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  1. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Updating my list of Rare Blades, I got the Wind Ball-type Boreas today in the middle of adventuring through Uraya.
  2. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    True, and I had observed that fact as well, but anyway, I feel much better now that her existence is on the board so I can mention it. I don't care how much or little sense it makes for her to be in this game, I want KOS-MOS on my roster.
  3. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    That was the one I was consciously not mentioning, but yes, I am hoping to get her on my roster as well. I have Kora and Perceval on Rex, and Nim and Azami on Nia.
  4. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    I've only got Perceval, Kora, and Miu so far. There's a spoileriffic Rare Blade I look forward to hopefully finding, otherwise, no clear favorite yet.
  5. What does your 3DS say about you - Games played?

    Figures the mastermind of our beloved forum has all 3DS / 3DS DQs on his top 10. Lots of Mario too. Very nice!
  6. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Okay... just looked into this character upon hearing this. Here I was complaining that Pyra is overexaggerated, then in struts Dahlia. Wow. She doesn't turn heads, so much as put eyes out. Seriously. Ice powers plus that huge bosom means watch where she walks. She's gotta have glass cutters for nipples! Full disclosure, I'm actually a bi furry fan, and I like my anime ladies, but Dahlia is pushing things with that bust. It's not sexy, it's more laughable really. Like the character designers thought this was the way to sell the game or something. Give me SOME reasonability in those fantasy figures! Hopefully my post didn't cross the TMI line on my interests, but I gotta be honest here, I might've liked Dahlia better had she not been so absurdly proportioned. In other news, I DID pick up two Rare Blades tonight. Rex now has Perceval and Kora. Now Kora is a well proportioned character. Not outrageously oversexed or overdeveloped. Just a bit sultry, but not too. Perceval is an awesome hard-drinkin' swordsman, and that rocks too, in a way. I also hope desperately to unlock one certain Rare Blade that I dare not mention for spoilers' sake.
  7. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Thank you all for the kind words, and yes things have gotten better. I dont' want to hijack the topic though. I can keep the details to PM if anyone wants. So I'm still in Gormott, so far, working on a ship, to get elsewhere, and I still enjoy the game, but wish the harder, above-my-pay-grade enemies wouldn't be quite so agressive towards me when getting from a to b...
  8. What does your 3DS say about you - Games played?

    Well, I've checked it almost every week for the entire length of my stay with the 3DS family of systems, and that goes all the way back to the original model. I've migrated my library and save data with each upgrade, making a total of 3 3DS I've owned extend into one long line of progress, from original to XL to NewXL. Any further thoughts on my taste in games, my friend?
  9. What Traditions Do You Have on Christmas

    Whenever I set up a Christmas Tree, there's always Chip and Dale plushes in the tree somewhere, and Dale is always looking at his own reflection in a red ball. This started long ago when I was a wee pup. There was a Mickey Mouse cartoon where Mickey accidentally cut down and used Chip and Dale's tree for a christmas tree, and Pluto spent the entire cartoon harassing them until Mickey told him to mellow out. My father was always fond of this tradition, thinks it's an endearing trait of mine. Also, Batman Returns counts as a non-traditional Christmas movie. It was set in christmastime, one may recall.
  10. What does your 3DS say about you - Games played?

    Okay, I'll bite on this topic. (going to give an 11th and 12th game 'cause the music player and eShop are in the list, and shouldn't technically count as"games") 1: 3DS Music Player 303:39 total, 2252 times played 2: Shin Megami Tensei IV 90:37 total, 108 times played 3: Bravely Second 85:37 total, 70 times played 4: Etrian Odyssey IV 80:54 total, 138 times played 5: Fire Emblem Awakening 71:24 total, 217 times played 6: Kid Icarus Uprising 66:06 total, 111 times played 7:Theatrhythm Final Fantasy 63:26 total, 115 played 8: Shin Megami Tensei Evil Survivor 2: Record Breaker edition 60:06 total, 107 times played 9:Nintendo eShop 58:54 total, 815 times booted 10: Persona Q 52:07 total, 49 times played 11: Dragon Quest VII 51:16 total, 49 times played 12: Final Fantasy Tactics A2 48:54 total, 64 times played ---Self-analysis: I REALLY REALLY like music. I took my 3DS on walks with me for the music all the time, until I got a cell phone. There's 5 RPGs, 3 tactical games, 2 miscellanea, 1 music game, and 1 action game. Shockingly few hours clocked on DQ games, as most didn't break the top 10, but to be fair, most of my DQ experience is in other systems, like the NES and PS2. Also, it appears I may have accidentally deleted my Bravely Default record. Last I remember, it was at about 80 hours. I had that game from launch and beat it well before Bravely 2nd. The wait between the two was agony. I didn't know one could spend that much time in the eShop. It nickel-and-dimed it's way into my top 10 somehow. Three of the games are SMT titles, including Persona Q as a spinoff as well as Devil Survivor 2. Technically Persona Q can also be counted as an Etrian Spinoff, so I'm going to say that there's also 2 Etrian games here. That's my story, I'm sticking to it. Finally, I thought I'd played more Kid Icarus than that. I love that game. My favorite stage is Chapter 6. My favorite weapon is the Phosphora Bow.
  11. Etrian Odyssey Discussion Thread

    Oi, Yangus! I apologize for having fallen off the Etrian wagon, and failing to keep up with it. I fear that the 3rd Stratum Curse was not the only reason, however. Truth is, I spent half of November severely depressed from some personal crap. I can PM it to you or anyone else if interested. I won't clutter the Etrian thread with it. I will however, gladly explain to any interested parties. Just PM me the request for the info. I'll get back on it in between my bouts with Xenoblade 2. I want to see this thing through. Promise!
  12. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Yeah, I know, I've been bad about that. Truth is, I fell off the Etrian wagon for a while, not because of the game itself, but because of some personal crap that depressed me pretty much half of November. I'll get back to it soon. I can address my drama from last month in private messages to interested parties. Just PM me with the request. This goes for anyone reading the thread, too.
  13. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    My husband and I picked this up launch day, or more to the point, _I_ picked it up _for_ him as an early holiday gift. It was on his wishlist, and the release date ambushed us, so rather than try to go behind his back about it, I decided to treat us to it. My initial thoughts? It might be heavy on tutorial text, and short on actual explanation, but the game's moderately steep opening learning curve gives way to quirky JRPG characters with charming voices. I'm using the English dub, so Rex is from the north of England ("LOTS of planets have a north", and extra kudos to anyone who can place that quote). I like my cheesy, scantily dressed anime babes from time to time, but even I'm thinking Pyra should've had the Blade equivalent of a reduction surgery. Her boobs are each bigger than her head! My favorite character so far is Nia's Blade, Dromarch. He's like White Blaze from Samurai Troopers, 'cept he can talk. That rocks! More thoughts later on! Got house stuff to do.
  14. Etrian Odyssey Discussion Thread

    Squirrels, huh? I'll try to remember that. Meanwhile, here's my newest QR code, with Team Leader Iffy the Blockbuster Pugilist! Oh, and yes, I had mismapped the central room, omitting the two southern side doors. I gotta be more careful! Sometimes I get so wrapped up in recording the floor tiles and gimmicks, I misplace the walls and doors. Oops! thanks for the help!
  15. Etrian Odyssey Discussion Thread

    The Ancient Armor and Helmet are through the southwest and southeast doorways. Going there during the day is much easier since the sunlight will let you kill off the skeleton FOEs. Both are down short hallways in their respective doorways. For their precise locations and instructions click the spoiler: Good luck Zahan! I must've mismarked my map again.. will check on that later tonight. Thanks Yangus! No problem. By the way, do you mind posting another QR code with one of your other guild mates as the representative character? It's nice to see your guild show up, but the only one who wants to talk to us is your Harbinger! I can update my main team QR code, but will refrain if you don't want the 5th Stratum spoiled. I'll get on that later tonight, and I will refrain from updating your QR on my side, but go 'head and post it if you like. Will a Spoiler tag stash it?