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  1. nice job reading the post there, hawk
  2. Lost Katana

    its not a matter of being rude. a lot of people have been on these boards for a while, after a while it gets rather tiresome to keep pointing people to the same place that they could have easily found themselves. its like im often commenting on when i post on gamefaqs and see people making topics asking what people think of a game. how many times am i expected to point them to the freaking button that says 'reviews' before im allowed to get a little pissy?
  3. Unauthorized monsters

    it might also be due to the name of one of the monsters... i used the default name for my overkill machine (which was : overkill) and they would not allow me to use it on wifi because it has 'kill' in the name
  4. Save Editor?

    nice mentality there. just because you dont like a game, lets give people who do like the info that can help destroy it even more than the super hacked japanese teams already have! thanks, jerk =P
  5. i would strongly recommend the idea of getting rid of atk boost and replacing it with def or hp boost. despite the name of the monster, overkill isnt very useful in killing things. but its nice for buffs and status attacks, like you are training it for
  6. Magic burst question

    well its magic damage and it is concidered a spell, so things like bounce or things that reduce magic damage will help. it doesnt have an element though if that is what you were asking
  7. Save Editor?

    save game editors are already rather borderline.. and i k now im not the only person here who wishes they wernt even allowed to be discussed due to the ability to create unfair monsters or things like that. how did you get a second cap crow to begin with? having another cap crow wouldnt help you though, since you used up your incarnus
  8. how to beat Melevanyx

    except that the final boss will use disruptive wave a lot. so you cant really tension up for more than a round or two before you start risking things
  9. how to beat Melevanyx

    and since it doesnt take any mana, that makes it even better!
  10. Scrolls

    that komodo is in the first of the old man's fights. its grouped with a green dragon.. its stupidly hard to steal =/ i tried like 5 or 6 times doing nothing but klepto clobber and never stole it. i just gave up on that one
  11. how to beat Melevanyx

    put just them in the party and have them kill some metal slimes. they need the extra xp and they'll earn more with only 2 monsters on the team
  12. how to beat Melevanyx

    thats plenty. you can always get more by farming the wild slimes in iceolation. never be too stingy with the tickets. a few extra levels might be the difference between victory and defeat. also, try and go to the metal area at night, there seems to be more liquid metals there when its dark out
  13. how to beat Melevanyx

    i wouldnt worry too much about your other monsters for now. just focus on getting your main team to 25-27th level or so and you should be able to beat him. you might need to use some metal tickets and spend some time in the metal area, but thats no problem
  14. how to beat Melevanyx

    i wouldnt put anything into anti-metal except helmsplitter. you can always work on it after the game, for now just get attack boost up. the extra attack will help a lot. as long as your healer has access to some form of multi-heal, thats ok. thats pretty much all you will be using them for every round. the boss only has a little over 4k health, thats not too bad really. you'll want to manualy have your demon-at-arms use helmsplitter untill the -defence happens. after that just let the ai control him, that will allow his double-trouble to trigger. and if he does his normal attack twice in a row, that should be anywhere from 150-300 damage each attack (this is taking into account the lower defence, you may or may not be doing that much). as long as you can outheal the incoming damage, you'll be fine. plus you'll have the balhib there with the extra damage too.
  15. how to beat Melevanyx

    dont worry much about captain crow. you can beat him a few times now, but you cant recruit him till post-game