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  1. Finally got a pixel artist for the game! :)

    1. hawkeye77o4


      awesome. now if only your composer would get his ass in gear!

  2. Fan Game Submission(Added my DQ history)

    Thanks for all the great feedback! This time around I am making the interface feel a lot more like Dragon Warrior which is very fun to see working
  3. Superfan Contest Entry - Destructor526

    haha nice videos can't wait for more
  4. UDQSC Entry - Ivor Evilen

    Nice I played that game on BYOND too, I made my fan game on BYOND also . Awesome submission, incredible maps too.
  5. Amazing.... REALLY good music, and awesome submission
  6. Yea....I of course would love to win, but it is nice to know when you are participating in a contest that everything is different so if you lose it isn't because you sucked.
  7. New Dragon Warrior Inspired MMORPG

    Yea...It doesn't help too much with motivation But it will be different. will be more for people who like older style but with new concepts.
  8. In my opinion I think I did decent in each category, but there is definately some very tough competition, not feeling too confident, but It is an old project so I am not too worried about winning or losing.
  9. Nice submission man, especially the exercise game. I just imagined a workout video where you see a slime and it has a step counter and if you don't get x steps in whatever time the slime attacks you... it would be sweet if it had a save system and they somehow added tons of monsters to kill.
  10. I think that everyone has a chance, because remember-the contest isn't only judged on having proof that you are a fan, it judges artistic ability, talent, and knowledge of the series. So I am pretty sure that doing incredible in one category doesn't automatically make you win.
  11. Fan Game Submission(Added my DQ history)

    I read somewhere online that the cease and desist was sent to my game( and a lot of other square enix fan games) for not having any of the copyright laws stating our games aren't affiliated with each-other, or something like that.
  12. Alright. If you end up needing more PM me and I could send you the source code i guess:P
  13. Mine is screenshots of my game....but I have the character name in the screenshots as my first name(which is listed on the post)...does that count? I also have code posted too.
  14. I have been working on a dragon warrior inspired MMORPG for awhile now. The only problem I am having is, I have to have all of my graphics music etc original, and I am not good at making these. If there are any artists or music composers out there that want to help with this project it would be greatly appreciated, and would help get the game into beta a lot sooner. if you are interested in helping please PM me or reply to this thread.