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  1. Forums Back Online

    Hissssss. The sun, it burnnsssss. Good job getting all this back up, Woodus!
  2. Today's Notable Quotable Typo

    "[Monster] performers her best puff-puff on Jessica! (Puff-puff, puff-puff...) But Jessica laughs triumphantly, having won the battle of the bulges!" Should be "[Monster] performs ..."
  3. Dragon Quest XI - Monster List

    Lots of dragons in this here dragon quest.
  4. Dragon Quest VIII Progress

    Don't use Kamikaze. Use Death Dance with Red + Kathwack with Angelo. This 80% of the time succeeded in killing both flames. After that, Poison+Defending Champion+ Stay Alive worked fine. But I understand where you are now. I'm at the same point with Ruin, who is walling me.
  5. Dragon Quest VIII Progress

    You have the wagon for Memories Lane, FYI.
  6. Super Bonus Dungeon Help Thread of Fun

    That's more or less the advice I've seen elsewhere, but like.. after three attacks, sometimes two people are dead, and then it becomes very hard to recover. Probably this is the point I need to level up? Currently ~56
  7. Super Bonus Dungeon Help Thread of Fun

    Uh, so.. Ruin. Wow. That... is hard.
  8. Super Bonus Dungeon Help Thread of Fun

    Yep. That worked out well. Got the minions killed off in two rounds, got people revived, defending championed with red and the hero, and put morrie and angelo to focus on healing and rode it all out.
  9. Super Bonus Dungeon Help Thread of Fun

    That's what I did for Leopold. That works on him too?
  10. I was going to post this in progress, but thought it might be nice to have a thread for helping with Memories Lane bonus dungeon. I am up to Servant of Darkness in Memoriam. He hurts so much. Kamikazi/Death Dance/Kathwack works fine or me to kill off the minions, but then I am never able to stabilize my party to be able to damage him much before he kills me dead. Gear/Party/Skill suggestions welcome. Everyone is around Level 55 and I favor Hero/Red/Morrie/Angelo, so Jessica and Yangus are kinda poorly geared comparatively.
  11. Yangus & Platty play with TiTS!

    Shouldn't it be TitS?
  12. Dragon Quest VIII Progress

    Fight the sea dragon under the arch over and over. They drop them pretty often.
  13. I vote for what I want, not for what I expect. I expect one of the consoles to lose, but I want all three.
  14. Dragon Quest VIII Progress

    If you visit the man at the mystical spring south of baccarat / west of argonia, he will tell you about how to recharge the mirror and more or less where to go to do so. There's a man in Argonia castle near where you get the mirror that directs you to the guy at the mystical spring. Talk to everrrrryone.
  15. All unique spotpass items

    It kinda varies by region, dependant on when your area hits midnight determines whether it can get the next special, but the actual day cycles based on Japan time, and.. something like that. it's weird. basically, some times zones get the special a day earlier than others.