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  1. This isn't unusual. It seems geocities style pages cluttered with gifs and ads are "the thing" for all but a handful of pages with great design. That having been said, if you can read Japanese, a lot of players keep a "diary" on their blog and it is kinda interesting to see where they are in their games and what they are doing.
  2. Wiki Name

    I think it would be best to have Dragon Quest in the name, so newbies can find it. However, we can play with the name "wiki" can't we? Can't we call it the Dragon Quest Lexicon? Or Tome? Or something theme-Y? Dragon Quest has a long history of pun-ness, too, so maybe someone more clever than I can come up with a punny name? The Dragon Questionary (FAQ style?) The Dragon Questicon (like lexicon?)
  3. Specific Japanese learning tool request

    I don't know how much good it will do you if you just watch... I can, however, recommend Kakitori-Kun for the DS (if you have one) for the times you aren't too lazy to do anythig but watch . The menus and everything are in Japanese, but it's pretty easy to figure out. You can write the kana and hiragana on the screen with your stylus. You can just practice, or actually be tested. And the best thing is that as your Japanese improves, this program will take you all the way through all the primary school kanji. It's a bargain!
  4. tell us about your team

    My team is, uh, flexible, I guess. I am leveling myself up in all 6 of the jobs available at the beginning of the game. Then I created recruited characters to "fill in" when I am not the needed job. I tend to build my team like this, replacing one of them with myself, based on whatever job I'm learning: A warrior for strength (recruited male character "KickButt") A thief, or martial artist for secondary strength (recruited female characters "NinjaGal" and "Sneakers") A healer (recruited male character "BookGeek") A mage or minstrel for magical back-up (recruited male character "ZapFist" and female character "PowSing") Yes, their names are silly, but this way I can quickly remember what job each one of them is a master of I have found out this works kinda well, because I don't change my recruited characters job, so their level stays high. Whenever I change my job, I may go down to zero, but I can usually stay in the area I just finished and level up with their support. It happens fast because we are fighting enemies way higher than my new level (back to lv.1?! Waaaahhh!)