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  1. YESSSSS!! I posted some news over on the Shining Force Central forums too. Seeing SE port our beloved DQIV-VI over to DS is a glimmer of hope..
  2. I tossed what I could at the community over at Shining Force Central. I didn't get much of a bite except for some old DQ/DW fans reminiscing about their experiences. I've sent out feelers on whatever community sites I hang around as well .. Myspace, Facebook, Cherry Tap, etc. I'll keep looking. I was worried when the original post was gone, something had gone awry. Good to see you kicking ass and taking names, Kojiro!
  3. Thing is though, we find out that the clown is just a fecking tool, after all. The real evil behind it all makes it a lot more interesting once you finish Dhoul off.
  4. Shining Force III News

    SFC's Story on the SFIII Premium Disk Translation I posted a similar subject in the SFC boards for Kojiro's translation project. Two smaller communities with a common bond, translating projects left behind by the big companies. Poke around and see if anything interests you guys..
  5. Name Changes

    Thank you Woodus!
  6. Name Changes

    JaHaIvIaN ==> Jaha hopefully 4 letters is long enough
  7. how about, you buy two, i'll repay you for one of em seriously.. just give me the honest price, and i'll Paypal you the money, or mail you a money order. I've always wanted to get my hands on the cartridge formats ( I have hard copies of all 4 original NES games.. yes, even 2 and 3!) PM me with the info. and i dunno which to choose
  8. The Hero and Gabo have every human and every monster class mastered. Melvin and Aria are all done with human, and are about 1/2 way through monsters. Drops for hearts are very hard to get.. plus i have no motivation to keep killing and killing since i'm 99 already.
  9. The extra Mini Medal is not that lame You'll need it for your 110 total, trust me.
  10. Timbrel of Tension

    You can make 2 of them by the time you get to the first dragon form. Only 1 for your first encounter with Rhap-bastard Magic Beast Hide + (Skull Helm + Saint's Ashes) + Tough Guy Tattoo = Timbrel of Tension You can only get 2 Skull Helms in the game, thus only 2 timbrels. Don't worry about 'using' your Sun Crown, there are still decent helms for everyone else The Dragon Hero helm for the Hero The Golden Tiara for Jessica The Metal King Helmet for Yangus The Phantom Mask for Angelo
  11. Team 1 : The Shining Force (hehe) Team 2 : The Black Knights
  12. Yah...and you're salivating like Pavlov's dogs over this one!! Gimme a couple of weeks and it'll be yours! I'm having fun doing this. I wanted to create a totally whoop-ass sort of save for DQ5 like I already did for DQ6. It'll be fun...for those who just wanna totally whoop ass. THEN, hopefully, I'll have my disks, and be able to start on DQ7...finally got an eSPXe. Just need the disks, and I'm assured they are on the way... Maybe then, after I lpay thru once, I'll be able to make a whoop-ass save for DQ7. Too bad I lost my whoop-ass save for DW4 when my 'puter crashed... Already kinda beat you to it on the DW7 save.. i have the level 91 / 90 / 90 / 89~ quest up there in the save state folder.. but my chars have been 99 for a few months now... just need to upload the new file... just racking up the battles for the class masteries. I have all the tini medals, my monster book needs less than 10 entries to completion, God needs a few more whoopings for the rest of the items, then I think I'm gonna take one of my 99's out to power level Maribel from Level 30~ up to 99 ( i chose Melvin over her for my main Caster)
  13. Certain point meaning.. beating the game? And you are referring to the SW unmapped isle with Loopy Lupos on it, correct? The one with Canniboxes, Mimics, Slimes, and Liquid Metals Slimes?
  14. Time: 106:45 Distance: 301.4 miles Battles: 1633 Monsters Defeated: 5611 Monsters Intimidated: 19 Victories: 1596 Times Wiped Out: ZERO Times Fled: 6 Gold: 132120 Max Damage: 2046 Combined upon Ruin