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  1. Hey bud, drop us a line in #dragonquest when you get this!

  2. Yeah beating him at that low of a level is a lot of luck, such as hoping he laughs more than he does anything heh.
  3. A person in Japan beat the last boss with all his characters at lvl 21, I still think its too easy =P
  4. Im back.....again

    I've been busy with school, life, jobs, etc. My semester recently ended so I started playing DQ out of boredom and I eventually ended up coming back here. How long I'll continue to post remains to be seen however =P
  5. DQ5/DQ5r differences

    If thats true, then that would make the game much easier, or I'm guessing they made the enemies significantly stronger than the original. Either that really is a big change, I also heard that you meet Flora and his father when you are a child in Port Vista, can anyone confirm this?
  6. I actually beat it back on Thanksgiving, heh. I found it to be more enjoyable than DQ7 as DQ7 takes a bit of time to get going while DQ8 starts you up right away. I found Rhapthorne to be eas compared to previous final bosses, I beat him with little trouble at lvl 40. Dragovian trials provided a decent challenge though to make up for that.
  7. Sony PS3 is Doomed?

    As much as I'd like a PS3(with series such as MSG going to be on it) The simple truth is that I cannot afford it. I'm on my own for paying my college tuition, rent, etc. I might just skip this generation of games until the systems get cheaper. But as of now, my only option would be to buy a Wii as it is the cheapest by far.
  8. Before I get started, I'd just like to say that I thouroughly enjoyed the game and will probably be replaying after I get it back from my friend. The game was really fun, but I thought after DQ6 and 7, it was a slight dissapointment. 1. The character building system was way too simple after the class system of DQ6 and 7. If you knew what you were doing, it made the game a lot easier than the previous installments, and even if you didn't know how to use the system, the game was still simple enough that you can get through with little trouble. 2. I thought it was too easy. Aside from Dhoulmagus(who was admittedly pretty tough) I thought the rest of the bosses were really easy and after defeating Dhoulmagus the game got progressively easier. I thought Rhapthorne was going to have a second form but was dissapointed when I learned it was over. The Dragovian trials were tough, but I wish that difficulty was in the main game rather than after beating the game. 3. Is it me or was this storyline way too similar to Zelda: LttP. I mean a demon sealed years ago killing the descendants of the sages who sealed him so he can be freed and invade the world of light? It sounds exactly like LttP. 4. Rhapthorne was too fat Aside from those though, I thought the game was amazing. I loved the way the battle system worked, it continued DQ's tradition but also modernized it as well. I thought the character development was done a lot better in this game than in the previous installments. I loved the monster arena, it was like including DQM within the main quest. I just want to see if anyone agrees/disagrees with my thoughts of what I didn't like about the game.
  9. Aside from the obvious graphical differences, what other changes were made to this remake. Any significant storyline changes, is there a new bonus dungeon, etc. I'd like to know since it doesn't seem like we are getting this after no mention of it at e3 unfortunately.
  10. Im back.....again

    Heh haven't been to these boards in a long time, glad to see it still alive and kicking, how is everybody doing?
  11. Best Snes Games

    Lufia 1 & 2, Zelda:LttP, Mario World, Mario Kart, Chrono Trigger, FF4, 5, and 6, DQ5 & 6, Secret of Mana, Siken Densetsu, Mario RPG, DKC 1,2, & 3, Mario Allstar, Star Ocean, Super Metroid, MM7, MMX1,2,&3, Earthbound, Street Fighter 2, Soul Blazer, Terranigma, and Illusion of Gaia. I probably left out a few games but to me SNES was by far the best system ever created.
  12. Chrono Trigger VS Chrono Cross

    CT by far. CC doesn't even compare.
  13. In terms of power, DarkDrium is the best.

    Hmm let me try it out and see what happens. Update: works fine for me, are you using epsxe, and if you are, are you using the right configurations. Tell me what your settings are.