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  1. New Years resolutions

    1. Graduate college 2. Get my hip and shoulder sorted out 3. Make money 4. Replay DQIV 5. Post here once in a while Not that anyone remembers me, but hello again errybody.
  2. Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, is dead.

    I'm tellin' you he ain't dead. He's just underneath apple headquarters working on his giant robot army... In all seriousness though, I'm not all that surprised. The man's health has been deteriorating for years. I had a feeling things must have really taken a turn after he stepped down as CEO.
  3. Is it just me?

    Whenever I spend a day gaming hard I tend to dream about whatever game I was playing that night. Last time it happened to me it was after way too much Call of Duty.
  4. Worst RPG ever...

    Golden Sun/Baten Kaitos worst rpg ever? Psh, FF X-2 hasn't even been mentioned yet, which was an absolutely appalling game.
  5. Bottled slime drinks

    That's pretty cool it's too bad we don't get anything awesome like that here. I wonder how they taste...
  6. changing my opinion of English dubs.

    For the most part I'm anti-dub. I think they shouldn't bother and just use subtitles. That being said, Cowboy Bebop and Trigun were both dubs that didn't take away from the series. So it CAN be done right, but most of the time they fail to do so.
  7. Overall thoughts?

    Really? It reminds me more of a cross between III and VIII than III and VII. I'm only a few hours in though so maybe I'll feel different after I put more time in. I love everything so far with the exception of Stella. The hero customization is great. I made my hero look super evil.
  8. Anime Expo, Comic Con 2010

    I'm going to comic con all four days if anyone else is going. I'd be down to say hi! I'm considering spending all four days in a pikachu costume, but that has yet to be decided.
  9. I'm back biotaches!!!!

  10. My ex-girlfriend dragged me to the first Twilight movie. Guess why she's my ex?
  11. Ask a question

    A kitchen appliance!!! (I'm kidding please don't kill me ladies) Anyone remember me?
  12. To me?

    Not only am I 19, but things here look a lot better than they did when I decided to split. What a present!
  13. Funny but good desserts

    That Kitty Litter Cake is pretty intense. I don't think I'd be able to stomach it to be honest. The sushi looks okay though. Was there anything in the cookbook called a Twaco? Twinkie stuffed in a taco shell coated in chocolate?
  14. What is up folks?

    That's freaking scary dude... Car troubles are always bad. I can remember this time where a friend of mine SOMEHOW managed to knock my ignition key while on the freeway going about 70 MPH and the engine shut off. Somehow I manged to get the engine to start again be turning the key(didn't know you could restart a car on the move?), but I was scared. If your engine gets shut off in the middle of the freeway... All I can say to you is this. PEACE METALIKE! WOOO!!! Didn't you disapurr or something? Not only am I misspending my yooth but I am misspelling it! (did that joke hurt? I hope it did) These past couple of weeks I've been swamped with work which is why I haven't been around. When I'm on my computer I usually disconnect the internet, open up Sibelius 5 (music notation program). Basically I have to take this 4 page piano piece, and do an Orchestration (take it from piano and just turn it into a large ensemble thing), which would be easy if I didn't decide to try and do an arrangement (where I change things up and add my own section to the music). Basically it's a lot of work that I am bringing upon myself for no good reason? If I'm not doing that I'm on my guitar writing music to record for my other project. Unfortunately none of it has been good up until today? I dunno all of a sudden something I was writing clicked. My recording work isn't amazing because I'm really just getting used to protools, but I am having fun. THAT IS WHAT COUNTS RYTE!? Oh, and I am joining the masses before the Brawl release date. I AM PREPARED TO STAND IN LINE FOR HOURS!!! YEAAAH! I might as well drop out of school after it comes out. My life WILL be brawl.