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  1. DQMJ2 Terrific Tourney #2

    This tournament would be impossible with that ability in it. A giant doing that features around 2300 damage against another giant so it would totally drain the fun out of everything. So yeah, i like it too ,) Actually Sagittar is one of the weaker giants in total and especially against other giants so don't count on that at all =) Edit: Grammar, grammar...
  2. The second round of the first follow up DQMJ2 Tournament has now started. Prepare for some hot battles! For anyone interested here is the actual Bracket. More infos are to be found in the fitting threads.
  3. The registration for the next DQMJ2 Tourney has been opened and is free to anyone (yes also non-americans). Make sure to check it out!

  4. Chill Zenith Dragon! As I already stated before this tournament will be followed by subsequent ones which I will hande. These also won't have a country restriction since they won't be sponsored by NOA. I am currently discussing some things with Woodus before announcing the next one.
  5. Just fought some awesome battles with our current DQMJ2 Champ. Of course my monsters and thus the fight were also epic =)

    1. Kaizzereich


      Epic indeed! I can't believe you survived that Waltz haha

    2. Warez


      By a hair! But you made up for that with the crit in the third fight :P

    3. Kaizzereich


      Use him well! He's a devastating force, for sure.

  6. Well my Leonyx uses Frizzcracker on AI against enemy Giants and enemy single monsters. So I guess it has to do something with the skillset it is in = If monster has Mage it won't use it per Ai if it has Leonyx it will or so...
  7. It was MKS, OVK and Nemeslime. Forgot to mention that...
  8. Like the last time I would ask someone to upload this video properly *looks to Ruesen* Gratz Kaizzer! You put a lot of work in your team. Also a great applause for Dragoon who fought with the same Ruin like last week since he had no time and yet had such an epic battle.Must be one heck of a ruin!
  9. Wi-Fi Top 100

    I have got All monsters excluded Fluffy which I get this week. Then ... I don't know what rank I will stay.
  10. mp in WMC

    No they have not. And now it does cost 8 MP.
  11. Even the lamest DQMJ2 strategy can't keep up in terms of lameness with the Meditation and Hustle Dance Giants of pro versions wifi...

    1. 123321


      My inviciblity strategy if it works?

    2. Warez


      Ha! Yeah I forgot that one. Might come close but would not be possible in AI battles.

    3. Ace_of_Spades


      wats the strategy?

  12. Playing Kirby Mass attack and it is one heck fo a fun (surprisingly). Love the shooting space kirby minigame!

  13. There are plans of making following tournaments. These will however not be sponsored by NOA and so there will be no cool slimeshirts. Another prize is planned however.
  14. Somehow my Team of Dimension Dragon and Diamond Slime really sucks... Switched back to Dragovian and Diamond/Tantamount for Wifi battles >.>

    1. kalethe quest mister

      kalethe quest mister

      say how do you get it so i can scout some one eles monster on dqj2 from wifi


    2. Ace_of_Spades


      i think thats only in chance encounter, but i could be wrong, seeing as i dont hav the second dqmj game...