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  1. What's New with you?

    Music is always a way to soothe the soul. I've often been finding myself coming back to this tune for uplifting me. https://youtu.be/X_L9YAeIhBc
  2. PS4 Must Buys

    I went into it with tempered expectations and had fun. But WD2 is just so much better. Marcus is a far better protagonist, the tone fits the hacker theme far more than dreary revenge quest does, and San Francisco and the surrounding area is a blast to explore, especially since I live in Oakland. What's more, the changes are just the best. You have more options when hacking things, the RC Jumper and Quadcopter are things I didn't know I wanted, but can't do without now, and using melee is fun due to Marcus' weapon of choice.
  3. Me too. "That Xehanort boy ain't right, I tell you hwat."
  4. PS4 Must Buys

    No one's said this yet, but Watch_Dogs 2!!!!! I picked it up for Black Friday, and if you're worried about it being like the first one, worry not, because it makes the first one look like garbage, and I actually got enjoyment out of WD1.
  5. You're all wrong about the new KH world. It's gonna be this: https://m.imgur.com/0ByE3ua
  6. What's New with you?

    Sorry, dude. You have my condolences as well.
  7. What's New with you?

  8. What's New with you?

    You put it like that, and I can't really disagree there. Sometimes the most simply stated things resonate the strongest. That out of the way, something needs to be said. I know tone is difficult to convey through text at times, but that can be extremely problematic for people. I like everyone here, but I also deeply respect you all, and because I do, I have to know one thing. If any of you feel as if you can't freely speak about something without risk of being personally challenged on it in a mean way, tell me, please. Sometimes it may be accidentally, or sometimes I'll be too blunt, but I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable. I'd rather leave the site than do that, because none of you deserve that. And if I've already done someone wrong and didn't notice, I deeply apologize.
  9. What's New with you?

    I can show you a post (possibly just a trolling one, but still) of someone trying to defend this guy. There is no defense of this, only disappointment.
  10. What's New with you?

    Okay, I can see where you're coming from. For me, as my opinion for humanity keeps dropping, I start slicing things up into neat little parts in order to separate the bad from the good. Too much darkness in the world, but I can't let what few light spots are left get tainted, if I can help it. It's probably a losing battle, but screw it, I'm gonna try. With regards to Kenshin, I really can't even judge it yet without watching it again, or reading the manga. At the very least, I gotta give the work a chance once more, to form a proper opinion on it as it stands now. @Platty: eal gets what I'm saying. It's not an attack on him, but an observation about this one specific thing. Doesn't affect how I view him, especially because I have my own glaring weaknesses. Everybody does.
  11. What's New with you?

    That's a personal weakness of yours, then. I am perfectly capable of separating art from the artist, because I refuse to let what a person is like in real life govern my enjoyment of a work they've done. Sure, I'm not gonna buy anything of his at some store, but if someone's selling old DVDs of Kenshin episodes, or copies of the manga, I'll buy those if I so desire, because that money is going to someone who (hopefully) isn't a scumbag. I refuse to let myself be controlled by anyone else, in any kind of form. If there's elements of his personal taste in the work, maybe I'll find it, maybe I won't. If I do, it isn't like I can't dislike those specific things but still enjoy the rest of it.
  12. What's New with you?

    If you already own Kenshin stuff, don't sweat it. As for newly getting into it, as long as you can do it in a way which doesn't give Watsuki any money, feel free. Ruroni Kenshin was a good anime, and I'll be damned if I let the darkness of its creator taint the work. Though far less of a disgusting individual, here's the next person to be outed. https://www.theverge.com/2017/11/21/16687192/pixar-disney-animation-john-lasseter-sexual-harassment-complaints
  13. What's New with you?

    Look at what I found out this morning. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2017-11-21/rurouni-kenshin-creator-nobuhiro-watsuki-charged-with-child-pornography-possession/.124308 The year of sexual misconduct continues.
  14. Forums Back Online

    What's this fusion's name? Yamgeta? Yamta? Vegecha?
  15. Forums Back Online

    True. I will appreciate less strain on my eyes. Should be a star symbol you can click on. It's there for me Also, it's so much easier to multi-quote on mobile now!