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  1. Don't Delete Me Topic

    Please keep my account Please keep my account
  2. Grand Slammer

    Does Grand Slammer Grant bonus damage to spells and breaths? Or is that incorrect too?
  3. Living Statue can be scouted in Bemusaleom in the rain or in the dark world, gold golem has to be synthed. Because I'm lazy and have good scouting monsters, I always use Living Statue.
  4. Captain Crow Usage

    It is a lot of work. You can skip a few links in the chain depending on how good of a scouting team you have and where you are in the game. You can scout Gemon in the Dark World pit, Great Dragon and Mechanical Dragon from the Dark World You can get Bone Baron and Marquis de Leon from Eugene Poole Direantula can be scouted in Dark World or Cragravation Night.
  5. Wish I could have gone to this. Glad you got a good turnout.
  6. You can get all of the Uber skillsets before beating Rigor Mortex, you just need to synth up their components. See this page for details. http://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqm5ds/skill_upgrades.php
  7. Wonder Construction Acquired!

    I've gotten wonder construction on every Maniacal Mole I've resynthed. At least 4 or 5.
  8. Making Greygnarl is painful at best. First you need to win Barbarus in wifi. Then you need to synth it with a Dragovian Lord which is made from synthing a Rhapthorne II and Dragonlord. Dragonlord is made out of Dracolord, Alabaster Dragon, Gem SLime and Captain Crow, and Rhapthorne II is a huge synth chain, but also requires an Alabaster Dragon.
  9. DS RPGs, what do you recommend?

    Disgaea DS if you like Tactical Rpgs! It is a lot of fun, the dialogue is hilarious. It has the longest post-game I've ever seen. I agree with the FFIV DS also, but make sure you read a walk through on the special abilities before you get too far in to the game or you may have to start over like I did.
  10. Someone actually did a lot of testing on breath attacks on this forum in a previous thread and proved that Breath attacks are not modified by level, HP, Wisdom, or Attack. If you do a search for Breath you'll probably come up with the thread.
  11. Help With Fluffy?

    What do you want to use him for? If it is for WMC Although Fluffy has good stats, that's about it. He doesn't really have good traits or resistances, so I would much rather use a different monster. Could give him uber attack boost and use him as an attacker, or uber mage/uber healer, but there are better monsters in the same rank or lower, like Rhapthorne I.
  12. Ward skill sets

    I am pretty sure the Bag of Laughs has a third. I had to scout ten Goodybags before I found one with the third skill set. Just takes awhile since you can't tell whether or not you'll get a Goodybag.