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  1. New Game Version - March 24, 2016

    Having trouble with it... probably will try again today. =)
  2. Yes! Another call with Scarfish! I like the name Maeve for that poor troubled character and the first time the world saw how a Fright Knight looked like. And no, i have not fully played DQVII... Don't forget Shepherd! Or was that maintained? It's certainly a new class for me but I dunno if it was in the PS version.
  3. I know! And he was referred to as a sorcerer of arcane times or something. It adds charm while censoring the "god of destruction" part, I love it! =) Also it's not over-the-top like some other given names to NES villains like Vile Malmort... OK I love that one too for being over the top. =P
  4. Yeah, if you look closely the translation that's been going since DQ8 decided to maintain some of the "Dragon Warrior" names, like Erdrick and Malroth. For better or worse, they prefer those over japanese "romajizised" names like Loto/Roto and Sidoh/Sydow/Shidou.
  5. Not in French. It's more of an ee sound. Not in french, not in spanish either, you pronounce it "ee". There are some instances in english where "i" is pronounced "ee" too. In fact, I gotta wonder why the first english speakers decided to pronounce "e" like they do instead of "eh" and "i" as "eye" and not "ee", oh well. Oh, and Chief, you have clearly not played Dragon Quest IX and VI cause clearly the Hero is named after me! =P
  6. Oh I also would LOVE if they change the character's names, like Erdrick; and more importantly, monsters. I'm sorry I'm not taking that "CragDevil" thrash as the name for that amazing rockhopper ghoulface-bellied penguin. =)
  7. Hey, it's my friend Arus: https://twitter.com/Arus_dq7
  8. Super Magic Tombola Bragging Thread

    Decent healer? He definitely evolves to Malroth. His Fullheal in DQII made him infamous in the Monster games.
  9. Indeed, Erdrick replaces his name.
  10. Super Magic Tombola Bragging Thread

    I'm sure it'll be Malroth since that's how he's called in Dragon Quest IX and the Android version of DQII.
  11. Yeah I like that they don't even have a name, except for Eight I believe. The rest is due to manga.
  12. Wonder how that fairy thing will be called...
  13. Yeah I think they took that from the manga or something... "Alus" or "Arus".
  14. zoma protegido2

    From the album Monsters

  15. Monsters

  16. Super Magic Tombola Bragging Thread

    Oh I thought you were referring to the barriered Zoma, who also appears on this game.
  17. Hahahaha LOL. It's quite possible since they called the Valentine's Day castle the "Lair of the Heart-Romancer" in DQMSL.
  18. Super Magic Tombola Bragging Thread

    Thank you so much for this rippable official art pic! Jamirus was the only Dread Fiend from which I needed an updated picture.
  19. Really? That high in ranks? Cool. And thanks for confirming!
  20. Hope those names are correct because I already added them here: https://pinterest.com/frostare/dragon-quest-monsters Just hoping that one IS Goregoyle, there was also a tengu one that reminded me of Aya from Touhou.
  21. Super Magic Tombola Bragging Thread

    Oh really? He was the weakest in the game where it was born. Which is Dragon Quest VI.
  22. Super Magic Tombola Bragging Thread

    Hmmm what could be stronger than a Demon-At-Arms? Servant of Darkness?
  23. Super Magic Tombola Bragging Thread

    Empyrea right? If I remember correctly in DQMJ2 Godbird was of a higher rank... who am I kidding of course I remember. I'm so obsessed with monsters...