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Dragon Quest IX - Save Editor

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-Note- This topic is copied from GBATemp's forums. Yumil, a member there, is currently translating a save editor made by a Japanese fan of the game. Props to the man!


This is intended only for use with LEGITIMATE copies of the games, as the editor supports .duc (( Action Replay DSi )) format. Not gonna tell you how to make .savs, I don't condone piracy (( Of this game. I have a modded Wii, so I condone it, but BUY DQIX. ))


Original link - http://gbatemp.net/t239740-dragon-quest-ix-save-editor


Current version is .06, you can edit your party's names, items, etc. You can also edit your treasure maps and whatnot, but it's all in Japanese.


Installing East Asian Support on Vista\XP\ETC - http://newton.uor.edu/Departments%26Programs/AsianStudiesDept/Language/index.html


I'll update it as releases are updated.


Dragon Quest IX Save State Editor


Creator - asa-o

Translation - Yumil




Latest Release - Version 0.6


Older releases

Version 0.5 - http://www.mediafire.com/?xxq436qs7s6q3pv

Version 0.4 - http://www.mediafire.com/?akj9hb1oi6i5jcm

Version 0.3 - http://www.mediafire.com/?jgnmitbyhyzjzmc

Version 0.1 - http://www.mediafire.com/?nxeogkentjmzdua



Face & Hairstyle Previews by Exaltys

Male Faces


Female Faces


Male Hairstyles


Female Hairstyles



Exaltys says: I suspect this is not all of the hair styles. I tested a few above 53 and those were blank. BUT, Jack Abbot clearly has a beard and hair flowing on the back of his head. Due to this fact, I think other hair styles, and possibly more faces, exist somewhere in the numbers.

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An update, Yumil is working on his next release.


Also, does this qualify for a pin/sticky?

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