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  1. Any DQIX'er in Madison WI?

    Nobody in Madison WI? LOL. Im never gonna find someone to trade maps with...Well back to the grind of finding one of my own then!
  2. Kawasaki Locker Map

    Is it possible to get the Kawasaki Locker map without connecting to a friend and getting it? Or is it only able to be obtained that way? If I can get it without a local connection, please let me know how!
  3. Any DQIX'er in Madison WI?

    Anyone one out there in Madison, WI still playing DQIX?
  4. Legacy Boss Maps

    Does that take the map from one user and give it to the other or does it give a copy of it to the other. So both have it?
  5. Legacy Boss Maps

    Another stupid question, how do you trade maps with someone else? I know you have to have a local connection with them, but how do you trade them?
  6. Legacy Boss Maps

    Ok then, I have beaten the game and I am working on leveling my characters up. My max atm is only level 69 Warrior. Is it wise to give the exp to the Legacy Boss at my level or is it even still too early to try and take them on?
  7. Legacy Boss Maps

    If you beat it multiple times will they drop loot each time (namely orbs for making final weapons/gears)? Or is it a 1 time deal and you only get exp from the kills after the 2nd?