(s) those subtitles refer to.  Do some research into all the DQs that might possibly be coming state-side (none yet are announced) and make your guesses.  When an official announcement is made, the winner will be crowned.


For more details on how you can win, see the contest topic.