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  1. Dragon Quest IX meanings

    I actually think Disco Stu himself is a pun, and Disco Stew relates to something entirely different, but it might be a Simpsons joke, yes.
  2. Dragon Quest IX meanings

    I actually think Disco Stu himself is a pun, and Disco Stew relates to something entirely different, but it might be a Simpsons joke, yes.
  3. What classic foes do you want to return in Dragon Quest X?

    I love Mental Pitchers. And Boring Bugs, too.
  4. If ya missed it, I just put up a new Terrible Drawing: BASED ON DQV!

    1. Pedro


      I saw,it's awesome

  5. King Considerate's Terrible Drawings

    Okay gaiz, I recently got Dragon Quest V for my birthday, and it's giving me a lot of ideas. Most of which come from either unintentional errors in the game, or just quirks. So anyway, I'm not stealing any jokes. Yet. Now, if you've ever played the fifth game in our favorite series, when you get to the second town, you may wonder: Where to next? Well, if you didn't find out where to go within the first ten seconds of talking to people, you likely need to get your cerebellum checked.
  6. Alert: King C's Terrible Drawings are getting rebooted. DQV is giving me some excellent ideas.

  7. Please vote! Will you play a Dragon Quest MMORPG?

    Hooray for democracy! I voted "OH SURE DOOD BUT ONLY IF I DUNT HAF TO GIEV EXTRA MUNNY"
  8. Realm of the Almighty

    Thanes pulled a map from his pants pocket, and pushed it outward toward Mathias and Logan. He pointed toward a small dot of a town that seemed not to far away. "You see that speck? It's a town called Coffinwell. I've heard some stories about a horrible contagion that's been released. Mayhap you two could put some of your hocus-pocus angel magic hogwash on it and it'll go away. Anyway, it'll be tons o' fun for the whole fam." Thanes put the map back into his pocket, and put his arm over Mathias' shoulder, and then pointed east out the window. "We just keep going that way and we'll be in the poor old town in no time flat. And then you two can go straight back up to yer big town in the sky or whatever and you can go back to your eternity of hedonism." Thanes handed the map to Logan and opened the door, waiting for him.
  9. Realm of the Almighty

    Thanks for bringing it back up. I'll post when an idea surfaces.
  10. Woo, Yoshi's Island. That game's the best.

    1. Destructor526


      The SNES one right? Yeah that game was great. It's sequel on the DS is really hard for some reason.

    2. Hexios


      love that game


  11. New DQ X Details

    Agreed. But somebody, way back there, made a point that Nintendo already knows how we 'mericans are toward fees, and that way more people will buy the game if there's no fee. Ergo, Nintendo makes more money. But still, if there's a fee we should write some GOD DAMN LETTERS. HECK YEA, PROTESTING
  12. Costume help

    TMI doodz.
  13. New DQ X Details

    I sincerely hope that there's not a fee. If there is, I might just leave this one alone.
  14. New DQ X Details

    Hmm. I was wondering why there were no humans wandering around in the multiplayer screenshots.
  15. ONE of us just got DQV! AND IT'S NOT YOU

    1. Havoccultist


      Your right it wasn't me, I got it about a year ago. ;)

    2. Pedro


      *checks mailbox* Yeah,not me