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  1. Esturkdq4's Tournament #30:Best Game of 2010

    Nintendo game is gonna win cuz nintendo pwns. 3 of my picks are dominating
  2. Flash Carts and DQ IX

    I have the original version of R4DS and I use YSMenu as my firmware. Silver World of Dread Lv. 79 is really good for grinding
  3. Orb Farming

    The first time I beat rhapthorne I stole a purple orb during the battle got 1 from chest and 2 for the thief item that let's you steal at the end of battle. I don't use hoimi table
  4. the boss you were at the longest

    Nice sage lvl
  5. excalipurr grotto lvl

    i know that but thx anyway
  6. Making my post game team, opinons?

    i have a minstrel, sage, martial artist and a thief it works for me i already beat 2 legacy bosses rhaptorne and nokturnus
  7. Corvus INVINCIBLE

    i started after i beat corvus now i have lvl 55 minstrel, martial artist, thief and a lvl 40 sage
  8. excalipurr grotto lvl

    what lvl grottoes does excalipurr fight in
  9. Famous Japanese Maps

  10. rusty eqipment

    9 block chance 39 defence
  11. what are the unlockable character quest numbers i already have sellma and patty
  12. Corvus INVINCIBLE

    i had a lvl 50 minstrel, martial artist, mage and thief