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#421200 RSS: Bad News for Us Writers as Dragon Quest Heroes Gets a Massive Wes

Posted by King Zenith on 20 April 2015 - 12:16 PM

I like the comments in response to the article about how the acronym for the subtitle contains the substring T-W-A-T right in the middle. 

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#420754 Verdict: Is it coming?

Posted by King Zenith on 15 April 2015 - 03:36 PM

Yes, it's the sighing. You've been warned about it before. If you like your posts to remain visible, stop sighing in every single one of them.

Or don't, but you know what happens then. It's up to you.
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#419442 What's New with you?

Posted by King Zenith on 01 April 2015 - 07:22 AM

I tied my shoes this morning before I left the house.  I do that every day, but today it felt like I had to let everyone know that.

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#418232 I Think if Real Life Were an RPG.....

Posted by King Zenith on 18 March 2015 - 07:19 AM

I'd be an old geezer who dreams of becoming a bunny girl one day.

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#417426 Hello. I'm Fur.

Posted by King Zenith on 10 March 2015 - 07:41 AM

Yeah, there's still a few people on the "watch list".  Felix is one of them and Alexandrious is too.  I swear, if he sighs one more time....

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#416816 Check out what I found at an antique shop

Posted by King Zenith on 06 March 2015 - 08:26 AM

I hereby dub thee Furtamor, since I can no longer distinguish between the posts you make and the ones that Mortamor once made.  You've been here for little over a month but have made 348 posts (at the time of writing this), and an overwhelming majority of those have been spent arguing with people.  I will say that you have managed to bite your tongue and not directly insult people, so you have that going for you.  Still, it's growing very tiresome to hear your complaints and negative comments throughout the forums.  Tread lightly, Fur.

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#416777 *spoilers* Help start the DQ Baddies Contest!

Posted by King Zenith on 05 March 2015 - 10:31 PM

Alright, I'll bite:


Name(s): Dhoulmagus

Game(s): VIII

Why they're a baddie: Seems to be one of the most bold bosses since he doesn't just sit back in a lair and wait for heroes to come off him.  He gets up in everyone's face and will run you through with his sceptre if you get in his way. Most people find they cruise through the game until they make it to him, then it's time to grind because this baddie is tough.

Sub, Final, or Bonus Boss: Sub

Picture: Dhoulmagus.png

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#416554 What does DQ mean to you? (A Project)

Posted by King Zenith on 04 March 2015 - 08:32 AM

I have a very personal account that is from the heart on what DQ means to me, but I've avoided posting it, as again, it is very personal and the subject matter may get a bit controversial for some.  I certainly don't want to hurt the cause and I don't want to (possibly) paint the fan base in the wrong color.  Likewise, I don't want my fellow Den members to view me any differently.  I'm an open book and certainly don't mind sharing under the right circumstances, but for the aforementioned reasons, have been hesitant to do so. 


I don't want to push you into sharing something that you would rather not, but I must admit my curiosity has been piqued.  It might be wise to go with your instincts on this, but I for one would make every attempt to hear your story with an open mind and not pass judgement.  Whatever you decide, I'm interested to hear that DQ has had an apparently profound impact on you.  I hope it has been a positive impact, as I know it has been on many others from the fanbase (including myself).

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#416469 *spoilers* Help start the DQ Baddies Contest!

Posted by King Zenith on 03 March 2015 - 01:59 PM

I was wondering the same thing.  I mean, sure you fight him after you fight Rhapthorne, but then you also fight Rhapthorne after you fight Rhapthorne.

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#416261 Ignasia's Super Solo Hero Quest Playthroughs!

Posted by King Zenith on 01 March 2015 - 01:21 PM

That went right over my head (which is not unusual). 

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#415496 Roms and Emulators

Posted by King Zenith on 23 February 2015 - 01:40 PM

I've always been pretty lax on this sort of thing in cases where your money can't possibly go to the pockets of the people who made the game.  There have been plenty of ROMs distributed around this site before and I am sure it will continue.   Not in this post though.  Nope, not right here for example.


To my knowledge none of the DQ games will play (properly or at all) on BlueStacks so PC emulation is out. It also requires a very beefy computer to even emulate a shoddy smartphone.


To my knowledge, all of the DQ games will play (and properly at that) on BlueStacks.  I have all of the DQ games currently available installed on BlueStacks (properly purchased from Google Play of course) and they work great.  That being said, BlueStacks recently adopted an annoying subscription fee structure with the alternative free version requiring you to install the "featured app of the day" in order to continue use.  As such, they have been added to my "list" and I shall discontinue use.  Really, I only used BlueStacks to test out game play a bit.  I do most of my mobile gaming on my mobile device.  Go figure...

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#413183 Square Enix Trademarks "Holey Heroes" in Europe

Posted by King Zenith on 04 February 2015 - 12:59 PM

Just found out via Aeana that Square Enix has just trademarked "Holey Heroes" in Europe.  Here is a link to corroborate.


This is the most Dragon Quest sounding trademark I have seen in a while and it makes a lot of sense with respect to the plot of Dragon Quest 7.  Warriors of Eden restoring the holes in the world map now becomes the pun-tacular Holey Heroes. 


This news has made me quite hopeful.

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#412562 Dragon Quest 3 - Kamikazee

Posted by King Zenith on 30 January 2015 - 08:19 AM

Gah! Must get...song... out of... my head!

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#412028 Happy Birthday King Zenith

Posted by King Zenith on 26 January 2015 - 09:02 AM

Wow, thanks guys! I appreciate the kind words and sentiments.  I'm a lucky guy to have found such a friendly bunch as you to share in this great forum we all enjoy.


ignasia7, I took it easy on the fudgebudgering this year and only had a few ygg leaf and dew sodas.  We're busy fixing up the Citadel, in case a fitting new master arrives (or hatches).  If that happens though, I'll still be close to town to come visit Royal Fool Democrobot in the event that his quest brings him upon Calgary's Zenithia's sunny shores.


Thanks again everyone!  I'll have to see what new maps are in store for year number 33. 

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#411396 How did I get accepted? Oh, and hi.

Posted by King Zenith on 21 January 2015 - 09:20 AM

Oh! He's from Canada, eh?  Well then forget everything I said.  We must have a feast to welcome this new esteemed Canadian to our ranks!  It will be such a feast...






Hmmm, perhaps if we feast too much, the name AnusRaptor will have a new meaning to all of us. ;)

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