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  1. So Cal Meetup Nov. 5

    If you don't mind, mind adding me on facebook so we can contact easier and schedule something? Facebook.com/TheBooze I'd really appreciate a ride and i'll throw in some gas money.
  2. world monster championship

    Came in 35 Ultra. Megas turn
  3. So Cal Meetup Nov. 5

    Hmm, I am highly tempted to attend this... But costa mesa? Gah. I live over near Downtown LA and such. Again, it's highly tempting but I don't really think i'd go that far just for a few hours to meetup with players I doubt i'll ever see again. Then again i'm 25 so it's hard as is to find other people who play 3ds. I think i'm best off sticking to marvel tournaments. It's a shame. I spent over 80 hours on this game too and would love to get some more crows.
  4. First off, hello I am new here. And i'm most likely going to be a very active member of this community. At least for DQMJ2. First off i'd like to ask for help on a skillset for my new Overkilling machine. AttackBoost III (May change out) Fortifier (32 points) It stops at oomph this way. So I don't have to bother with him using moves like Kaping. Was contemplating taking it up to 54 for kabuff as well. Sometimes helpful on wi fi. Bjorn (Solely for warcry) May remove attack boost 3 for more survivability. Maybe Defense III or Uber health boost. Or something with hatchet man. Thoughts? Suggestions?