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The Prince of a Cursed Sky- Main story

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I looked around but i couldn't see Hawk. so i insisted we split up and look for him, "I will go right." i insisted.


"i will take the middle path" replyed Loganight


"then i will go left" answered lily


and so we split up, looking for hawk...


as i moved further into the citadel, it got colder so my second guardian, blaze the firebird, insisted we unify so i will be warm. after a refreshing warm sensation, i explored further...

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As I walked, I began to see a crude outline of a figure or two in the fog in front of me.

" Hawk?"


I walked into the room to find Hawk and a Restless armor staring each other down.


Then, I looked behind them, The Zenithian Helm!

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Suddenly, my heart felt a tug. I saw Lily freazzing to death in this harsh environment. I had to save her! But the Helm......

" No, I have to save my friend." And by using my Zenithian powers, I transported to Lily.


I grabbed her hand and transported to her home waters, but it looked like it was to late, until......

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Meanwhile, i carried on further and further until i found a secret passage.


i followed it until i found Hawk fighting a restless armor, who was protecting the zenithian helm!


although this restless armor seemed familiar, and Hawk obviously thought the same...

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Loganight takes the item out of her hand.


Loganight obtains The Magic Key! ultimate_key_th.png

" This will bring you into the Dream world, when you are ready to go there, come back to me. And I will guide you there."

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I was still standing off against the Restless Armor, when it suddenly fled!

I looked behind to see Tom.

"Perfect Timing" I said, "look what I found!'


And as I tried to pick up the Zenithian Helm...


...the intense burning had returned...


which could only mean one thing...


...I fell unconscious as I drifted into the Dream World once more...

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I quickly returned to the ice cidatel to find Hawk and Tom. But Hawk was unconsciense.

" The Zenithian Helm! He touched it and passed out!" Tom explained.

So I placed the Zenithian helm on my head and hauled Hawk out to the boat.

I dropped them off at stornway and for several weeks looked for the other Gnomes and their Shards.

When I returned, Hawk, Tom, And Lily were waiting for me at Quester's Rest......

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I had long awaited the prince's return.

I was in pain.

Horrible Pain.

Not physically, but mentally.


Large parts of my memory were coming back.

All but one: who I truly am.


I was ready to tell the prince of this, and that we may return to Gotha to find the Zenithian Sword and return to Zenithia.

But first I told the prince about the hrrible nightmare I had a while ago, with Zenithia crumbling and the doppelganger returning and defeating us in battle...

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While Lily ( as usual) wondered off, Hawk told me of one of his dreams.

" This is troublesome......" I said. Then, he asked if I was ready to return to Gotha.

" Hold your horses, mate! Aren't you forgetting something? We still need the Elixir of Souls! It is the only way to awaken the Elfin Charm."

Hawk said that we should do that soon, before it was too late.

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" Lily!"

" Yea?" She turned around with a small slime in her arms.

" We are ready to depart for the dream world."

" Oke doke, here goes!"

She twirled around and chanted mysteriously.

" Ummmmmm? Okay?"

Suddenly an angel in black appeared before us.

But it seemed that I was the only one who could see her.

" I am Pavo, prottecter of the Raportal. Do you hold the key, young Celestrian?"

I presented her with the key.

Suddenly, the world around us melted into oblivion.

( Someone else will have to take over, I'm not quite farmiliar with the Dream World)

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And back to the dream world again.


To give you a mental picture [no pun intended], it looks like the normal world, but the people and names of locations are different.

And it's always night.


I got nervous immediately, because something bad always happens to me whilst in the dream world.


The prince seemed perfectly fine with it, though.


Although I did feel like I was being followed.

I felt an uneasy presence...

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We walked for days through what seemed like an endless strech of woods till we found a desert bazzar.

After talking to the people there, we found out that a Princess in the next knigdom over was holding a tourney for a strange magic potion she had found

".... but beware that orasp the beast-slayer gal, she's out to kill!"

They all seemed to say.

But none-the-less, we set out for the tourney.....

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We had recently heard of a tourney in a nearby kingdom.

I was still nervous, as my luck could take a turn for the worst any second now.


But we traveled on.

And I got more and more concerned about my luck to the point where I think the prince was taking note of my behavior.


Me and the prince had traveled to this tourney, but only one of us could enter.


We argued over it a bit and decided...

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" We'll just have to get someone to enter for us!"

Just then, in a cloud of smoke, Hawk's Doppleganger grabbed Hawk from behind by the neck.

" Hello their kids. Welcome to my world, what brings you all here?"

I thought quick and replied, for Hawk's sake,

" We seek the Princess's potion! We refuse to tell you why!"

He held Hawk a little tighter, then released.

" Very well, not like you fools can enter anyways, but, I could. For a cost of course!"

We asked him what he wanted.

" I need you to bring me the Zenithian Sword."

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The doppelganger's terms were a bit harsh.

Giving up the Zenithian Sword?


Despite my nervousness, I forgot about my bad luck in the dream world and said, "Prince Logan, Lily, and Tom" "go and get the sword without me. I shall stay here to make sure the doppelganger doesn't try anything funny."


The prince nodded, and headed off and away from the colosseum.


The doppelganger waited for a while, before grabbing me by the neck and saying, "Finally! Do you know who you truly are?"

I couldn't reply. Or breathe easily.


"Because by the time your friend comes back, you are going to fully remember who you are..."


Meanwhile, at Gotha...

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Logan Improv


We had left the colosseum after a few minutes, tasked with going back to get the Zenithian Sword.

So I had called on the portal back to the regular world.


When we had arrived in Gotha, they still would not let us meet with King Madason about the Zenithian Sword, meaning that unless we could convince the guards, we had to go back and risk a fatal encounter with the Doppelganger.


I thought about Zenithia.

So close, yet so far.


But more importantly, could Hawk really handle his Doppelganger if he made a sudden attack?


I then asked Lily if we should continue with the Sword, or go back to the Dream World...

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We returned to the dream world in defeat,.... until we found a cave. We traveled to the bottom and found a fancy chest. Beside it was a weeping man. But it didnt seem that the others could see him.

He told me he was the Grand Alchemist.

He also told me that he needed someone to take his burden, the secrets of alchemy, if he was to pass on. I offered to take it for him.

He thanked me and drifted off. Suddenly, I created fire in my hands. I couldn't put it out! I reached for anything I could. My hands flew to the chest. It opened instantly. My hands touched a cool metal. My hands emerged, and on my left, I hand a shiny gold armlet. On my left, a chunky black metal glove.


" Here try this!" Lily handed me a phial of magic water, a seed of life, and Shelbi handed me a venus' tear.

I focused on the image of my flaming hands, and the Elixir of souls appeared in my hands.nightmare_nurse_th.png

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I brought the charm and the items back with me to the real world.

I alchemised the Elfin charm! elfin_charm_th.png

I became a Zenithian celestrian again!


My Wings and Zenithian halo appeared again, and I was let into the Gothan castle.

They led me down to the deepest chamber of the castle where I found a rock with an imprint and a rust sword in it.

I just managed to make out the Zenithian sword's shape.

I put my charm in the imprint, and the sword glowed.


" It was my fatha Pahnkrahz who tol meh of a traveleh who would come to revive the sword, and the world.

He said that ye would be havin wings ang a nechlace." The king told me.



I put my gauntleted hand on the sword and put my shield down.

A beam of green light shot up through the ceiling and skyward.


The Zenithian Sword! zenithian_sword_th.png

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" Hawk!" We were back in the Dream World.


" It's too late!" I heard from Hawk's voice,

" Hawk is no longer here!"


The Doppleganger appeared!


" What did you do to him?!" Lily shouted.

But I knew, as soon as I looked in those dark eyes, I knew.

" I simply took him back."

" And what is that spossed to mean!?"\

" It means I took back what rightfully belonged to me! Hawk was nearly my vessle! My body to my hatred and sin. Now, good meets evil yet again, and I, The Sin, am born!"


"Hawk! Why in the hell did you let him do this to you!?" I bursted out.

" It was not his choice....." The Doppleganger replied.

" You'll pay for this you fiend!!!!" I told him.


" Maybe, in time. You are too weak as of yet, when you learn to grow up, and let go of childish emotion. Until then, get stronger friends, these ones just won't do."


He left, and Lily looked hurt.

I reached to hug her, but she pushed away and said,

" Let's train."


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Suddenly, the doppelganger's eyes stopped glowing, and a familiar voice came through,

"Prince Logan, I am a fool. My staying behind was all a part of his plan."


His eye glowed again

"Yes, but you wanted to know who you were."

"Now you know"

"--I and that, Zenithian Prince, is the Zenithian Sword." "Hand it over"

"Don't do it Prince!"

It seemed as if the good half and the evil half were fighting for control.

But what was the Prince to do?

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Doppleganger comes at the party!





Loganight uses Gritty Ditty!

Attack increases!

Hawk can't keep his emotions in check!

Lily is chanting......

Loganight uses Gritty Ditty!


Hawk goes berserk!

The party each take around 457 damage!

Lily finishes praying!

Zenith Dragon appears!




Loganight takes to the skies!

Hawk uses uber falcon slash!

Loganight takes around 236 damage!

Zenith Dragon slashes it's magnifecent claws!

Hawk takes 679 damage!

Loganight uses Zenith strike!

Hawks attributes fall harshly!

Hawk takes 762 damage!

Hawk uses death penalty!

It lands on Loganight!

Loganight is left with 1 HP!

Zenith Dragon breaths the souls of the Zenithians!

Hawk is scorched!

Hawk takes 347 damage!

Hawk's burns do 231 damage!

Hawk fights off the Sin!

Loganight is fully healed!

Hawk's attributes harshly fall!

Loganight uses Zenith strike!

It hits Hawk in the soft spot!

Hawk is left with 1 HP!

Lily casts Blizzardaga!

Hawk dies!







Loganight gains some EXP!

Loganight jumps to level 37!

Attributes improve!

Lily gains some EXP!

Lily jumps to level 43!

Attributes improve!

The party obtained some gold!


After beating himout of Hawk's body, the Sin said,

" I will be back, and when I do, you will be my vessle again! Now, my master calls, he will become strong enough to wipe you all out!"

And then, he was gone.

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Whilst fighting off my other half, I had been defeated quite harshly, as before the prince dealt the final blow, the evil half purposely switched to me.

I was in great pain, but the evil half was gone.

back out of my body, I saw him floating over me.

The Prince tried to suddenly attack when I grabbed his arm mid attack and said, "Logan! I know you want to kill him, but don't do anything!"


The prince immediately stopped.

"You see" I said, "The Doppelganger is me. My other half. My memories. Who I was."

"If you kill him, you would also... kill me..."

I forgot about my condition, and had fallen unconscious once more. But this time, I was not having the usual nightmare. It was like an actual dream.


Shortly after I fell, the doppelganger soon said, "Pathetic." "Without me, you're nothing but scrap."

"Well then, I have business to attend to."


-And with that, he disappeared.-

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" Hawk."


It had been a day.


We brought the unconsciense Hawk to the real world, back to the waterfall he found me in.

I laid him apon the sacred waters, and prayed for his salvation.


From the nightmares, and the Sin.


I decided that I would leave them here.


I couldn't bear seeing my friends hurt.


So when Hawk began to awake, I ascended to the starry skies.


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-in dream-

The dream I had was... good to see after all those nightmares.

But the dream shifted around quite a bit.

It first fortold of who was behind all of this, but leaving out key details.

It then seemed that someone -or something- was guiding me.

"Sin shall give in to Purity" a voice had said.

My Falcon Blade had vanished, but in its place materialized the Supernova Sword.

Was this all a message that I must face my evil half?

I then saw what chilled me to my bones: the vision of Zenithia falling apart, and Logan losing in a fight against the Doppelganger and another demon, it was back.



And I suddenly woke up, panicing as I realized that that vision might be coming true.

But how would I catch up to Logan on his way to Zenithia?

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( Through Hawk's eyes)


The land was quiet.

Lily stood beside me.

Tom was still asleep.

Lily was looking down and seem to be talking to the ground.

Healir and Shelbi sat on her shoulders, mimicking the pee-ka-boo game.

Then, Lily looked up with green growing eyes.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake violently.



" RAWR!"


The Zenith Dragon broke through the earth, picked us up, and bolted skyward!

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