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The Elder Scrolls Online

03 March 2014 - 09:42 AM

I got an invite to try it out this weekend so I gave it a go.  Played for about six hours because that's all I could take.  So far it is extremely disappointing and there's no way I'm paying $15/mo for that game, never mind $60 up front.  For an MMO it feels like you are playing in parallel with your party members rather than cooperatively.  For instance, one quest we were on, despite working together, had to wait for our own set of refugees to make it through an area.  Mine ran through about a minute after my friend's did.  Talk about killing immersion.  Then there's the whole "stand around and wait for the quest boss to re-spawn because someone else already killed it.  I'd much prefer a guild wars type model where you have a common town and the other areas are instanced.  I know that takes away from the MMO feel, but it allows for greater immersion.  Another issue I have is with the combat.  It's just plain boring.  Nothing else to say really.  At no point did I ever feel engaged in combat or feared for my life.


I think the ideal multi-player experience in an Elder Scrolls game would be similar to how DQIX works.  You can join a friend's game with your character to advance your character, but only the host's story line advances.  The guest player would more or less be a companion.  This way you can keep the persistent world and that feeling that the world revolves around you, the main character.

SNES Reproductions

28 December 2013 - 08:10 AM

I recently discovered the wonderful world of reproduction games for retro systems. For a fee, you can get fan translations and otherwise unreleased games put on actual cart to play on real systems. Playing DQIIIr on a computer is cool, but it's even better on a real SNES.

I decided that instead of buying someone else's work I do up some on my own. I came across a guy named Callan Brown who designed his own PCB for reproductions. I bought a few boards and eproms of some games and slapped them together. The first picture is a finished copy of Final Fantasy IV with the J2e fan translation. The second is a draft of the label my brother made that I'll have professionally printed. I also made FFV, Terranigma and Seiken Densetsu III.



DQVIII Android release date and price!

05 December 2013 - 02:50 PM

Be prepared to open your wallet in the unlikely event we get it here.


Early xmas gift for my wife.

04 December 2013 - 09:42 PM

I tried to save them for xmas but couldn't. Now I just need to find her a slime bra for some puff puff...


Fun with NES/SNES cart batteries

11 November 2013 - 08:22 PM

So I picked up a copy of FF3(6) for the SNES to replace the one I sold a few years ago. Fired it up and no save games. Wonderful. So I played for a bit, left it overnight and the save file was still there. That's good, but since they all vanished once, it's bound to happen again so I figured I'd look into replacing the battery. I ordered some batteries, some holders so I don't have to solder again and the bits to open the case.

While I wait for them to come in, I figured I should test my very rusty soldering skills on my previously brute force opened copy of Zelda 3, which I have another copy of anyway. Before taking the battery out I started the game up and to my surprise a test save file I had made a few years back was still there. I took the cart out of the shell and removed the battery easily enough without butchering the PCB. That's the easy part though, it's cleaning the holes and sticking the battery back in that's the tricky part. Anyway, I cleaned up the holes nicely with some solder wick, put the battery back in and soldered it into place. The battery was out of the cart for about five minutes or so. After inspecting my soldering job, which wasn't too shabby it's time to see if the game still works...

Nothing but a black screen. I had another look at the PCB and everything looked fine so I stuck it back in and still nothing. There's no way that I could have ruined the board so I stuck my good copy of Zelda 3 in and a black screen as well. Hoping I somehow didn't fry my SNES with a bad solder job on the cart I stuck FF3 back in and it worked. Put good copy of Zelda 3 in and this time it started up, but had no save games...so much for being my good copy. Stuck my test copy of Zelda 3 back in and this time it booted AND it still had my test save file. I guess it takes a while for the power to dissipate in memory module that stores the save games and hopefully when I swap out the battery in FF3 my save game will remain.

What I learned:

- Batteries are easy to remove and replace
- The power from the battery seems to linger around for a while, possibly preserving save games when the battery is replaced
- My "good" copy of Zelda 3 needs a battery too
- My SNES and games need a cleaning
- Don't breathe solder smoke