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  1. I wouldn't say that when you've got a fast oomph activated tension boosted Nokturnus trying to kill you.
  2. Have you not tryed soul asylum as you can have all the buffs you want because distruptive wave does nothing when soul asylums active, I always use soul asylum just so I can shout at the boss "YEAH DISTRUPTIVE WAVE DOESN@T WORK YEAH!" I always have fun with soul asylum.
  3. What Now Post Game

    To find out what happened to the fygg go to Porth Llaffan and to talk to Jona (The girl who used to summon Lleviathan if you forgot) and you'll start a quest for her. I won't say anything else since you don't want any spoilers.
  4. What would you change about DQIX?

    I noticed that, I know they want customisation so you can look unique but when your running around with your head bigger than your body thats not the best idea.
  5. Malroth Tactics

    It's best not to use forbearance against more powerful bosses as they have a tendency to use group attacks which all focus on you killing you in one.
  6. Bling Badger

    I personally don't live in that area but if you have any water maps that have, Emerald, Diamond, Ruby and saphire those are the most likely to have bling badgers.
  7. how to farm agate of evolution?

    1 You can use an AR or svae editor. 2 Dig up high level grotto chests 3 You can keep exploring the world for spawn points those are probably your main points but I know how you feel about agates
  8. DQVC Bonus Content Thread

    I think we're all waiting till friday COME ON AQUILA QUEST!!! Yay.
  9. Best Victories

    Wait you used magic mirror without Fowleye using distruptive wave, every time I use any buffs he uses distruptive wave, mind you if he uses distruptive wave every turn with me any way even if I have no buffs. My best victory was when I was a sage in celestrian gear and counterattacked Corvus with a oak staff, poor Corvus killed by a mortal with a stick
  10. Co-op De Grace

    When I fought Baramos to get murdaws map with levels 50+ I managed to get Soul Asylum and Omnipotense(not sure about spelling) I wanted to do electro light but didn't have a minstrel or luminary
  11. Most Useful Coup De Grace?

    Early on in the game choir of angels, along with the warriors and armamentalists. But my favourites are Sgaes, Paladin and Gladiators.
  12. s,se,se... Serena!

    What i remember is
  13. Which Alchemiracle torso do you want the most or like the most (if your lucky enough to have it) Would it be: Legendary Armour as it has the greatest physical defence in the game Exotoga because of the elemental/ adverse affect resistance Or Seraphs robe from the magical might/mending boost
  14. Coffinwell Story Questions

    I didn't know serena had been spotted, I knew she's mentioned for the nodolf quests but when is she spotted?
  15. Quest 72

    I can't say anything about the search engine, but for the quest you need to go at night because his wifes a ghost, Good luck though because for that quest you need to beat nemean with a laundry pole.