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  1. vocation scrolls

    Archdemons are in Necropolis at Night Time. Thanks. I if find other scrolls, I say to you. Now, it's time to learn better English !
  2. vocation scrolls

    Blackout... I finish the game but I forget where the Archdemons are... And the maniacal mole in the arena gave vocation scroll ? Too bad... I kill it.
  3. Hi ! I create this topic to have your answer. I don't have the Wi-Fi, so I can't have the vocation scrolls. But I know we can have the warrior scroll if we kill a demon-at-arms. My question is : do we can have another vocation scrolls with monster ? PS : I'm not good to speak English, but I try...
  4. Me it's in order : DQ(ah no, in english is W) VIII DW V DW MJ1 DW IV DW VI And, I intend to buy DW MJ2 : professional.
  5. Me, it's DW 5, 6, and 4. Because the style of the game it's perfect. And I like DWVIII too.
  6. Artwork of DWIII

    Thanks, it's exactly what I'm looking for.
  7. Artwork of DWIII

    Thanks, but I research the artworks like in the game. in "big pixel".
  8. Sorry if you don't understand very much, but I'm french. So, do you have for me the artworks of the different classes of DWIII?