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  1. Everything looks great. I love that it's online, but can be cleared offline. Best of both worlds, I say. Sub fee? Please, say it ain't so...
  2. Man kills 4 year old JUST BECAUSE

    Edit: I'm too dumb to know how to delete my posts.
  3. This is an interesting problem for me to think about. I love class systems, but I feel that sometimes they get in the way of my enjoying the bigger picture. Maybe if there are classes, there should be less of them, and have their focuses widened. I think 6 classes total would probably be able to suffice. If there are no classes, it might be cool to have a system of schooling, or certifications--by this, I mean that if a character wants to learn attack magic, they can go to a dedicated school in which to learn. I don't know though, that idea came to me as I was writing. Like someone said earlier in the thread, I would want either old mechanics reshuffled, or something completely alien(which might not be in the spirit of DQ, anyway).
  4. This is hard for me, as I enjoy every game in this series immensely. I will exclude the side series such as Monsters and Swords, though(mostly because I haven't played them). I've gotten near 100% completion on most of the main series, except for 9. I don't know what was my favorite. They're all so... good! If pressed, the game that I would have the most trouble booting up at this moment would be DQ3. That game itself is probably the one I find most tedious in the story department. Does that count as my least favorite? As for favorite, I can only say what my favorite is at the moment. I tend to change--but I really like DQ7 right now. It's a close race between 2 and 7, but I'mma say 7. I love that game's characters.
  5. Not only should we block them(Banhammer too amirite), we should make sure never to reply to them directly. No response == unsuccessful trolling.
  6. Mass Effect 2

    What majority percentage of a game's elements need to be RPG in order to classify it as an RPG?
  7. I feel sorry for FF7

    I know what 'fantasy' colloquially means--but to be fair, a fantasy story is any whose settings/stylings are unreal and fantastic. Technology unbound qualifies.
  8. I feel sorry for FF7

    I always hated that about Advent Children. FF7 is a great standalone game. As with any game it has its flaws, but it's a game I play annually all the same. The sequels/prequels/movies/re-make hype really puts a bad taste in my mouth. It's not THAT good. The time spent making the compilation games could have gone towards new and exciting original games, but NOOOOOOOO. Nothing really sets the characters apart, save for limit breaks. That's a problem. Their personalities are great, but attributes are my RPG bread and butter. Materia is too easy to be used strategically by the average player. The penalties for materia equipping were not nearly enough. Also, un-skippable summons and spells. $#!&ing. Hell.
  9. Excellence In Rage

    While I may not be among them, there's a growing consensus on the internets that says he, himself, is a troll.
  10. salutations to you all!

    Welcome to the Den... of DECADENCE! Mu-hu-hwaaahahaaaa!
  11. Hi

    Welcome to the wooorld of tomorrrowwwww!
  12. Swords, Monsters series, uhhh... Pretty much anything that isn't the main series. I completed all those.
  13. DQ 2 is my homeboy

    No my King, I'm still on my grad school game design... I have, however taken a sabbatical from the visual department and I am now focusing on plot and characterization. Dragon Quest really helped influence the story delivery method--specifically, the chapter-based system from DQ4. I had lots of trouble deciding on a main character, so I made each character the star--of their own segment, that is. By the end of the game, it's an ensemble! Hopefully every character will be able to hold their own. On a side note, my having read the 'Animorphs' books as a youngster also shaped that decision, as that series tells each story from different characters' perspective. I found that aspect of the series greatly facilitated my immersion. Back to the subject at hand, at least the 'Open' spell exists at all... It may be a band-aid on the problem of key storage, but it does fix the problem satisfactorily.
  14. After years of the first Dragon Quest holding the title of "FoxyFive's Go-to Classic DQ Experience," I played DQ 2 on NES, SNES and GBC all in a row and, I must say, it has usurped the aforementioned title. This game's balance is a big draw for me. Quite the challenge, it is. My only change would be to have Princess learn "Open" a might sooner. Some of you might recall my topic about being stuck in Rhone after having deposited the jailor's key by accident, but I digress... ..I lied. There's something else I would change. I would probably try to find a way to reduce late-game grinding. It was a bit of a pain. I shouldn't be that far behind upon arrival at the last sanctuary, especially if I've never run from a fight. Hell, I even did a bunch of grinding for gold so Cannock could have a fur coat. I suppose to include you all, what version, if any, of DQ 2 do you prefer? I know there's the MSX and any possible mobile versions, but let's not talk about those. Discuss!