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In Topic: Dragon Quest XI Impressions

Yesterday, 01:30 PM


There has yet to be a dq I didn't enjoy though.

I agree. It's like picking a favorite ice cream flavor. Even if it's not the best, it's still ice cream!!

After letting all this sink in for quite a few hours, I have to say I'm quite happy. The PS4 version of DQXI looks amazing, though it is disappointing we didn't get a look at combat or mechanics. Much the same with the 3DS version (N3DS exclusive?), though we did get to see battle and the 2D look on the bottom screen is a great touch.

Speaking of, wasn't it reported that no handheld version of DQXI was planned? I find it odd this popped up given that, and looking farther in development than the PS4 version. Not that it matters, really - I'm thrilled with what I've seen so far.

No, that was never reported. It was reported it would be big and on TV with a home console. They never said exclusively or no 3DS.


It would be wrong if they released only the 3DS version here, i'll most likely be importing the PS4 version anyways because i do not like punlations.

Seriously, they need to not do the punlations this time. I can't take that $#!& at all. I couldn't read the dialog for DQIV DS at all because it was so bad it made my eyes water. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the old translations, outside of a few spell names and monster names (HornyHare? CurseOff?). Now it's all so bad it makes me cry myself to sleep at night. Does anyone like them...? I've never heard a positive thing about them.

Really? Actually there are quite a few people here that like them. Me? I absolutely LOVE the puns. It's taken the series to a whole new level for me. Some spells still confuse me, but the puns on town names and people names and monsters are all just... awesome!



I was just thinking about this, but does anyone else think that the "2D/old-school mode" on the 3DS version might be the future DQ 11 mobile version?

LOL I could totally see it happening.

This wouldn't bother me actually.

What if that was the only version we got out west? ;)

Shut your mouth!


Call me when there's a reason for Americans to care.

So, never, I guess.

We'll cue you next after Platty if it happens.

Me first, me first!



Are we related?
It's all delicious in the end, I've loved each DQ I have played.

DQIX is even in my top 5, along with DQVII, DQV, DQVI and DQIII.

Even the ones not in it are tasty, like DQI, DQII, DQIV, DQVIII (which was a top 5 until DQIX), and if I ever played DQX, that would be too.

I also love the puns, alliterations, onomatopoeia, accents, general silliness.

It adds to the charm of the series, the magic, I love it all.

In Topic: Dragon Quest Event 7/28

Yesterday, 01:27 PM


If only it was coming out tomorrow!



I'd lose my job.

In Topic: This will be the finest Dragon Quest

Yesterday, 12:31 PM


This... This is genius. Between both games, I will get everything I want from this series. A wonderfully nostalgic romp with the 3ds version. And a glorious hd interpretation. I kind of want the 3ds ver more since its so weird. I am in full hype mode.

This may bee last dq with the core three. What an ambitious project in that regard.

We need to start campaigning hard for this. Preempt the game


Yeah, I get that impression as well.  This is likely to be the defacto DQ, that when we see DQ13, then 14, we'll look back and be all...wow, that was quite the release, wasn't it?  DQ11 stands out as a truly magnificent title.


Well, when this comes from the DQ event, you know they always give it their all but this one may be a special case.


Sugiyama, who turned 84-years-old this year, said he will do his best to work on the title, and will give it his all as long as he’s still alive.

In Topic: DQXI Announcement

Yesterday, 12:29 PM

Yeah, I'm loving the classic feel of the bottom screen as the 2D map in oldschool DQ-style.  But on a PS4 it's assumed they'd just drop this idea, right?

Well yeah, each one is playing to the accompanying console's strengths, I imagine the "map" in DQXI will just be one you can bring up on the screen like DQVIII.

I really want both versions myself.

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Yesterday, 11:59 AM



I can't write anything about DQXI without sounding super negative, so I'll just say I hope DQX gets released in The West.

Not that stoked about it?
I'm excited as hell myself, and could possibly see DQX in the west too considering the PS4 release.


That said, I'm 100% confident we'll get the PS4 version of DQXI, and quite hopeful for the 3DS release considering it's not a remake, spin-off or MMO on the 3DS. 

Not really a demake either, just two visions for the same game, one an old school styled effort and the other one an HD release more to follow in the foot-steps of DQVIII.

Genius either way, I want both.

I really love the dual screen uses for DQXI.


Three actually.

The Past, the Present, and the Future.


That too, 2 in 1 and 1 in 1.

Either way, looks amazing.