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Slime Time Podcasts

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I have created a page here at the Den to hold the Slime Time Podcasts that the group has been doing here the last couple months. I have them in MP4 and MP3 format.


With this page the July episode is now up (plus the June episode).


Slime Time Episode List


To quote the info from Saigain's YouTube post of the podcasts:


Our hosts:


Lord Roto

The Amazing Dwaine




And a big special thanks to Gloomy from the Den for editing the whole thing together from the chaos! Dwaine made our super boss logo!

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And Dwaine need to make that logo look better at small sizes. Think I'll make the text white for icons and the like. I'll send it to you tomorrow morning.

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If you wanted to add my channel, feel free ; https://www.youtube.com/user/526Destructor?feature=mhee


I was thinking recently of adding a video of beating Zoma in DQ3 NES without the Sphere of Light. Too bad I can't do it atm, too hard :(, or impossible, not sure yet.

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