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Kana and Romanji

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On the wiki, the original kana & romanji from JP versions are listed for most areas, spells, etc. in the articles, and (most) infobox templates include appropriate fields for kana/romaji.


However, I noticed that while all the recurring spells have romanji/kana written on a list, there's a noticable lacking of this written anywhere for the non-magical abilities like Flame Breath, Dragon Slash, Parallax, Dazzleflash, etc. How come no one ever wrote down a list of romaji for these class/monster abilities?

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There might be less uniformity between games, so it might be harder to link certain moves together? Really, though, I'm uncertain, I just know it was odd of the team to decide names like Paralysis Attack and Sleep Attack (I think) in V when Joker already established names like Paralyzing Poke and Sleeping Sock (I think). Then again, those names probably work better in Joker's context (though any monster can know them, so I guess it actually is pretty much the same).


I'm probably not being helpful here... you'd probably be better off finding someone who actually knows the Japanese names. I was familiar with some of the symbols in the past, but I forgot a lot of that by now. (all of it, honestly)

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