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Dragon Warrior II Game Genie codes

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I'm currently playing Dragon Warrior II using some Game Genie Codes to level up quickly so I can finish it in less time (possibly).

However,I noticed that when using these codes,strange things occur;I tested only 2 codes right now:


The code NAZUGV:this effectively increase the experience points gained when defeating enemies (you can even gain over 1000 EXP battling much stronger monsters found in later parts of the game,much more the normal value).The downside of this is that if you enter in a castle (ANY castle)and talk to the king,he will speak to you in a way that you cannot understand (but it's still in English,only is messed up).

When using this code and you want to go in a castle,make sure to disable it BEFORE entering otherwise you're stuck forever with the downside even if you disable the code itself!!Fortunately,the messed up text is not endless and you can continue to play normally but I don't know if occurs when talking to other characters beside the king.



The code OPEOGNXO (not listed in the code section):this code allows you to gain a HUGE quantity of EXP after ONE battle if used on a new game (you can level up from level 1 to level 8-9).However,when reaching higher levels,it doesn't happen very often and the downside of this code is that the experience points gained so far drastically decrease after later battles O___O

For example:if it displays 30000 EXP gained when you win a battle,the next one diplays 12000 or even lesser than that!!!That means you must start over with the experience gaining.

This code is not recommended,though.

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Six letter codes should be turned into 8 letter codes ASAP, then they lose their secondary effects.

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