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    somewhere lost in the pits of existence, hopeless, alone, and in eternal anguish
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    Mindless Slaughter, disection and preying on the weak and defenseless. Oh and killing people that look at my profile. And playing DWM1 &2,duh. and diablo2 and black n white
  1. Favorite Monster

    Methinks jamirus. He's cool
  2. Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

    First, you preheat the oven to 450 degrees....oh wait... jump in the water
  3. Best Monser To You

    Jamirus just cuz he looks so damn cool
  4. kinda tubby isn't he? I picked orligon because umm.... thats where my mouse landed
  5. Arena Monster Sign Up

    Name: Saboteur Age: 9392 milliseconds 9393...9394... Race: Gremlin Level: 1 Hp: 4 Mp: 5 Str: 0 Def: 2 Int: 15 Vit: 3 Agl: 10 Equipment: Weapon: Armor: Helmet: Sheild: Items: Herb Gold: 100 Battles: 0 Battles Won: 0 Battles Lost: 0 Exp: 0 Exp Neede Till Next lvl: 20 Spells: Blaze MP: 2 (0.8)
  6. Witch Hunter Robin

    Apparently no one else seems to care (again)
  7. Witch Hunter Robin

    Amon is the coolest fooking anime character I has recently seen. FEAR MY DEPLORABLE GRAMMAR!!! I love the plot, the powers, the main character Humans are fragile, they die easily
  8. Whats In Your Party

    Burn, don't take this the wong way but, well actually I don't care how you take it... Learn to use commas occasionally huh? I have Jamirus-Megamagic and he's cool Shantak-high Def and Life Coatl-Big bang + Giga slash
  9. Max Level For Dwm1

    Now, by back do you mean the data or the monsters? I never got too far, always startin over... ah well
  10. A Topic To Close Topics?

    I say we close this topic!
  11. The New Arena

    Name: Baaj'Nikal Age: 25 Race: Dark Elf Class: Mage Description: (optional, but it's fun to fill out!) Baaj'Nikal is a slender and agile figure with long white hair and purple skin. Background: (optional, but it's fun to fill out!) Baaj'Nikal hails from a large swampy region that was once a fertile forest. However when certain elves decided to play with black magic, they became dark elves and their forests became swamps. Baaj'Nikal is among the most consumed by darknesses tempting powers. Stats HP:3 MP:6 (7) STR:4 DEF:5 INT:9 (11) VIT:7 AGL:5 Equipment Weapon: Bamboo Staff Armor: Cloth Tunic Helmet: Shield: Items: Herb X1 (Slot 0) Gold: 35 Battle Stats Level: 1 Battles fought: 6 Battles won: 0 Battles lost: 6 EXP:6 EXP required for next level:4 Spells + Skills Blaze 2 mp 0.7 Int Damage
  12. Can't be too bad if it's the spawn of shantak! oh and Azurile for me
  13. Favorite InuYasha Character

    Why watch for half nudity? Then again if Kagome is the subject... I need a barf bag.
  14. Favorite InuYasha Character

    I warned you!
  15. Favorite InuYasha Character

    I know the spellings are atrocious but I tried.