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  1. I believe it's possible to get as many eggs as you want
  2. I have them all now! anyway, i did the same thing to get Ultra Slime. But you get Ultra Slime and Nemeslime legitly through registering your game copy with the japenese site. but you can't do that with Flashcards.
  3. Best teams?

    I'm totally liking my team of Ultra Slime, Metal King Slime and Great Sabrecat. I'm working on replacing Metal king slime with Diamond Slime.
  4. You fight Emphrea at the top of the Cliff area after you beat the game. You can scout her then.
  5. @Souimet. Don Mole also gives you 10 BeefJerky after you complete the entire tournament.
  6. I believe the 2nd player skill is located somewhere in the first area. Also, the crystals that go into the pads and turns blue are warp points for the Warp Player skill. *edit* ninja'd >_<
  7. Level 20 Monster + Level 20 Monster = "Stronger" version of that monster, Rank C (not sure if the rank changes based on input monsters) Level 50 Stronger Monster + Level 50 Stronger Monster = "Strongest" version of that monster, Rank S (ditto above) Some monsters have similar combines but not really -- for example, (Sabercub x Sabercub) x (Sabercub x Sabercub) -- a child whose parents are all Sabercubs, is a Sabercat (rank C). Cool. Thanks. i kinda figured it out last night, but thanks for confirming it.
  8. I'm confused. Exactly how do i turn my monsters into S ranks? My Proto Mech became a S rank just by fusing him with another Proto Mech, but some of my other monsters don't seem to upgrade by that method. can anyone help?
  9. Check this out. http://dqmj2p.wikkii.com/wiki/Walkthrough
  10. Some Joker 2 pro synthing info/tips

    I barely defeated Evil Beast the other day. All that was left was my Goresby Purrvis. A lucky crit finished him off. *on topic* thanks Traumi. now i know where to keep looking for the egg.
  11. I finally got a Dark Leonyx! I already trained him like crazy! I used him to beat Slime Blaster today. Now i just need to obtain Captain Crow, Slime Gang and Elder Pipit.
  12. We're not 100% sure. But it looks like it's not the pro version.
  13. Some Joker 2 pro synthing info/tips

    No problem But i have no idea who the fat purple thing is. I can check my database and find out. *edit* just checked. it says name unknown for some reason. And i think the egg shows up just randomly. you gotta check every day. I don't know which store. I guess just check both each day lol XD
  14. Some Joker 2 pro synthing info/tips

    Barbarus and Fluffy are only obtainable through the egg you sometimes receive at the New World store This is Slider Girl: http://www.woodus.com/den/gallery/graphics/dqm5prods/monster/338.png This is Time Sage: http://www.woodus.com/den/gallery/graphics/dqm5prods/monster/342.png This is Swarzmen Tank (Slimetank's rival) http://www.woodus.com/den/gallery/graphics/dqm5prods/monster/386.png Also, you get Blackmar from fusing Bishop Ladja and Aamon.