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  1. Change Signatures

    You should be able to now. They changed it to a per group settings, it is under account setting now.
  2. Forums Back Online

    Looks like I can put a bunch of sidebar items, let me know which ones we should keep
  3. Forums Back Online

    Yeah I need to look into that Query 3 thing, i think it is because all the table structures changed, I have to rewrite the code Should be fixed now
  4. What's New with you?

    The upgrade of the forums doesn't have separate user IDs and display IDs, I chose to keep the userIDs as that is what people login with, I can change the login name as people would like them changed
  5. Forums Back Online

    Click the star or circle when you are looking at the unread content list. I turned signatures back on, let me know if I should leave them on or turn them back off. Gooie there is no way to go back the old theme is completely not compatible with this version of the software.
  6. Forums Back Online

    I'm hoping when I get the dark theme going that will help
  7. Forums Back Online

    I really don't know where the shoutbox would go now since the layout is completely different.
  8. What's New with you?

    So it would let you start a new topic but not reply to one that was there? Nevermind, I see it. I changed it back to reply not start new.
  9. Forums Back Online

    Might take some work to figure out all the changes, but the basics seem to be back up and running. The forums might run a little slow for a while because there are over half a million items that need to be background processed yet. I also purchased a dark theme for the forums but having trouble uploading it for some reason, I have opened a ticket to try to resolve that, so for now we get white
  10. Name Changes

    There you go
  11. Thanks again to MKVarana as this was part of the re-posting of all the Dragon Quest X items in one spot. I have added the Dragon Quest 10 Avatars from the Dragon Quest X site. There are both 16-bit style and artwork styles of each character. If someone wants to give the the "official" names of each character I will make the changes to the database. http://www.woodus.com/den/games/dq10wii/avatars.php Samples
  12. Thanks to MKVarana for letting me know that the DQX site had a list of all the wallpapers they have release over the past years. So I downloaded the whole batch and updated the Dragon Quest X wallpapers page. http://www.woodus.com/den/games/dq10wii/wallpaper.php I was missing quite a few so I just dumped the whole list and re-imported into the database. Samples:
  13. Forum Upgrade Monday Nov 20

    Yeah, no doubt
  14. Forum Upgrade Monday Nov 20

    Yeah, but I hadn't even tried the upgrade back in spring, that was just a failure of the hosts servers
  15. Forum Upgrade Monday Nov 20

    Either that or I mothball this forum and just start up a new one?