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Takeshi Aono, Voice of Hadlar in DnD has died

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It seems that the voice actor of Hadlar in Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken has died from a stroke. Here is the report on Anime News Network and here is the list of other things he voiced. He was extreamly prolific, and many here would probably recognize him first as the voice of Piccolo in Dragon Ball, though he is also well known as the voice of the grandfather in Chibi Maruko-chan. He also did voices for the audio drama of Dragon Quest II, and III and a voice in the Abel Densetsu anime.


The video linked has sample of his work as Hadlar.

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Here is a news report from Japan, it mostly highlights his work in Chibi Maruko-chan




Here is a video someone made to honor his work in the Metal Gear series



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