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  1. I missed Rapthorn's map

    I knew the quest it was on but i wondered how else u canget it...
  2. I missed Rapthorn's map

    Well I was lookin' 4ward 2 killin' Rapthorn but I missed my chance 2 get Rapthorns map,if any1 knowz how 2 get 1 or lives near Altoona PA pleez tell me,and I WILL NOT NOT GET NOCTURNUS'S MAP! Normally I would ran but ppl will call this spam if I do then Woodus or K.Z. will ban me.
  3. Seed problems

    It would b a help 2 me 2 if it wasnt so hard lookin'.
  4. Time to start replanning my team

    Awww,that suckz,so ur sayin' that u can't scout M.monsrz,that bogus:3
  5. U r da MAN! ! !lol!

  6. Does any1 know how it feelz when u hav mor that 1 part of the M.K.A. accept the boots:3

    1. D.Name Theif

      D.Name Theif

      I am you,and you are me,together we...we are one,we are together,and we will never leave each other.

  7. More Information :3

  8. Rust Armor Week ! ! !

    LOL,the orb week is purty kool 2 but i've bought a few orbz so far i had a select item in bag and press Start Start and R to get 99 of it cheat although i actually have been needing that code cause i dont have the L.Bes. that give that orb but i have bought 1 of cause it was the only 1 but i may find mor of,so if any1 finds a working version of that code pleez tell me
  9. Time to start replanning my team

    Corvus 2nd form,Doulmagus,and Duran,as my main battling team,and sometimes Leopold,pretty much all the very evil bu bad@$$ guyz. Otherwise I aslo would want the black slime tank(not Slival's Ship the other 1)Saggitar,Yggdrasil,Zenith Dragon,and Gadis.
  10. Does Baromos ever get strong?

    Today I was just going around killing random L.bosses and I went to Boromos and his regular attack did 1 damage point to the least armored charicter,and he's a lvl.25 So yeah,I don't think he'll ever get hard.
  11. Anyone here play KOTOR1?

    Nope,the only thing i've tried to download from Steam was Geometry wars Evolved 2,REMEMBER,NEVER DOWNLOAD ANYTHING FROM STEAM IF YOU HAVE A WINDOWS COMPUTER!
  12. Music Track Titles

    Uhhhhh,I hav no ideh
  13. I love my Avatar thingy.

  14. I don't have the Jap version,it's only like 50 dayz to the release the American verson.