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  1. Fav Final Fantasy

    Final Fantasy VII In my opinion, the pinnacle of all games I have yet experienced.
  2. Fav Final Fantasy

    I know that, however I still disagree. But me believing it is part of the series won't change your minds. And about the CD-I, i got mine for free.
  3. Fav Final Fantasy

    You did read what I said about the Zelda games right? As much as someone might like to block out such horrid things, the bottom line is that it is still part of the series. It may be a sad fact, but its true.
  4. Fav Final Fantasy

    FFMQ is a still and FF no matter what you say. Ever play Wand of gamelon? Zelda game made by phillips, it is still zelda. FFMQ is a FF. Anyways, from what I have seen FFMQ is developed and published by square. I haven't seen anything else that would tell me otherwise. The Point: FFMQ is a ff Anyways I would say FFVII.
  5. Fav Final Fantasy

    You are missing a bunch. You forgot FFV, You forgot FF Tactics, FF Mystic Quest, and when you say 2 and 3 do you mean 2 and 3 japanese, or 2 and 3 american release? Either way that exculdes more. FF Adventure doesn't count because it is seiken densetsu, and FF Legends 1-3 don't count because they are Saga 1-3 (i know you didn't put ffl 1-3 and ffa there, but i was just adding why I said they weren't missing).
  6. Avatar Requests

    Suikoden is one of my favorite series. I don't want to clutter this topic with anymore irrelevant posts so if you would like to talk more of suikoden I can make a topic somewhere else. I apologize and would like to return this topic to Avatars.
  7. Avatar Requests

    Yes it is from Suikoden, but Pesmerga was easy to find. All you had to do is go to Necrolord's castle after beating him and he was at the top of it.
  8. Spell Checker

    It is true that I can't write to well, but I make proper use of my edit button. There doesn't need to be a spell checker, I think the edit button is fine.
  9. What exactly is RPGmaker 2000

    RPGMaker is just like ZeldaOpen, except for the fact that Zelda open is obviously Zelda only games. Dragon Chaser, I went to the site you listed, but I didn't find the download for the program of rpg maker. I downloaded the RTP section.
  10. Avatar Requests

    Woodus, I sent you a 64x64 picture in the mail
  11. Board Etiquette

    So you are going to make an etiquette section, right Woodus?
  12. Spell Checker

    I get the feeling that when I type on a post for this message board, that sometimes a letter won't appear even when I have pressed the key. For spelling though, I check my messages until I have corrected the errors that I have noticed.
  13. Member Status

    Mastercliff i think you have reached master status. However, you have not reached ultimate status because that belongs to Woodus
  14. Board Etiquette

    Woodus, if you already created a list of rules, then incorparate them with the site. No use letting all that typing go to waste.
  15. Board Etiquette

    Gandalf, even with all the new people, board etiquette should not be created, it should be implied. I believe you created this because of the "chatroom" scenario with metaly. They know this isn't a chat room, but they choose to do it anyway. Maybe it should be created for specific rules (if there is any), but for rules that are common knowledge to people they shouldn't have to have to write anything for them, the posters should know. I did notice that someone who joined less than a month from me, was number 607 or something like that, and I am number 697. That is a pretty big jump.