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In Topic: The Nintendo Switch - Coming March 2017

Yesterday, 09:37 AM

A small sampling of the developers/publishers working on the Switch.




Granted, the Wii U as it was announced was similar, let's see what the future holds.

In Topic: The Alliance Alive - sequel/follow up to The Legend of Legacy?

18 October 2016 - 09:48 AM

Definitely in the same vein, just with an actual world map and more of a focus point on the story, hopefully, though I liked TLoL for what it was.




The Alliance Alive is being made as a "New Classic RPG" an RPG developed using the latest technology. It takes place in a world where those with magical powers have ruled the world for several hundred years. The world itself is split into several zones, with each one having their own cultures, and a story about humans who fight against the control of magic beings.

Players will take control of the protagonist and travel across the field map, with battles starting from symbol encounters. There's a total of 9 main characters, each with their own objectives, before they connect for a common cause.

Here's more on the nine:

Garil: A young man who belongs to the "Night Crow" resistance group. He has a gentle personality, but is passionate with a strong core.

Ursula: A blonde-haired girl who is part of Night Crow. She has a fresh personality but doesn't talk much about her intentions. You'll catch her ordering around Garil.

Barbarosa: A magic soldier of the Night Crows. Her life was once saved by Ursula's father, to whom she swore loyalty.

Vivan: A daughter of a noble magic family. She has a calm personality and is a historian with an interest in the human world.

Ignus: Serves Vivian as the magic family's butler. He respects rule and rank, with a personality that sort of suits demons.

Rachel: A mercenary hired by a guild of mages. Rachel is a warmhearted girl who acts the moment something comes to mind.

Renzo: A young man of the Night Crow. He's a good source of information, has an optimistic personality, and is able to judge things calmly.

Jean: A mage of the anti-demon guild of magic. He's observant, and doesn't act on impulse.

Diggy: A girl who researches the Black Flow. She invents all kinds of things, and claims to be a professor.

Here are some highlights from an interview in Famitsu:

The Alliance Alive comes from the result of research on the demand around the world, something that only they could do, an RPG with a balance in both story and gameplay.

They wanted to make a world with a sense of variety, making it fun to simply walk around.

There was a focus in going with a world map, something a bit daring these days. They wanted to make a world map that is similar to the ones we've seen in the past, where you picture the map in your head as you travel.

Encounter rate and the distance between towns and dungeons are some of the adjustments that are being made to make things as stress-free possible for the players.

There will be vehicles that expand your field of activities.

A reason for having nine protagonists is because they want players to be able to find favorites for themselves.

Great swords, spears, and other weapons will be customizable.
There's a battle feature called "Awakening" that lets you learn new abilities and get stat increases.
Stronger enemies increase growth rate more, and there's also another element that further increases growth rates.
Parties consist of up to five members. There's also a "Guild" system for powering up your party.

Producer/Director: Masataka Matsuura

Scenario Writer: Yoshitaka Murayama

Game Designer: Kyoji Koizumi

Art Director: Masayo Asano

Composer: Masashi Hamauzu

Character Designer: Ryo Hirao

Developer: Cattle Call



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11 October 2016 - 08:25 AM


In Topic: Yangus's Secondly Brave Bravely Second Journal

11 October 2016 - 07:42 AM

Technically, it'd be 6, 7 if we wanted to count 4 Heroes of Light since it pretty much is the predecessor to the Bravely series.

And Praying Barge was after BD but before FTS.




In Topic: Yangus's Secondly Brave Bravely Second Journal

11 October 2016 - 05:38 AM

They may or may not be teasing something Bravely related incoming, 4 year anniversary of BD's release in Japan and sorry for no recent news, seems to be hinting at something soon.




Would be a potentially good time to announce Third soon, I think.

Especially given the end of BS.