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  1. Couldn't you play as most of the characters and villains in DQMBRV? Too bad we didn't get that one
  2. Also, Alena seems to have forgotten her pants. Oh the trailer wasn't posted here
  3. DQ6 Vocation Trouble

    This doesn't work that way, they're add operations but they're limited to 0-7. If you use 1E00 it becomes a subtract operation. 1205CE70 000030xx 1205CE8A 000030xx xx can be a number from 00-FF (0-255).
  4. Restarting DQIX-Help with Grottos Please

    if you're in LA by now let me know, I'll hook you up
  5. DQ1 hero - Alef (from Alefgard) DQ2 hero - Loran (probably from Lorasia, the GB/Japanese name of Midenhall) Prince of Cannock - Samal (derived from Japanese name of Cannock) Yangus is a thief (touzoku)
  6. Is there anything that you can ONLY get from the DQVC?

  7. Masayuki Map Colorado?

    I might go to Colorado at the end of the year but that's a while off
  8. Anyone still playing?

    Are you going to Nintendo's Rhythm Heaven Fever launch on Friday? If so I can bring my game there. If you need info on it: http://mynintendonews.com/2012/02/01/nintendo-of-america-invites-fans-to-the-rhythm-heaven-fever-launch-event/
  9. Anyone still playing?

    Not that I know of, most of the LA people have Mimas' one. I live sort of close to LA but don't know if I have time to meet.
  10. Purple Orbs

    Orgodemir drops blue orbs so you don't have to worry about him... go atter Dhoulmagus and Rhapthorne.
  11. Save Editor problem

    NO$GBA uses a compressed format for their saves. You can convert it here: http://www.shunyweb.info/convert.php Convert it to RAW (64kb) or autodetect, then you can use the save editor on it.
  12. So Cal Meetup Nov. 5

    I'm in the area but I don't know if I'm going to this since I don't have DQMJ2. By the way they do regular meetups in LA for 3DS. You should check this out: http://www.facebook.com/StreetPassLA
  13. Dragon Quest IX Tags Orange County, CA

    Did you put it there just for Mimas' benefit?
  14. Two NES Versions of Dragon Warrior?

    There are 2 versions of Dragon Warrior. I have both. I'm not sure about the trees (and don't want to drag my NES out to see if the games still work) but I remember some differences like not being able to choose yes or no at the end (so much for "But thou must")
  15. Dragon's Den App

    The mobile skin on the old forum worked great but it stopped working when the forum was upgraded. You can still use it but you have to set your theme manually and then it's still there when you go back to viewing it on a computer.