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Quest Update - August 1st

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(I'll be updating this throughout the day... sorry for the delay)


Congratulations to a bunch of different Quest winners:


Quest #168 - DQH2 Lightspeed Quest - SlimeVagrant, Twinkie, redneckpride4ever, Adol, Soera, dqfan2012, Ruesen, Flute_Warrior, Woodus, Plattym3


Quest #165 - DQVIII Notable Quotable - eal for his quote = ""Red's a very beautiful woman, but she's a touch too prickly for my liking. I enjoy a conquest as much as the next man, but breaking down the doors of that particular citadel would require more than an attractive horse! I'll let another crusader lay siege to her." - Angelo, after meeting Red"


Quest #163B - Purchase DQH2 - Twinkie, Soera, redneckpride4ever, Ruesen, dqfan2012, Bururian, YangustheLegendaryBandit, Jerry, JaybirdC, AustNerevar


Quest #169 - DQH2 Notable Quotable Questable - Woodus, Plattym3, Twinkie


Quests moving onto Voting:

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OK, all badges should be awarded. I just did a generic one for the DQH2 Quoteable, if we want 1,2,3 places after the voting let me know and I will modify those. :)

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