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  1. Non-DQ fan-art thread

    Woodus, I drew this thinking of you. I hope you like it. Captain N.
  2. Happy birthday ignasia7

    Sorry I am late, too. Feliz cumpleaños. Get better and live many happy moments.
  3. Dragon Quest II

    Prince of Lauresia and Prince of Sumaltria.
  4. Dragon Quest VI

  5. If they were to localize DQMJ 3 Professional-

    YES! And I would really want the Jump collab to be brought along. That is the Dai no Daibôken collab, by the way. Not having them would be so sad.
  6. Has anyone tried Fortune Street Smart for iPhone?

    If you are thinking about getting the PS2 Itadaki Street Special, do it! For me, it is the best of these DQ related Itadaki Street games. Not only does it have a lot of characters and boards (Portable was way smaller, and DS and Wii were a joke), it also includes the sphere mode, which practically counts as another game. I am waiting for the 30th Anniversary game. I hope it goes back to thi game's greatness (if you have only played the Nintendo ones, you will be surprised how much better the PlayStation ones are).
  7. How long have you been here?

    Longer than your profile says. Same for me.
  8. The Goddess: Origins

    Rubiss is a Spirit. The "goddess" is just something used in the translated games. Perhaps to avoid "religious" people going against the games for portraying "God", not realizing it is a fictional God who has nothing to do with the God they say they worship (even if they do not follow His teaching of love at all and just use Him as an excuse to propagate hate). It is dangerous to follow the translations only and then assume that is how things are in Japan. Even back when the translators were more faithful to content and intent (before the merge, basically), we had thing like the aforementioned Torland, which does not receive any special name in Japan, if I remember correctly.
  9. Non-DQ fan-art thread

    Hajime Amamori and Yayoi Yukino, from Queen of a Thousand Years. - General Blue and Obotchaman, from Dragon Ball. - Trunks, from Dragon Ball. - Artificial Human No. 17, from Dragon Ball.
  10. Art commissions, details inside

    Sample of commissions done so far:
  11. Art commissions, details inside

    Hello, everyone. After years of not trying something like this, I finally have some more free time to do it, and more confidence than before, too, so I will try myself at doing commissioned art. These are details I posted on DeviantArt, but I think they work just well here, with little or no modification. Non-adult content: 1 chara: $10 2 charas: $20 Non-nude sexual/sexy content or non-sexual nude content: 1 chara: $20 2 charas: $30 Full adult content: 1 chara: $30 2 charas: $40 Details: I reserve the right to upload the pictures here and in other sites (e.g., Tumblr, Blogspot). The requests may only include official characters from published franchises (that means, no OCs). I would rather not mix franchises, but let me know what your idea for a crossover is and it may be fine. There may be cases where requests will not be accepted because of the selected franchise, either because I strongly dislike it or because I am not familiar with it to a degree where I could not produce a good enough illustration. The images will be 1600x960. See the examples below to get an idea of how a final product could look. Any specifics not included here can be worked out through notes or email.
  12. Who´s going for the Plat and 100 percent ?

    Dragon Quest Heroes. For the first game, I only could play it some week ends, because my boyfriend has the PS3 in his house. It took me 1 year and 5 months, and was done in my third playthrough. Dragon Quest Heroes II. For the second game I could play more often, since I got it for the Vita, but it took me 9 months, even so. I recommend people start getting the ultimate weapons as soon as they can, because they are random and may take a while to obtain.
  13. Dragon Quest - The Adventure of Dai

    Pop casts mera. Pop, from The Adventure of Dai. This is from the beginning of the series, when he is still an arrogant coward.
  14. DQH 2: Meet the Heroes

    Just you, I guess. I think he would be around 18-20, and his voice sounds that age to me.
  15. Yet more new Dragon Quest XI info (Weekly Jump)

    We have the hero and Camus, and yet this guy is the one who thinks he is "sexy"? It must be nice to have his confidence.