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  1. Happy birthday, Woodus!

    I wish you a happy birthday,too
  2. New Contest Accepting Submissions

    My sending won't be a pumpkin.That I can say for sure
  3. Spell names?

    Maybe it will make you feel a bit better if I tell you that they have stupid spell names and changes at the german versions as well ~_~ that's one of the less part I dislike about some incredibly great games.
  4. I always planned to play DQVI some day.But a few days ago I read that Terry and Milaya are in it.I never knew!Since I do I have to play it immediatly.I absolutely love Dragon Quest Monsters and Terry will be an important part at my own RPG City of Dreams *covered advertisment in hope for some feedback -.-' *.So I should experienced all his appreances to know all what is possible about him.
  5. Sorry ti dig up this old thread but could someone do me a favor and upload a pre-patched version of the game in english.I tried to patch it myself but for some reason the game isn't working for me anymore after patching it (and yes I gave the same name to the files) dunno what's the matter but I'd really would be grateful if somebody would do that for me.
  6. Dragon Warrior - City of Dreams

    To make stuff doesn't confusing I edited my first post. (Is it possible to edit a topics name?) Edit: found out myself
  7. Size of the status pics

    I think it's way much better than before.Thanks.Will it stay like this now?
  8. Size of the status pics

    A question to everyone: is it important to you to see a status pic at each of your posts? Would't it be possible to make that pics appear only if you click on the profile of someone?At least I wouldn't mind... Don't wanna dispose the thinking and work that is done here actually though.Sorry if I do.
  9. New Contest Accepting Submissions

    Nice Idea.I am really looking forward to see the transmittals for this! And I think I allready have an idea to participate for myself ^~^
  10. Size of the status pics

    one question.Am I the only one who thinks that those pics below the avatar are way to big? :/ or is there a way change my setting so that they are not shown to me?Haven't found something like that yet.Only for avatars and signatures.
  11. Worst RPG ever...

    The Last Remnant I really really...really hate this game.A boring main charackter with a boring background story.The battle system hast potential but doesn't seem to be finished,the maps are still loading while you are on them and the whole world of it doesn't have anything invidual imo. Plus it was the first time when I was really disapointed about a game of Square Enix.When I heard they were releasing a new RPG and saw the first screens I was really looking forward to play it."RPG + Square Enix = What can be wrong about buying it?"That weremy thoughtsNow I know :/
  12. I agree with you at 2 points: The story could be more "dark".Of course it still has to be combined with the typical DQ humor.Just like you said Esspecially since we know the makers of Dragon Quest are pretty good at creating a sad atmosphere.The beginning of DQV is an good example for that I think. And yes there has to be done something about the battle system without making it lose the DQ feeling. Because after all that games it's really getting boring sometimes to have it always the same way. What I think would be a great addition too is something like the Zenithia Dragon (Zenithia is it's german name.Dunno if it's the same in english but I guess u'll all know wich one I mean) wich could be used as an "airship" To have that at a real 3D Dragon Quest would be a complete new feeling.
  13. DQV Marriage

    I choosed Nera. I'm curious if there are really people out there who chosed Debora while there first time playing that game =O Well I plan to play the game at least 2 more times in future so I can check on the story differences between the three. Edit: ok,there is xD
  14. Since two pics was a bit less here I post the first infos about my game now: At first.It has get a title now.It is: Dragon Warrior - City of Dreams ('Dragon Quest - Stadt der Träume' in original) It will be a spinoff wich will open my sight at one part of Dragon Warrior Monsters that didn't got a lot of attraction.Do you remember the third endboss golem?I am sure you do.He is guarding a town.After defeating him Watabo appears and tells Terry that he can't enter the town because it only exists in the Golems mind.When I was younger I always wanted to enter that town.I know it was impossible though but I couldn't stop thinking about it.So it comes that Rever (french:dreams), the city of Dreams will be the main place of my game.Similar to great tree from original DWM it's supposed to be a place wich changes itself from time to time.Wich is logically since the city exists in the mind of the golem it will be visited from different persons depending on who the golem mets and talks to.That is how I can involve charackters wich are allready known from original DWM without going against it principles.There will be a reunion with Terry and other chars. Wich others?I don't wanna take all the surprise factor just now One other will be the Golem of course wich will take a main part of the game.But there will be new charackters as well. Since it's a Dragon Warrior game.The city needs princess and a king (somebody has to reward you for collecting tiny medals right? ) and there'll be a monster like Watabo wich will help you out with hints sometimes. I am not sure how that creature will look like for now.Probably kinda 'spirit of the dreams' like. That are my clear thoughts for the story for now. Following some features I wanna put in: - collecting tiny medals and get rewards for them - casino games (I always really liked the Black Jack game) -you'll have to fight a dark evil being of course (and I allready know who that will be but like mentioned before I don't wanna take all the exitement by letting you know all details of the story before you get the chance to discover them for yourself while playing) - there won't only be the 'big boss' as your big enemy but also you'll have to fight yourself... -the warp gates with a boss monster at their end - Rever will be a big city wich will change with your progress in the main story Some of you may think now: 'That stuff sounds nice but why would it bother me?It will be german I won't be able to understand a word -.-' news for you: I plan to work on an english version as well =) That's it so far.I'd be really gratefull to read some feedback about my ideas. -