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Contest #3 - Guess the tournament winner

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Posted 06 October 2008 - 07:36 PM

Aww crap missed my chance to get a Necrosaro Badge :\
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Games Beat (Series games) Total count 99
Dragon Warrior I.II.III. IV.V.VII.VIII.(I.II.III.For GBC aswell)DWM & DQM J. Metroid I.II.III.IV(Zero mission Remake of I). Golden Sun I.II.
Star Wars IV.V.VI(All for SNES)Lego II.BF.BFII.(For PS2). Breath Of Fire I.II.III. Acecombat. IV.Zero. Advance Wars.I.II. DoR
Champions of Norrath.I.II. Baldurs Gate.I.II. Warriors Of Might& Magic. I.II. Digimon World I.II. Pokemon Versons Yellow Silver.
Mario Bros. I.III.IV. New Super Mario Brothers Homeworld.I.II.Cataclsym. FF7 & 9
Rachet&Clank I.II.III.IV. Legend Of Zelda A link To The Past. Oracle Of ages/Seasons. Links awakening ((More To Come))
Kingdom Hearts I&II. Gradius III& V
(Only singles games)
Romance of the III Kingdoms II.Legend of legaia. Defender(PS2).Lethal skiesII. Shadows of the colossus. Super Strike Eagle.
Outpost2.Civilization. Monster Hunter. Moon Project. Star Trek Encounters TNG Armada Conquest. Trog. Fire Emblem. Super Bomberman. Jurassic Park. Blaster MasterII. Mech Platoon. Armored CoreIII. Robotech Battlecry. Secret Weapons Over Normandy. Star Fox. Warhammer40k. ColonyWars 3 Red Sun. Trog. Duck Tales. Stainly the search for DR Livingston. Quest for Camelot. Yoshi Safari. Dungeon Explorer. Rebal Raiders.Civilization DS. Star Wars Rebellion.

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Posted 06 October 2008 - 08:47 PM

And with that, a successful contest comes to a close.
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