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  1. Found something cool

    http://lumina.nullneuron.net/DQ9Vocations.txt its a chart that shows the detail of the stats for every significant "benchmark" level for every vocation. Credit goes to Duke Darkwood on Game Faqs
  2. Help with King Godywn

    Good old King Godwyn... Only my MC(Armamentalist) and priest survived that battle...
  3. What is your favourite title?

    Im using star marshal
  4. Wear-With-All Award and Negative Posts

    Is this one of the weirdest things i have ever seen? It is. I have to show my cousins this they will freak out
  5. Baramos and Malroth boss

    Thief's Theory is based off of level, not deftness. It's really more of a glorified second drop attempt than theft. It's a floor function of level/100*drop rate, so a 2% grotto boss drop becomes 1%, but a 10% grotto boss drop (assuming level 99) becomes 9%. (This is only for bosses, it's a different formula for normal enemies.) Thats very interesting! Thanks for sharing this info
  6. DQIX Animated Sprites

    Nice work Can you do a metal slime?