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  1. goo'morning everyone! I've seen topics like these in a few other forms I attend, and thought one for dragon quest would be fun! Rules: It's simple. All you have to do, is complete the following statement, "You know you play to much Dragon Quest when..." Take mine as an example: You know you play to much Dragon Quest when you find yourself looking for sparkling spots on the ground.
  2. Liquid Metal Slime Hunting

    Thanks for all the help!
  3. Slime Optical Illusion

    Same here
  4. Liquid Metal Slime Hunting

    So I have been trying to level up my party quite a bit recently. I have been using slime hill recently to grind, but liquid metals never spawn anymore! Is there somethingthat determines how often they spawn? I have to sit there for like a half an hour to find even one and it runs away before I can kill it! Any suggestions? All help is appreciated!
  5. Does anyone have 100% completion?

    If you missed a dqvc exclusive item, is it impossible to get it again? Therefore making it impossible to get 100%?
  6. Mini medals,

    I think there is a repetable quest that rewards you with mini medals. (I forget what number) It depends how fast you can repete the quest to determine if its worth it.
  7. Gonna put on a "final" updated grotto save

    How exactly does this work again?
  8. Why I Love the Thief's Theory scroll

    Lucky! What does the thieves scroll do exactly? I dont have it yet.
  9. Leveling and GROTTOS!

    I've been having some trouble with the grottos as well, but I learned it just takes work! Just level grind constantly. I have still yet to get a level 99 but Im getting there! Good luck with your grotto hunting hope you get some good ones!
  10. Screenshots of Rocket Slime 3DS

    I didn't even know that they were making this! I was a big fan of the other Rocket Slime games so this is big news to me. I can see how some people might not be interested in the ship aspect, but I actuly think it's a pretty good idea and it'll be nice to have the battle changed up a bit. It's kinda like the comparison with LOZ Phantom Hourglass where you use a boat, and Spirit Tracks where you use a train. It's much different, but is definately still LOZ all the same and both modes of transportaion work great. Thats how I see Rocket Slime 3; If they do as good of a job as they did with the tank battles then I'm all for a few changes to mix things up! From what I can tell the game also looks pretty nice, but like some others said it doesn't look like they will be taking advantage of the 3D effect all that much, which to tell the truth I'm okay with. After all, every game I know about coming on the 3DS is using the 3D to it's limit, and I am sure there with be tons of shovel wear for it just like the wii and it's motion controls. Well either way Squar Enix hasn't failed us yet, and therefore I doubt they will now. I'm going to try and stay updated with the game until it comes out so I will post any info I find out in this topic. Hopefully others can do the same! P.S. Although the Slime games are my least favorite of the Dragon Quest series, it is still great and Rocket Slime is one of my fav DS games. If you havn't played Rocket slime and like the dragon quest franchise, I highly recomend you give it a try. You can definately tell it's a dragon quest game even with all it's differences. I found some more screen shots on the game; click this link to check em' out
  11. Victorious Armour?

    What exactly is the Hoimi table? I'm kinda confused about how it works...
  12. Stella Quotes

    Just for fun I though I would start a topic trying to list all of the different things Stella says in the Battle Records Menu. Once you play the game for a while it seems that Stella starts to say the same exact things to individual people, so I was wondering which ones I hadn't seen yet. As of now for me she switches of saying something like "You use party tricks alot dont you? Got ants in your pants or something?" and "You dont change vocation much. Do you have your dream job or something?" feel free to list your favorites and or what she constantly repeats to you. Thanks!
  13. Against all Odds

    What level grotto would you say I'd have a chance of finding all metal floors? The highest I have unlocked is a level 38 I think. And are the legacy boss maps in the same place for everyone? I got the map for the first one but no matter how much I search I can't find it. I searched through Zaraf's map guides multipul times and still cannot find it. Any suggestions? Thanks! Cheers!
  14. Thanks for all the replies to my posts! I added you to my friends so I could know whenever you reply. Cheers!

  15. Half-Inch Fail

    Don't give up on getting that skull helm! (or three!) You can give 'em to krak pot along with 3x saint's ashes to get a sun crown, which can then be upgraded into an apllo's crown. These are great headgear for lighter characters like male priests and/or sages since they have built-in resistance to fuddle & snooze? A solid stop-gap choice untill a priest can get his hands on a hallowed helm and it's upgraded forms! Cheers & Happy Hunting! I might just do that! Although I got a Hallowed helm from epic armor week I only got one, so some apollo crowns wouldn't hurt! The main reason I gave up was cause I was getting PO'ed at the constant half inch failure, but I when to slime hill yesterday and raised one of my team to a level 45 thief and I'm not having much trouble any more. P.S. Is the relm of the mighty the only place you can farm for skull helms? It's a wee bit annoying having to go all the way up there... Thx!